Tuesday 7 March 2017

How Are the BC Securities Commission and Barrick Gold Connected?

How Are the BC Securities Commission and Barrick Gold Connected?

 Would the BC Securities Commission, a regulatory agency that is supposed to uphold the integrity of the marketplace and ensure fair and just capital markets in province of British Columbia hold shares in Barrick Gold through 'securities' it owns? Its possible, the two are connected through the BCIMC and it would come as no surprise to find the BC Securities Commission runs two sets of books at this point however that merely speculation. We would put nothing past the BCSC or the BCIMC at this point given what we have demonstrated on multiple websites and blogs.

 How could such a Financial Regulator make any claims to neutrality or avoid clear conflicts of interest when making decisions and judgements that have a massive and usually negative impact on other peoples lives?

 Lets look at a snapshot of the BC Securities Commission 2015/16 Service Report.

 The BC Securities Commission holds over twenty million dollars in BCIMC Securities, now we understand these are in Bonds and not necessarily in Barrick or other Public Securities which BCIMC is holding however this still represents a huge conflict of interest. It also begs the question, if this is what the BCSC hides in plain sight what else is it really trying to hide?

 Here are the holdings of Barrick Gold by the BCIMC. $134 Million.

 The BCIMC also owns positions in hundreds of other public stocks and thousands of other Financial Investments.

 More to come

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