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  The following is an exert from an article in the American Herald Tribune which not only sheds more light on the background on the Pascua Lama project but on how Barrick Gold and numerous Canadian officials including former Prime Ministers as well as former American president George Bush.  See how the ongoing saga involving the BC Securities Commission has unraveled to expose a massive criminal element in our governments, law enforcement and judiciary.

 See how George H.W. Bush and Brian Mulroney spearheaded a drive by Barrick Gold to fix the price of gold and rig the markets for decades on behalf of even bigger hidden players.

 Find out how the Peter Munk is connected to the Iran-Contra scandal and the learn more on the backgrounds of Mr. Jorge Lopehandia and Brent Johnson who have worked to expose this criminal cartel.

See the man who links the Wahhabi Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) with Israel and Barrick Gold below, and how this international cartel of banksters uses its influence to wage economic warfare on the world.

"From Celebrity to Disgrace": Adnan Khashoggi in the First Years of Barrick Gold
The story of the original partnership at the roots of Barrick Gold sheds light on the spinning of connections linking the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The development of this unlikely alliance between the Jewish state and the Wahhabi Kingdom forms an essential factor over recent decades in the renewal of the informal Anglo-American empire whose main point of geographic contact is Canada. An important key to understanding the deep politics of one stage in the life of the informal Anglo-American empire lies in the career of Munk’s business partner, Adnan Khashoggi.
Khashoggi’s primary CIA handler is reputed to have been Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of US President Theodore Roosevelt. The descendant of the gregarious Teddy Roosevelt is best known for his central role as the main operative on the ground in Tehran who orchestrated the Anglo-American backed coup in 1953. This external intervention into the domestic politics of Iran resulted in the replacement of Mohammad Mossedegh, a proponent of the nationalization of Iranian oil resources, with the puppet regime of the Shah of Iran.
The deep state aspects of US-Iranian relations would explode into public notoriety again with news of the sensational substance of the Iran-Contra scandal of the late 1980s. Once Khashoggi was discovered to have been a key operative in the Reagan White House’s illegal transfer of arms from Israel to Iran with the involvement of the Toronto-based CIA-connected Jetborne corporation, it became necessary to remove Khashoggi from his front-and-centre role in Barrick enterprises.
Khashoggi’s importance in making Toronto the official headquarters of the Barrick operations was captured on film in 1984. In this clip published on the Internet, Khashoggi is shown meeting with Ontario’s Tory Premier Bill Davis and the rest of his cabinet. The purpose of this photo op was to prepare the mental environment for a public offering of Barrick Gold shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The top leadership of the Ontario government is caught on camera fawning all over the visitor who in that era was often described as the richest man in the world.
The Ontario government’s guest was sufficiently famous for the rock band Queen to write and record a song called “Khashoggi’s Ship.” This luxury yacht, Nabia, was used as a set for the James Bond thriller, “Never Say Never Again.” Robin Leach, host of the American TV blockbuster, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, declared his episode on Khashoggi to be his favourite show in the entire series.     
Flash forward to 1989 when Peter Munk came up with $4 million to bail out Khashoggi from a New York jail after the arms merchant had been arrested for getting caught up in the unorthodox gold transactions involving the wife of the former president and kleptocrat-in-chief of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos. By this time Khashoggi had already been identified in the Iran-Contra scandal as a key facilitator in the transfer of Israeli arms to the Islamic government of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini. The funds from these prohibited arms sale were then secretly deployed to arm the US-backed agents of regime change in Nicaragua in transactions extending to collaboration between the Contras and CIA in selling illicit drugs in the USA."

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