Monday, 11 July 2016

Minera Nevada SpA (Barrick) Enters False Testimony in Chilean Court

From our friends in Chile and Mountainstar Gold:

Minera Nevada SpA (Barrick) Enters False Testimony in Chilean Court

July 11, 2016 - Mountainstar Gold Inc.’s (MSX-CSE) lawyer, Juan Guillermo Torres Fuentealba, reports that in case role C-3.784-2016 named "LOPEHANDÍA CORTÉS, JORGE RODRIGO v. MINERA NEVADA SpA. y UNDA LLANOS, HÉCTOR MARDOQUEO" at the 18th Civil Court of Santiago, a court resolution was issued July 7, 2016 that has opened the legal right for Mr. Torres Fuentealba to contest the validity, truthfulness and legality of the evidence entered in court by Minera Nevada SpA and Unda Llanos, who deny to be "working together:"
The action seeks to restore, in full, the judgement in case Role C-1912-2001 rendered June 2006 by Madam Justice Maria Isabel Reyes Kokisch.
Minera Nevada SpA trades today as owner of Pascua Lama for Barrick Gold Corporation as filed at the TSX and OSC.
Barrick has provided the 18th Civil Court documented evidence to the effect that Minera Nevada SpA is a managed asset of San Jose Inc. of the Cayman Islands.
Mr. Torres Fuentealba has today filed evidence (see accompanying document entitled MSXJuanGuillermo071116) to demonstrate that Minera Nevada SpA wishes to remove jurisdiction that links Pascua Lama area in Chile, object of the legal action, directly to the Canadian mining company, Barrick Gold Corporation, and not to San Jose Inc. of the Cayman Islands.
An objection to the evidence of Minera Nevada SpA - Barrick has been officially filed by Mr. Torres Fuentealba containing over 120 relevant legal questions and requests for the defendant’s confirmations. Mr. Torres Fuentealba shall prove that, on public record, Michelle Bachelet, Christina Kirshner and Stephen Harper have all dealt directly with Barrick Gold Corporation and not with San Jose Inc. in matters of Pascua Lama Project.
Mr. Lopehandia is now able to table, in Court, key exposing questions to link Barrick Gold Corporation and Minera Nevada SpA with mining engineer Hector Mardoqueo Unda llanos at Supreme Court of Chile in case Role C-1912-2001 where Minera Nevda SpA denies to know Unda Llanos. He will also confront the parties with case Role 23178-2014 where Barrrick/Unda are proven to be employer and employee. Including, but not limited to, suing Judge Maria Isabel Reyes Kokisch in Criminal Court in Chile in 2010, pretending Minera Nevada SpA owns the concessions TESOROS UNO 1 al 30 to TESOROS DOCE 1 al 5, of Unda Llnos, controlled by Lopehadia via C-1912-2001 Trial and injunction as of this date.
MSX welcomes such transparency in Chilean Court proceedings.
Also accompanying this news release is the July 7, 2016 decision of the 18th Civil Court of Santiago.

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