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9. #Save the Children, Trudeau, Clinton's, Bronfman's, Human Trafficking, Missing Women, The UN and Aga Khan, Pig Farms & Pizza-gate


9. #Save the Children, Trudeau, Clinton's, Bronfman's, Human Trafficking, Missing Women, The UN and Aga Khan, Pig Farms & Pizza-gate

Continuing on the many hidden secrets of our nations supposed leader Justin Trudeau, lets continue to dig deeper with further serious questions. 

Recently the media has begun to publish stories about a group known as Q-Anon suggesting that information put forward regarding a human trafficking and pedophile network spanning the globe is simply conspiracy theory and that those who propagate the theories of Q are simply lunatics and extremists.


More than just another internet conspiracy theory, QAnon is a movement of people who interpret as a kind of gospel the online messages of an anonymous figure – “Q” – who claims knowledge of a secret cabal of powerful pedophiles and sex traffickers. Within the constructed reality of QAnon, Donald Trump is secretly waging a patriotic crusade against these “deep state” child abusers, and a “Great Awakening” that will reveal the truth is on the horizon.
QAnon evolved out of the baseless Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which posited that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a Washington DC pizza restaurant, and has come to incorporate numerous strands of rightwing conspiracy mongering. Dedicated followers interpret Q’s cryptic messages in a kind of digital scavenger hunt. Despite the fact that Q’s prognostications have reliably failed to come true, followers rationalize the inaccuracies as part of a larger plan.


 Q-Anon alleges that many governments around the world have been infiltrated by a global criminal Cabal whose purpose is to kill, steal and destroy.
 This Cabal runs a global human sex-slave trafficking ring and involves high level leaders of various world governments with the involvement of intelligence agencies such as the CIA. 
 Were former president's Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton passengers on Epstien's Lolita Express?

The real question should not be about Q-Anon, it should be why would the press would seek to discredit a movement aimed at uncovering a human trafficking and pedophile operation that has already been proven to exist?

 Sure the timing of some of 'Q's predictions has not been right. Nor have all of these predictions been proven right as of yet however there is clearly enough evidence to indicate that where there is smoke, there is fire. 

 In addition one has to think that if Q-Anon is even half correct, those accused would move mountains to ensure the evidence was never made public and those individuals propagating such theories were discredited. 

 Only high level government officials, royalty and billionaires could possibly even have the power to ensure such a cover-up you say?
 Oh look, another coincidence. 

Is this the real reason Princess Diana died? Did she know to many secrets about the 'Royal' Family?

 The Bronfman family has close ties to the Trudeau Family, as do the Clintons through their 'charitable' foundations.

 The Bronfman family has a history of crime and ties to Montreal and New York Mafia.


It has been said that, despite their wealth, the Bronfman family were, in terms of global power, only front men. Cut-outs, whose main purpose was to provide cover for the criminal activity of those much higher up the financial food chain.

Over three generations, the Bronfmans – mainly through Edgar Jr., – lost most of their ill-gotten wealth. The comparatively small share inherited by Clare and Sara – has been spent in out-sized proportion to enable Keith Raniere to punish and hurt thousands of human beings.

In this, they are much like their grandfather, cut outs for Raniere – able to hurt others enormously with each dollar they spend.  And they foolishly squandered money like Edgar Jr. guided by the self proclaimed world’s smartest man – Keith  Raniere.

In that respect, it is a mercy, for every dollar they spend or waste is one less dollar they can use to punish other human beings.

Source - The true history and sinister origin of Bronfman family wealth


Just like former Finance Minister Morneau.

Then there's another one of Justin's good buddies and a high ranking member of the UN arrested for raping multiple young children.

Think these are baseless rumors regarding Justin Trudeau's activities?

 Was a non-disclosure agreement signed in order to keep Justin's criminal activities hidden from the Canadian public?
 An article in the Buffalo Chronicle and statement from the victims father indicates the answer is yes..


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s underage accuser was much younger at the time of their relationship than was first thought, her father tells The Chronicle. Some in the public discourse pegged the accusor at 17 years old.  That is inaccurate.

