Friday, 8 July 2016

"Societies Fail When We Close Our Eyes to Billion Dollar Criminals and Simply Shoot the Poorest on the Street"

From The Desk Of Financial Expert Larry Elford,

I live in a world where it is acceptable to kill a black man for selling cigarettes on the street to survive, and by way of contrast, it is considered "impolite" in the halls or justice, to arrest a banker for cheating millions of people out of billions of dollars. We would not wish to offend our friends in suits....
Judges and prosecutors support this (with their actions and decisions) and place personalities BEFORE principles, in their courtrooms. Judges in some cases I seen, bend like trees toward the sun, in a direction from which the most nutrients may come from. I sense that there is a bending towards protecting those of a higher status, and prosecuting those lower.
Police are becoming militarized to deal with "lower status people". Where do you stand on this hierarchy, and when will it change to include you, or your children? When most of the money is in the hands of 1% of 1% of the population? This has already happened, and you can see the results on the news daily.
I wonder if it might be our own grandchildren who will be the new "low status" targets in just a few years. "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist."
If banks, Central banks and investment dealers are to continue to harvest the world financially, we will need more than just blacks, natives, muslims, and whomever else of colour or ethnicity that we can single out, to go after next. We are on a slippery slope I am afraid.
Enclosed is an article, about Congressional testimony, describing just one type of "invisible" fraud done by millions of millionaires, who prey upon billions of the rest. This is how entire societies fail, while we close our eyes to billion dollar criminals, and simply shoot the poorest in the street. It is only invisible to the Justice system itself. Now I understand what they meant when they said Justice is blind...…/witness-says-brokers-try-to-pa…
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