Friday 31 March 2017

The Full Story on BCIMC and its Crimes Against Canadians and The English Family

Would the BC Securities Commission overlook the crimes of a Corporation it has invested $20 Million dollars in? We have already detailed how the BC Securities Commission has tried its best to have a certain case scrubbed from the public record here Case-43449-BC Court-of-Appeal The Missing File.html. We have detailed how the BC Securities Commission operates unlawfully in complete conflict of interest here Conflicts-of-Interest-and-Sham-That-is-Compliance.
 We have posted numerous pieces of evidence in regards to our own experiences of criminal behavior at the hands of the BC Securities, such as this brief overview of what has transpired in our case  Be Fraud Aware - 5 Reasons the BC Securities Commission Is A Sham.

Now we will look at how the BC Securities Commission is the Financial Regulator that oversees the BC Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC). The BCSC invested $20 Million in BCIMC, the BCIMC stole $200 Million in property from the BC public for its funds as we will demonstrate. Will the BC Government attempt to squash the legal case against them for this crime? We will find out on BC election day..

The BCIMC is based in Victoria BC according to its financial reporting page.

Source -

The BCIMC has $120 Billion in Funds according to its financial page,

Source -

The BCSC oversees the regulation of financial securities investments in BC.
 Considering all we have documented regarding the BCSC it should come as no surprise then that the BC Securities Commission has $20 Million Dollars invested with the BCIMC. See below for details

 The BCIMC is an organization whose past members have used it as a vehicle to rob Canadian citizens of their land. Although we have posted on this subject before the following is the horrific true story of Jack English in full with details of how to collect a $250K reward and contact Mr. English.

 Preface -
We are offering a substantial cash reward ($250,000) for insider/whistleblower information leading to the arrest and conviction of the parties responsible and the return of our property which is valued at over 100 million dollars.

We already have had an anonymous call from an unnamed BCIMC employee who said that everything that
has been said in our Blog and website is correct and the employees at BCIMC support us and they hope that our property will be returned to us. The caller said that Bob Pearce, CEO of BCIMC
and Robert De Trois Maison, Legal Counsel, were both incompetent and corrupt and should be fired. And a year later they were both removed.

So we believe that the ordinary workers in the government know that what has been done to us is criminal, but they are afraid of losing their jobs or their lives if they speak out publicly.
Our toll free number for tips is 1-888-286-5745.
We are now suing the BC Government in the BC Suprene Court for the return of our property and for damages and compensation. They have responded by having no less than six government paid lawyers
attempting to stop our case before any evidence can be heard.
We expect that the government will put in a corrupt Judge on our case who will throw out our case and hit us with huge costs awards to financially annihilate us and terrify any others from daring to challenge their criminal government.
The government is very afraid that if the truth of what they did to us was to come out it would very likely topple the present government which we believe is the most corrupt government n the history of Canada.
Thanks again.
J.D. English.

Jack English & Kids, Pacific Rim Resort, 2008: Before BCIMC Terror Attack/Theft.
I purchased the Pacific Rim Resort in 1984. It’s 214 acres with 2100 feet of white
sand beach on Cox Bay that straddles the Pacific Rim #4 Highway with 114 acres
and 600 campsites on the western, Open Pacific, side and 100 acres and 600
campsites on the eastern, Inlet, side. It’s one of the most desirable and popular
tourist resort locations in Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau vacationed here this
summer with his family. Cox Bay Beach is known as “The Hawaii of Canada”.

I owned and operated this campground for 30 years, 1984 to Sept. 2013, when
my children and I were escorted off our property by the RCMP & “BCIMC”.
This was after the British Columbia Government, through their rogue Crown
Corporation, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (“BCIMC”),
the B.C. Civil Service Pension Fund, managed to steal our property on the west
side of the highway by way of a criminally coordinated and influenced BC
Supreme Court proceeding.
During the court proceedings our house, resort office and store, and staff
quarters were all arsoned; our access bridge was destroyed by BC Hydro in a
criminal break and enter trespass in August 2010; our water pumphouse was
vandalized; our sewer was illegally cut off and permits stalled by the District of
Tofino by Braden Smith, Administrator, and John Fraser, Mayor who drafted
and passed an illegal retroactive Development Cost Bylaw they called the “Get
Jack Bylaw” and attempted to criminally levy over 5 million dollars against us
for services that were installed 40 years previously (they have their Pensions
with BCIMC and both have been rewarded by BCIMC with high paying
positions); telephone death threats were made to our mortgage broker; our
lawyers and the lender’s lawyer Stephen Wilson (who BCIMC rewarded by
making a BC Supreme Court Master at a salary of $250,000 a year) and our
appraiser were all compromised and “taken care of” by BCIMC for carrying out
a rigged court hearing; and multiple murder attempts were made on my life.
Clearly our business was attacked and destroyed by agents of BCIMC so as to
allow them to steal our property through a fraudulently influenced court sale
with intent to deceive the court.

