Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Dear Honorable Prime Minister Trudeau,
   It has been announced you will be making a stop in Kelowna BC next week.
  This is great news as you know there are many pressing issues here to deal with that are of great importance to restoring the vitality of our national economy. While the papers may trumpet how Canada leads the way in financial growth and management we know the truth. The reality is our entire economic system is built on a Regulatory sham and simply whitewashes the truth about the real economy. Bay streets stocks are high but the economy is hollowed out by predatory regulatory regimes and their cohorts.
 Most money flows out of country our into the pockets of a few extremely wealthy individuals while it becomes harder and harder for small businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to make a decent living. Much of this is due to a CRIMINAL Financial Regulatory System as well as a past approach of governance that involved Corporate bail-outs and financial hand-outs for large foreign corporations while ignoring the people who actually need the money the most. Keep in mind these are usually the same corporations who caused the problems in the first place.
 I represent many entrepreneurs and investors who have had enough of the massive systematic fraud perpetuated by our Regulators and Bankers. Make no mistake we will have justice and the restoration of the rule of law in our nation and we truly hope that you will be a big part of it.
 See the latest from Chile here on how Barrick Gold and the BCSC will be exposed for the frauds they are,

 The issues regarding the fraud that is the Pascua Lama project in Chile will not go away, nor will the rest of us who grow more numerous by the day.

The matter is vast in scope, and we know that the MountainStar v. Barrick, BCSC and the TSX is not the only multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, we also know that its not the only company Barrick Gold has tried to destroy illegally. We are aware and organizing with multiple other companies who will be named at appropriate time who have been victims of criminal behavior by Barrick Gold and our Financial Regulators. This does NOT include all the other victims of the BCSC the OSC, ASC, IIROC, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of affected shareholders and TENS of BILLIONs of dollars in potential damages facing the financial regulatory regime very soon, it would be very wise to alleviate some of the public attention by meeting with some of us in Kelowna and dealing with some of these issues privately while you are here. These are no longer Provincial Civil matters, they regard the wellbeing of the entire nation and you have the power to deal with it and restore justice.

 If you act decisively to move to restore justice now you may be able to limit the damage done to Canadas international credibility and restore our economic system to become a world leader again.

 Collapsing the BCSC and the OSC and merging them into a new national regulator the CMRA and/or the CSRA is NOT the right solution, the new plans for a national regulatory regime were written by the same crooks who wrote the current laws they use to commit crimes.
 This is not to say we are against a National regulatory agency, we are against a national regulatory agency that operates outside the rule of law.
 The new National regulatory agency only wants more power to white wash the truth. 'Compliance' has nothing to do with right action or adherence to the rule of law it simply is a fee to paid that allows the payer to commit financial crimes with seeming impunity behind a façade of Regulatory Compliance.
Our Financial Regulators exist on a conflict of interest that is contrary to the rule of law.
 See how the sham that is 'compliance' works here,

See the plans for a new regulatory regime and how the powers that be are not concerned with the truth they simply want the power to whitewash the reality of the markets in order to make sure everything looks good. They have no interest in actually doing the job of a regulator and ensuring the rule of law.
A background on the planned new National Securities Regime

 A look at some notes involved in the planning of the new legal structure of the national regulator, the notes suggest that the duty of the Regulator to ensure market integrity is no longer a necessary function, instead the powers that be plan to replace 'integrity' with 'adverse material gain'. In other words they no longer care about the truth, they simply want to make the market look good to make sure the stock prices don't collapse. This is a FAKE market! To make matters worse they want the power to jail people who upset their fake image of a financial market as being a danger to the markets for telling the truth!
 Such a fake economic system can only continue for so long before imploding on itself like the house of cards that it is, to rebuild the same house of cards would be foolish, a new system is needed and fast.
 We will not allow the current Banksters to continue robbing this nation, I trust you will not either.
 We respectfully request an quick meeting with you on your Kelowna stop to discuss how we can best manage this issue while restoring justice. If done right and dealt with immediately the impact will be far less then if our governments keep refusing to work towards justice and restitution.
 You can see a few links here to some more key stories on this issue.
If you are not familiar with my personal story regarding the corruption at the BC Securities Commission you can see a brief here,

Thank you for your time on this matter we look forward to hearing from you soon,

 Christopher Burke
250 807 7870

 See my blog for breaking news on Financial Regulatory Fraud updated regularly.. including more on Barrick, Silver Wheaton and others coming up..

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