“She was much, much younger than that,” the wealthy Canadian businessman told The Chronicle yesterday. He was not a party to the $2.25 million mutual non-disclosure non-disparagement agreement that she signed, in exchange for her continued silence, on the Wednesday evening of October 9th.

The terms of that agreement prevent both the accuser and Trudeau from acknowledging “any aspect” of that relationship, without triggering a six-to-seven-figure liquidated damages clause.  That penalty starts at $500,000 and scales up, depending on the magnitude of the breach.

 and more from the same article,

To date, Trudeau has not offered a public denial of The Buffalo Chronicle’s reporting.  Instead, he has instructed his communications staffers to decline to answer those questions and to attack the credibility of this publication.

The Buffalo Chronicle has never — in our entire operating history — been sued for defamation or any other matter.  We have never once received a cease and desist letter from the subjects of any article since we began publishing in 2014.

We have not received such a cease and desist letter from Mr. Trudeau.

Source - Trudeau’s West Grey accuser was much younger than first thought


 Interesting to note that the Buffalo Chronicle states it has never received a 'cease and desist' order from any lawyers or law firm representing the current Prime Minister regarding the claims made in multiple articles in the Chronicle such as Sophie Trudeau’s cousin alleges a wide-ranging Liberal Party cover-up to protect pedophile officials

 Of course the majority of the mocking-bird media on both sides of the border have called these claims regarding Trudeau false however one has to wonder, in a day and age where 'cease and desist' lawsuits exist to silence slander how come such a powerful political figure as the Prime Minister of a G7 nation has not challenged the Buffalo Chronicle in Court with a such an gag order for slander? 
 Does the Buffalo Chronicle sit outside a jurisdiction where it would be easy for Trudeau to bribe a judge and fix a case?
 Does Justin even want to go near a real Court of Law? 

 If you were a powerful criminal Cabal and knew which judges were pedophiles would it be easy to use and manipulate them to fix cases?

 The Buffalo Chronicle has never received any 'cease and desist' letters from Lawyers representing the Prime Minister and the author of this blog stopped receiving 'cease and desist' letters from the nations most powerful law firm, McCarthy Tetrault years ago. This is despite continuing to post a plethora of information about that law firm's multiple government clients on this blog since January of 2016. Those 'clients' were government officials and civil servants who hid the truth regarding their crimes from the public.

 Upon receiving such legal threats to cease publishing what McCarthy Tetrault lawyers deemed as lies about their clients on aforementioned blog, the usual response from this blog was simple and goes something as follows.. We look forward to seeing you in a real Court of Law, what you claim is lies about your clients is cut and pasted from your clients mouth's. Are your clients liars? (Clients included BCSC CEO Brenda Leong among other government officials).

 If powerful politicians and corrupt businessmen can get judges to fix cases why not get a judge to silence us with a gag order regarding our claims re various corrupted Canadian Officials?

Perhaps any judge that would be approached to sit on such a fixed case would be wary, the author of this blog is not unknown to corrupt individuals such as the former Finance Minister Bill Morneau or former Premier Christy Clark.

 Are they worried that their corruption would be exposed should they attempt to fix a case against a circle of individuals from all walks of life, embedded law enforcement and intelligence agents, military veterans and patriots, lawyers and journalists who speak the truth?

 If such a case were to be 'fixed' couldn't this circle of individuals whom the case was fixed against simply expose the judge used to fix a case as a pedophile?
 Is this why no real major cases involving powerful corrupt Canadians ever go to court?

 As we go deeper into what is the most massive criminal conspiracy in human history, spanning most nations around the globe, we have to ask you Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Tam, how deep are you? 

You have already proven yourselves willing to lie and destroy lives based on lies in order to fulfill a hidden agenda. 
Hey Bonnie, remind me again what happens in secret at Dahlhousie University?

 My fellow Canadians, are we as a people going to pretend none of this is happening?
Is this the real reason Princess Diana died? Did she know to many secrets about the 'Royal' Family?

 Is the media and press going to continue to lie and deceive the public regarding the extent of this human trafficking ring?
If someone is not only knowledgeable of a crime but helps to conceal said crime would they not be considered co-conspirators or accessories and/or parties to such a crime under the law? 