We had refused to sell to BCIMC when “Double Agent”, Mike Nissley, of CBRE,
Atlanta told us that we had no choice. He told us “Everyone has their price” and
then he called me over Christmas 2012 to tell me that he was controlling the
upcoming court sale hearing to make sure our property would be sold to BCIMC
for 10% of its appraised value and our lawyer and the lender’s lawyer and our
expert witness now all worked for him! This was clearly a calculated criminal
attack, a coordinated conspiracy against us by Michael Nissley, BCIMC, and the
Government of British Columbia which was designed to take our property from
us by force and to criminally subvert the court process. These are RICO crimes
and Mike Nissley, BCIMC and CBRE were clearly violating the US Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act.
My children and I were put out on the street, homeless and penniless, even
though the lender had committed to extend our financing and we had over 300
buyers lined up to purchase our approved 99 year RV Site leases at $99,000
each. Later we were told by Levi Martin, Shaman of the Tofino Tla-O-Qui-Aht
Band, that the BC Government Treaty Negotiators told him in 2010 that “We’ll
give you the English property, but you have to keep it a secret or the price will
go up”. It appears that BCIMC , CBRE and the BC Government think they are
“above the law”. BCIMC can smash, burn, bribe, extort, threaten, attempt to
murder us, and deceive the Courts to take our property. The local RCMP did
nothing to investigate or stop them!
Half way through BCIMC’s 5 year siege of crime, terror and deception carried
out against us by unseen enemies, as well as clearly paid off enemies, attacking
us and using deception and abuse of the law, we found help: a lawyer who
promised to stop the fraudulent court process being used against us and to get
new financing to pay the lender who started this illegal foreclosure. The lender,
Paradigm Mortgage Corporation (Mission Creek Mortgage Ltd.) of Kelowna, had
given us a written signed loan extension in June 2008 which we accepted, but
they refused to honour. The lawyer was Mr. Greg Harney from Victoria. He said
he would take our case and “kick the shit out of Mission Creek” for “$10,000 up
front and two RV Sites near the beach”.
But, soon after he took over our case he changed his mind and refused to do the
court case that he said he’d do for us (“Lender Liability and Improvident
Realization”) and he never found us the “White Man Financing” he said he’d
arrange (his words). Instead, what he did was first to coerce us with threats,
demands and insults to sell out to BCIMC for 10-15% of our appraised value.

Then, when that didn’t work and we refused to give in and insisted that he
honour his original agreement, he emailed us a mind boggling account of
$1,122,952 in order to terrorize us and force us into doing as he demanded on
behalf of BCIMC.

When I complained about Harney’s criminal extortion tactics to B.C. Law Society
President, Gordon Turriff, Harney replied by suing us. He yelled at me and
threatened to get a judgment over the other part of our property on the east
side of the highway, which had no mortgage, and to sell it. (Three guesses to
who???). Lawyer, Greg Harney, turned out to be, like Mike Nissley of CBRE, who
posed for two years as our Leasing Agent, just the latest criminal working for
BCIMC, betraying our family, pretending he worked for us. We later discovered
that the mortgage broker Harney said would refinance us, Greg Martel, was
closely linked to the Victoria Lindsay Buziak drug murder case.

Picture - Greg Harney


Picture - Lindsay Buziak with Jason Zailo (with knife) and Greg Martel (Harney’s “Friend”)

This murder was tied into money laundering and cocaine trafficking in Victoria
and Calgary, in which cities, coincidentally, Greg Harney ran his “dual” law
practice. Reputable Lawyers have told us that the work Harney actually did for
us was only worth around $20-30,000! Harney reduced his bill to $536,224 and
brought us before Master Keighley (BCIMC Pension) in Victoria who gave
Harney a massive Judgment of $252,000! We appealed to another BCIMC
Pension Judge, Keith Bracken, and then to the BC Court of Appeal. Then we
discovered that Harney had filed a fraudulent altered backdated legal bill two
weeks before the first hearing in order to win the case.
 We reported this crime to the RCMP who refused to investigate and to the BC Court of Appeal who made a corrupt decision and actually lied in their Judgment, saying that the parties were served with Harney’s fake bill when they weren’t, in order to allow
Harney to steal the last of our land to hand it to BCIMC. We have complained to
the Canadian Judicial Council and we are seeking leave to appeal in the Supreme
Court of Canada stating that the Court of Appeal cannot ignore Harney’s crimes.
All this has been done in order to steal the English Family’s land, home and
business and then “launder” this criminal transaction by trying to “shadow flip”
it again, at a vastly increased price, to the Federal Government of Canada or to
“Leadon Investments Inc.” and have the Government of Canada, under the  
authority of Queen’s legal representative, the Governor General, “treaty” this
“criminally acquired stolen property” to the Tla-O-Qui-Aht First Nations Band.

