Sunday, 3 July 2016

Dear shareholders, Jorge R Lopehandia, title owner, beneficial holder of Barrick's filed as owned (never owned in Chile) Tesoros titles,

Dear shareholders, Jorge R Lopehandia, title owner, beneficial holder of Barrick's filed as owned (never owned in Chile) Tesoros titles, in my name and or judicial control sine 2001 too.

My clean titles to all minerals, re the only ones able to mine the Gold and Silver since inception 1996 and as renewed as of 2011.

Barrick could not mine Gold in Argentina or Silver for it is encapsulated in the limestone and fled the BUST of a PONZI SCAM the lies of VELADERO + LAMA, the grand Gold and Silver PONZI that Project; NEVER WAS.

Of the hundreds of billions in minerals portfolio under my signature, in Canada Chile and other jurisdictions, we are unable to mine, not because we do not want or able to. It is because there is an establishment that is absolutely tainted and protecting itself from 10 years and one day of jail terms, due to current and historical violation of Injunction C-1912-2001 and also the Criminal Code of Canada section 400(1) FALSE PROSPECTUS LAWS

If Barrick was able to mine one ounce of Gold or Silver at Pascua 1994 to date they would have one it. Are they not the most powerful miner in the Planet?

Barrick has had a great budget to pay Internet crooks that manipulate the stocks of friends and foes. Money to buy allegiances of Civil servants and politicians on the take alike. Press people. POLITICAL CAPITAL.

Such political capital worked in the past. Now is identified as ROTTED

MSX has always posted the truth of legal record and BCSC wants it to disappear or the insiders at BCSC and TSX ought to be chuckled and sent to prison, for a string of financial markets crimes and manipulation.

I still have to read something that is not INVENTED IN CRIME by BCSC to favor Barrik, that could in the most minimal manner, legally affect me or MSX in the MINA PASCUA THEFT + PONZI SCAM run from BCSC and TSX for ABX

All we have is written evidence of the ELF INDICTING of BCSC insiders and a trail of fled insiders at BCSC and TSX, a faithful copy of what is beind done at Barrick Chile,, Canada and Silver Wheaton.

Deutschebank AG pleaded guilty to Gold and Silver price manipulation, that signal is due to TOXIC PASCUA PAPER never becoming real Gold or Silver. The are Barrick's historical allies against me. Will pay too.

So from this very legally leveled field and corner, I only see fleeing criminals, LIARS insider traders of crime, tossing smoke grenades as they flee the scene of the crimes, criminals hiding in secret under Government or law enforcement agencies veils, crooked POWERFUL CRIMINAL RACKET advancing in crime to the establishment, via TRAFFICKING OF INFLUENCES

If BCSC had the key to the truth, would have called RCMP against Brent Johnson and me. They are afraid sick calling people for dirt on MSX as they have NON from Chile deal. Nothing, nada, rien, ni ente, zilch.

BCSC has an MSX board clown linked to it, there is a Barrick board clown for years coming as GURU of stolen Chilean Judicial records and documents, published at MSX Board "as if", a Fitz-fan attacking its stock, a collection of pseudo intellectuals "that care", not heeding to the truth, but in chorus with the innuendo and lies of the "Fab10"

There is no one, that has made one intelligent comment, told a fact, or delivered evidence that proves that Barrick is not fleeing the scene of the crime.

BCSC and TSX Regulators, set out to "clear the exit path" to the pillage done to the financial markets in Canada and worldwide.

People's savings, institutional and banks were pillaged by the crimes of the "collective".

Go ahead, gag, suspend, humiliate MSX the messenger of PASCUA GOLD truth and tell the planet its shoes are dusty, we forgot to suspend you back the, 1000 dollars fine apply... Nothing will change the essence of the truth and facts

Barrick is title less selling a PONZI SCAM in full cooperation of its financial markets regulators and parties directly an indirectly involved.

MSX has an opportunity and upside to realize.

In Chile, Barrick is now a trapped barracuda in the legal frying pan.

There is zero percent chances of BCSC, TSX, Barrick, politicians civil servants involved in Barrick's PASCUA SILVER PONZI via SILVER WHEATON, that shall escape the law.

Deutschebank AG bought 7 million phony Gold ounces from my asset, Germany found out as predicted by me that NO GOLD would be shown.

Deutschebank AG has recently admitted to rigging down Gold and Silver prices with "other banks"... all as a result of highly toxic Mina Pascua Gold and Silver that never was.

Today, we have finally brought Barrick to its knees judicially in Chile, they have opened their own grave and we are going to ease them in, in front of the Judicial Power of Chile.

We are alive, in full control of the situation and calling fast for the responsible parties, no one involved shall be spared, so long they keep deceiving Canada, its Financial Markets, RCMP-IMET, and all regulatory agencies continue burying their heads in the sand with their rears to the the ocean to stop the Lega tsunami that shall engulf all of the darlings of the financial districts worldwide.

Bankers are falling, shareholders are suing Barrick, PHONY SETTLEMENT by James Howard, 141 million INSURANCE FRAUDE of Barrick was "arranged in less than a week" to LEGITIMIZE TITLE TO BARRICK "as if".

James Howard will be called to live proceedings like all, I mean all the BCSC parties involved. They want to mess with justice, GLOVES ARE OFF.

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 As always stay tuned more to come..

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