Did information leaked by Wikileaks indicate the existence of this human trafficking and pedophile network?
What's the fuss over Hillary Clinton's emails? Is this somehow connected to Pizza-gate and human trafficking?

 A few brief points below bring us to our next demonstration.. down the rabbit hole and through Pizzagate.

In regards to Trudeau..

62. Back to the original question. Let's recap the dots I have connected. Like everyone in Epstein's black book, he has a foundation; AND it openly displays pedophile symbols.He donated $600 million tax payer dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

63. He is friends with Tony Podesta, Prince Andrew and other known pedophiles connected to Epstein. He is in China's pocket. He protects sex offending refugees. Refuses to allow legislation that makes information of known sex offenders available to neighbors

64. We know Canada allows the sale of Adrenochrome by a Canada based lab. Like the corrupt Ukraine president he tried to interfere with a prosecutor.

65. He is connected to Aga Khan who also has a foundation connected to kids AND owns an [island]. Remember the Q drop about Billionaires with islands?

66. The Aga Khan Foundation is a private, not-for-profit international development agency, which was founded in 1967 by Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV, the 49th Hereditary Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims.  https://www.akdn.org/our-agencies/aga-khan-foundation

67. I could go on and on, but I have done what Q told us to do and connected the dots. The final nail in his coffin would be if I could place him in Epstein's black book. Unfortunately, the FBI seized the book before JT was in office. However,

68. Tony Blair does appear in the book along with many of his known associates. I am pretty darn sure the DS made sure the next puppet to the royal family would pick up where Blair left off and JT was in Epstein'e new book.

69. You can draw your own conclusions, but I believe I have built a fire. I am heavily censored on Twatter. If you want to be notified when my new digs come out, go to  https://twitter.com/CowgirlCas22  and click on the little bell to receive notifications. #Q+ #QAnon #QAnons #WWG1WGA (Source: A thread written by @CowgirlCas22)


Lets examine the Aga Khan whose island Prime Minister Justin Trudeau infamously hopped on a plane to visit, supposedly to take a vacation on taxpayers dime.

 What is the Aga Khan really about? What other islands happen to be around the Aga Khan's island?
 Was Epstien a neighbor? 


The Aga Khan’s Money Laundering Network

In 2015, Aga Khan Foundation Canada spearheaded a report outlining funding strategies to meet financial goals required to implement the United Nations Agenda 2030 (14). They called for a broad partnership between governments, agencies, foundations, and corporations to determine a detailed costing for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to meet global health challenges over the next 15 years. The report “Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Health” included the World Health Organization (WHO), The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI), and UNITAID (which consists of George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Clinton Global Health Initiatives (15)). Why is the Aga Khan Foundation acting like a “Finance Minister” for the the United Nations? Why were they taking a leading role?


The report addressed a $25 -75 billion shortfall for healthcare and potential sources for acquiring more funds for Agenda 2030. It highlights a 2013 Report of “High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons” on the Post-2015 Agenda. The Panel was part of the Secretary-General’s post-2015 initiative to advance the development framework for all SDGs, including healthcare beyond 2015, and advocates for more “private financing” from the Globalists themselves (16)!


And John Podesta was one of 27 “eminent persons” that sat on this panel! What makes Podesta so eminent? Hot dog procurement skills?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6-1024x534.png(17)

These are the people and organizations that are planning and implementing your fate during this “plandemic” while fulfilling Agenda 2030 requirements! This is exactly what we are witnessing now with the onset of “public-private-partnerships”(PPPs), initiatives whose ultimate goal is to replace sovereign governments with a New World Order; all planned, orchestrated and implemented by the United Nations and triggered by the pandemic (18)(19)(20)(21)(22)(23)!


 Did these organizations all play a role in the current pandemic and the shut-down of our nations?

 Back to Pizzagate and how many world leaders are connected to a network of human trafficking and pedophilia that spans the globe.. 


In the weeks before the 2016 US Presidential election, WikiLeaks began publishing the leaked private emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman. Contrary to assertions made by deceivers in the press, PizzaGate has nothing to do with claims that Hillary Clinton slaughters children in a pizza shop for fun or something, and somehow doesn’t get caught. That is ridiculous, something which the media itself cooked up, to provide cover for this massive online scandal that simply won’t go away.

