Friday, 8 July 2016

US Intelligence Sources Confirms Canadian Corruption


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US Intelligence Sources Confirms Canadian Corruption

When the Government of British Columbia refused to settle the claim of Sun Belt Water Inc., in 1997 like it had promised and like it had settled with Snowcap Waters Ltd, the Canadian joint venture partner of Sun Belt Water Inc., Sun Belt and its legal counsel contacted Canada's Federal Government that had entered the Free Trade Agreement and the NAFTA where it had promised to insure that American investors were treated fairly and at least as well as Canadian investors in a similar position.  These agreements were approved by the Provincial Governments, including British Columbia and were legally binding on them as well as upon the Canadian Federal Government.

However, for reasons that remain unexplained, officials in Ottawa refused to accept their responsibilities under these two Trade Agreements (FTA and NAFTA).
Inquiries were made with intelligence sources in the United States to find out why Sun Belt Water Inc. was being stiffed after it was first invited to settle its claim. The response from those intelligence sources was startling:"The are afraid of your case because it could completely destroy their form of government up there"

Eight or nine sitting members of parliament invested in W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd." 

"If this comes out it will blow the roof off that House on the hill up there.  It might be the best thing that happened to that country"
Further inquiries with US intelligence sources confirmed that Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Governor General Romeo Leblanc were investors in W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. by way of offshore accounts, but who were the others? 
  See the source for more information the press will never tell you about Mr. Brian Mulroney and how he and his cronies are betraying Canada.

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