However, the local First Nations have also had their daughters and sisters
disappear as “Missing Women” such as my long time friend, Moses Martin’s
Niece, Lisa Marie Young, who went missing in 2002 and is presumed to have
been murdered as well by criminal psychopaths, perhaps at the infamous
Piggy’s Palace Night Club at Pickton’s Farm in Coquitlam, B.C.
We’re appealing to United States law enforcement authorities to investigate our
criminal allegations and bring the guilty parties to justice as the Premier of B.C.,
Christy Clark, and Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, have both refused
for months and years to acknowledge our hand delivered, faxed, emailed and
mailed pleas for a full investigation of these charges. The key players in these
crimes are US agents such as Michael Nissley of CBRE Atlanta Georgia who was
BCIMC’s secret double agent in directing many, if not all of the indictable crimes
committed against us. And now, perhaps, Mr. Jiaming Li of Scarsdale, New York,
apparently the owner of Leadon Investments Inc., who’s buying BCIMC’s “Silver
Birch Hotel and Resorts” chain for 1 billion dollars which may include our stolen
Resort properties as well, a serious criminal offence involving a US resident.

Our massive Resort fire and vandalism losses total over a million dollars. Lloyds
Insurance never covered us and left our family business and two kids with no
home, no income, and no running water or flush toilet for over three years.
Lloyds never covered our losses.

 They acted in bad faith and caused massive harm and losses. Did they collude and assist BCIMC to destroy our business and
thereby to steal our property?

Picture - Michael Nissley

Picture - Premier Gordon Campbell, US Police mugshot 2010.

We’ve been reliably informed that Gordon Campbell is the Premier who ordered
the takedown of Pacific Rim Resort by BCIMC and the corrupt shadow flipping of
our stolen property to the Federal Government Treaty Commission by his
minions David Emerson (CAI, of Farris & Company) and Tracy McVicar (CAI
Private Equity) in Vancouver or perhaps to Leadon Investments Inc. (Jiaming Li).
There is a $1 Million Dollar reward outstanding for the conviction of the parties
responsible for the crimes against the Pacific Rim Resort from 2009 – 2017
leading to the return of the stolen Pacific Rim Resort properties and
compensation to their rightful owners (the English Family).
Gordon Campbell was made High Commissioner for B.C. in the United Kingdom
and resides in London not far from the Queen. Below is a photo of Gordon
Campbell with Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his children in London doing a
“High Five” with him, a man convicted in the USA of serious criminal offences.

Picture - PM Justin Trudeau w/ Family and Gordon Campbell ex BC Premier

Picture - Doug Pearce Former BCIMC CEO
Gordon Campbell was also the Commissioner of Police in Vancouver and is said
by confidential sources to have attended some of Pickton’s Piggy’s Palace drug
rave parties. He’s also reported by an investigator to have been the one who
ordered the attacks on, and theft of, our Family’s Pacific Rim Resort property.
Recent BC Freedom of Information documents confirm that the BC Ministry of
Aboriginal Affairs, Stephen Winn, Treaty Negotiator, and the Municipality of
Tofino were actively plotting the secret takeover of our Family’s Pacific Rim
Resort Campground properties since 2008 as shown in numerous government
emails and documents now in our possession. This is a major international cross
border conspiracy involving Canadian and US government and private agents in
many counts of fraud, bribery, theft, arson, vandalism, threats, obstruction of
justice, attempted murder and other RICO/FCPA crimes to steal our property.

Picture - Dave Pickton/Piggy’s Palace

Picture - English Family Home Arsoned - 2010

Picture - Resort Office/Store-Firebombed 2013

Picture - Cox Bay Beach, the Hawaii of Canada
See the following for more on this story.

  We question how the BC Securities Commission can own 'securities' in an organization that commits these types of criminal offences and still claim it has any legal integrity whatsoever?

 How can the BC Government and the BC Judicial System continue to allow these blatant crimes against the Canadian people to happen?

 As always more to come..




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