PizzaGate is, instead, the very truthful claim that when you search John Podesta’s WikiLeaks - a 69 year old busy Campaign manager and longtime Clinton insider - “pizza” comes up over and over again, and it’s clearly code language of some kind.
The most powerful men in the world only care about pizza?
Another peculiar finding was the use of “walnut sauce” in his emails repeatedly:

Why are busy Democratic strategists fixated on “walnut sauce” and “walnut sauce recipes” before a major US election? Don’t they have more important things on their plate? No pun intended.
PizzaGate is not complete without the fact that a man who owns a pizza shop in Washington, DC, and who was named by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the most powerful men in our city, and who visited the Obama White House at least 5 times as per publicly available visitor logs, and who hosted a private dinner/fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s team… this strange man does appear in the Podesta WikiLeaks, and his Instagram account - which has been since investigated in-depth by many on the Internet - is a true horror show. Images so sick and deranged we cannot actually share them here, in the interest of the public well-being.

DC pizza “maestro” James Alefantis photographed with Tony Podesta.

From the language used on his Instagram and connected accounts, researchers gathered that “pizza” and “walnut sauce” were indeed code words of some kind.

This is one deep rabbit hole, but if you want to understand the true nature of the very real occult deep state, the Podesta WikiLeaks are the skeleton key that will get you there. In the two years since we first covered his emails, the pushback I have received personally, and the pushback my startup FULCRUM has received, are simply unprecedented… in 12 years in corporate media, I have never seen anything remotely like this.

The media is supposed to love scandal, not destroy the people trying to get to the bottom of it.

To reconcile the amount of harassment, threats, and character attacks myself and others have endured for sticking with this very truthful story, I had to plumb the depths of my past to try to find any other time in my life where my journalism resulted in such ham-fisted attempts to destroy me. This is like trying to shoo away a gnat (FULCRUM) with a machine gun. Something is very off here. This is overkill, and it makes you wonder: overkill to protect what, or whom?

See, this has never happened before! About 7 years ago, when I began covering the N.S.A. surveillance programs heavily and also talking about Obama’s highly flawed drone targeting program, I never encountered anything like this. I was going hard in the paint for months. The N.S.A. were total gentlemen and I didn’t feel threatened as a journalist, much less censored.

Source - PizzaGate Is Real, And John Podesta Needs To Go To Prison For It


 Lets examine some snapshots from a film that dives deep into Pizzagate and contains graphic and disturbing footage of the claims of the existence of this human trafficking network and a secret code.

We will start with an email indicating Clinton's former campaign chairman John Podesta is invited to a pool party..

The email above notes that a number of young children will be there for 'entertainment', see source here

A series of photos taken from a disturbing video help paint a picture of what a child sex-ring looks like and what a twisted group of rich and powerful people will do to further their ambitions. A link will be provided at the bottom however it is not suitable for children and contains graphic and disturbing content.

Below on the left current Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is seen whispering to a 13 year old girl, how aroused he is to have her next to him, on the right a pool party gathering with the entertainment being delivered for the likes of John Podesta.

Video with audio available below..
Switching to Washington D.C's most famous Pizza parlor, run by a man who was noted as among the top fifty most powerful men in D.C.

In regards to the infamous Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor below is the code for a special ordering portal..

The below snapshots are taken from video on what happens at James Alefantis's pizza shop in D.C.

 This is 'pizza'

Source - A Film Containing Graphic and Disturbing Footage Not Suitable For Young Viewers

 Further information on the Hillary Clinton and John Podesta emails that were tied possible human trafficking and money laundering, published by Wikileaks seen below.


Hillary Clinton's support of child traffickers

  • 2009: Hillary Clinton was sent an email from her lawyer, Cheryl Mills, discussing the Washington Post's article on DynCorp's child trafficking incident in in the Kunduz region of Afghanistan. The particular email found on WikiLeaks describes the creation of a new story which left out significant details and emphasized, "No sex took place."[3]
    • This event later became known as the "Kunduz dancing boy incident" and the final article appeared on the Washington Post with many significant differences in the story, including that the boy was clothed in a t-shirt and jeans[4]

    • The original details submitted to Hillary Clinton were, quote, "Some 15 or so DynCorp employees in attendance pulled out a single chair and had the boy do mock lap dances. This was captured on video. The video shows DynCorp employees putting dollar bills in the boy's waistband, just as they would a stripper's garter. The revelry lasted about 45 minutes."[5]

    • In a WikiLeaks diplomatic cable dated June 24, 2009, MoI Minister Hanif Atmar tells journalists that releasing certain details of the event could "endanger lives", including that DynCorp contractors also involved in purchasing drugs in addition to their connection to "purchasing a service from a child."[6]

  • 2010: Laura Silsby and New Life Children's Refuge (NLCR) missionaries are charged with abducting 33 children in Haiti

Pedophilia and Stratfor pizza codes

  • 2007: Stratfor employee Chris Douglas asks, "Who all is in the Austin office today who is going to want pizza? We only have one slice and we need to know how thinly to slice it..." [11]
  • 2009: Stratfor discusses using same "waitresses" from President Barack Obama's party in which $65,000 in "pizza" and "hot dogs" were flown to the White House.[12](archived version) This is against official White House policy.[13]
  • 2010: Stratfor CEO George Friedman writes a paragraph in one of his books which has an unsettling analogy between intelligence gathering and stalking children. One Stratfor employee remarks, ""HOLY SH** G,THAT DOES NOT SOUND RIGHT!" [14](archived version)
  • 2011
    • February: Stratfor CEO George Friedman frustrated by not being told what "Pizza Party" codeword means[15]
    • November: Stratfor employee Ben West asks if fellow employee Bayless Parsley is on list of pedophiles caught in recent sting[16]

The Podesta Brothers, James Alefantis, pizza, and coded or unusual language


More on Hillary Clinton and human trafficking.
If Hillary Clinton is really involved in human trafficking and President Trump is serious in his efforts to dismantle these human trafficking rings then should we really be surprised when people investigating these rings turn up dead?
It would appear Hillary Clinton actually attempted to shield a human trafficker from prosecution by the United States Government while working for the government herself.

Did Hillary Clinton use her position as Secretary Of State to hire a known Child trafficker to run the Amber Alert system?!

On Laura Silsby/Gayler, Rock Star Chris Cornell, James Comey, Pizzagate..



In 2010, Laura Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti.

In the Virgin Islands resides an alleged secret hideaway for the child trafficking ring nicknamed “PedoIsland”, where billionaire child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons have reportedly been known to take trips back and forth together to this spot with Hollywood celebrities.

According to the public record, Laura Silsby was smuggling kids out of Haiti from the very orphanage that was run by Comet Ping Pong pizza shop owner James Alifantis’ lawyer Max Maccoby and his father Micheal Maccoby. Remember, Pizza Gate? It doesn’t seem like “FAKE NEWS” any longer, does it?

Bill Clinton’s firm, Arkansas Development Finance Authority, has allegedly laundered drug money for years. $10 million dollars worth of cocaine a week was flying into Mena Airport in Arkansas during the nineties. The money was alleged to have been laundered via ADFA to a bank in Florida, to a bank in Georgia, to Citicorp (Rockefeller) in New York, and from there it was transferred out of the country.

Clinton’s best friend, Dan Lasater, led the operations. Lasater and Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton, later spent time in jail due to drug related crimes. The Chief of Police in Arkansas at that time, Doc Delaughter, said he had more than enough information from many persons in Lasater’s surroundings, on how they smuggled drugs and abused young girls sexually.

Just recently the late Seth Rich’s parents hired a private detective and already on Fox 5 news, it was broke that the Police Officer Robinson who was at the scene of Rich’s murder last July went in fact to Georgetown University where John Podesta taught and, Robinson’s sister worked for Hillary Clinton.

Seth Rich was the guy who leaked the “PedoGate” emails. Trump fired Comey because he was compromised (evidence that Comey was also one of Jeffrey Epstein’s occasional playmates). Since the election, there have been over 4,000 pedophile arrests in the USA, during 2014 (Obama) had only 400 for the entire year.

Source - http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/06/chris-cornell-was-about-to-expose-elite-pedophile-ring-before-he-died/


People who investigate seem to find themselves dead..

Including United States Senators..

Makes you wonder why here in BC cases against our own Child Services workers seem to go nowhere.. makes one really wonder why the prosecutor for the Pickton trial really wants that evidence destroyed.

The links to Wikileaks and the evidence provided above should be enough to indicate the seriousness, size and scope of this operation, we will come full circle to how this relates to Trudeau, Canada and BC as we finish revealing who Dr. Tam and Dr. Bonnie work for.

 First a look at recent operations by US Marine to clear some of the networks out, an operation that has seen combat in underground tunnels and bunkers across the world.


By April 2020 a total of over 50,000 malnourished, caged, and tortured children had been reported as rescued or found deceased in the tunnels beneath large US cities including one under New York Central Park. Another tunnel was said to run from the Clinton Foundation building to the New Yo

This is very important, so please take a moment to read so you know what has been happening behind the scenes!!!!! Evidently monies to fund the child trafficking tunnels came from US Taxpayers through the Cabal-owned IRS/Federal Reserve System. An inside source said, “They spent trillions of dollars on these tunnels… that’s where the trillions of dollars that have been missing from the 9-11 building that they took down.” READ BELOW!!!!

Since April 2019 in secret military operations, thousands of tortured, mutilated babies, children, and teens have been rescued or found deceased by the US Military. US Special Operations teams directed by President Trump and his Pentagon Pedophile Task Force have been clearing out the children, corpses, gold, cash, and documents from a massive labyrinthine of DUMBS tunnels (Deep Underground Military Bases) that ran beneath the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Evidently, over centuries the tunnels had been built and used by members of the Illuminati, better known as the Cabal, or Deep State. Global, political, and Hollywood elites into Satan worship were known to pay big bucks to drink the blood of a traumatized child (known as Adrenachrome) – reported to create a “high,” along with a supposed reverse of aging. Although, if their “supply” was cut off, the partaker suffered greatly and could even die.

The Pentagon was making sure that supply was never harvested as evidently it had been for centuries. Back in April 2019 the US Military, Interpol, and different countries’ local military forces began a concentrated and coordinated effort to rescue children from a huge tunnel network that ran throughout the US from California to New York, to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Italy (the Vatican and Venice), The Hague, New Zealand, South America and the Middle East (Lebanon). Some of the tunnels lay beneath the Vatican, with many reported being several stories deep – like the one beneath the Denver Airport.

By April 2020 a total of over 50,000 malnourished, caged, and tortured children had been reported as rescued or found deceased in the tunnels beneath large US cities including one under New York Central Park. Another tunnel was said to run from the Clinton Foundation building to the New York Harbor.

The latest horror was uncovered around August 20, 2020, beneath Reno Nevada where thousands of mangled recently deceased corpses of children were discovered. The child captives were believed to have been kidnapped or bred for purposes of sexual abuse, human experimentation, and human sacrifice in Satanic rites.

On Wed. Oct. 16 2019 an unbelievable 2,100 children being held in cages in underground tunnels at the California China Lake Military facility were rescued by Navy Seals and US Marines. The children and teens were said to have been sexually abused, tortured, and killed to collect their blood. Marines carried out traumatized children, some of whom have never seen the light of day, pregnant preteens, deformed babies, piles of little corpses whose bodies were apparently used for organ harvesting, children locked in cages, electro-shocked and traumatized in order to harvest their blood – Adrenachrome for the elites to drink.

“In Nevada, the child rescue operations moved in earnest… what was amazing is that everyone was thinking Las Vegas would be the horror show of horror shows… there was a horror show but it was Reno… underneath Reno they could not believe the tunnels underneath the ground... the DUMBs… the bulk of the children found in the tunnels under Reno were dead… not only dead folks, they were mangled… they’re trying to do DNA testing to get the pieces back in order… which piece belongs to which another torso… it’s horrific” commented Dr. Charles Ward, who has been in a couple of the tunnels.

A trooper involved in rescue operations said, “On 4 July 2019 at 2 am PDT we surprised personnel at the China Lake Naval Research Base in California. We took over the base and rescued approximately 3,000 children being tortured in ways beyond comprehension. The count now of traumatized children (found dead or alive) was more like in the hundreds of thousands – generations who had never seen sunlight.”

Another trooper in rescue efforts reported, “Underground bases trafficking children were destroyed back in 2019. That included a base that was under the Getty Museum. The more recent Utah March 18, 2020, earthquake was actually the destruction of child trafficking tunnels (under the old Dugway Utah Germ Warfare base also referred to as another Area 51 UFO Base). There was a major battle under the Denver airport. The Illuminati had planned to make Denver the capital of the US after they took over and killed most of us.”

There was a tunnel system that circled Australia and centered in Melbourne. The military made a massive raid in tunnels beneath the Black Forest in Germany. In Barcelona Spain, they rescued over 2,000 women and children, while arresting 13 of their pedophile leaders. There were 30,000 pedophiles arrested out of Germany, and “lots” were arrested in Spain and England.

Charlie Freak from Australia said that the troops went into Melbourne and found a second layer of tunnels beneath an enormous tunnel system in Australia. “It started in Sydney… they described it to us… think arachnid… it’s a web… and it was below… so this second tunnel system goes in a ring around Australia, with a big central line running towards Ayers Rock…One night - 9 p.m. to 6 or 7 a.m. - there were explosions every 2 or 3 seconds that entire time. That’s why there were police out there.”

US Military, Marines, Navy Seals, and Special Ops trained for over a year for the special missions under the direction of President Trump and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. These US Special Forces were working with Interpol and various countries’ militaries to clear out the underground tunnels filled with trafficked children and women. They then blew the tunnels up so they can never be used again for any purpose. The small nuclear explosives used caused small earthquakes in the region.

Evidently monies to fund the tunnels came from US Taxpayers through the Cabal-owned IRS/Federal Reserve System. An inside source said, “They spent trillions of dollars on these tunnels… that’s where the trillions of dollars that have been missing from the 9-11 building that they took down.”


Back to Trudeau.

Below are snapshots of an FBI profiling guide on pedophiles and the symbols to look for.

How does this connect to Justin Trudeau?
Lets not forget the claims mentioned in the Buffalo Chronicle in Section 8 regarding an underage girl..

A foundation whose Chairman McCall MacBain gave nearly a million dollars to Trudeau starting in 2015 in what Presscore calls the largest bribery scandal in Canadian history.


$928,000 gift from European Climate Foundation founder and government lobbyist McCall MacBain to 2015 Federal Election candidate Justin Trudeau represents the single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history.  The gift, $428,000 in 2015 (Trudeau was an election candidate) & $500,000 in 2016 by McCall MacBain (European Climate Foundation) is defined by the criminal code of Canada as criminal offences of: foreign influenced activity (defined by Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act as threats to the security of Canada), Frauds on the government / influence peddling, breach of trust, fraud, theft & Bribery of judicial officers in that the foreign European Climate Foundation founder and lobbyist McCall MacBain paid a member of Parliament almost a $million to influence (solicit) Justin Trudeau to pledge, in his official capacity as Prime Minister of Canada, $2.65 billion to MacBain’s climate change cause / agenda.


 Yet more bribes and fraud committed by Justin Trudeau and /or his accomplices. 

 This is who runs the nation, a fraud who is most likely a pedophile..
Question, Justin is there a hidden reason you failed to attend the meeting for the new NAFTA agreement? 

 Is there a reason you are afraid to step on US soil? Would you be arrested for racketeering according along with Morneau?
Coming full circle, are there ties between Canadian officials and this global human trafficking ring, what really happened at the Pickton Farm and why are the RCMP so eager to bury the evidence?

Given that every aspect of our leadership is a fraud, it is clear that we have been mislead not only on COVID - 19 but on a mountain of issues going on for decades.

Dr. Tam, Dr. Bonnie you know the truth why do you continue to serve a lie?

Christopher B.
250 863 9787 

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