Monday, 4 July 2016


July 4th 2016
Dear Ms. Christy Clark, and Attorney General Suzanne Anton,

  I write in regards to the return of the rule of law in British Columbia and Canada.
You and Ms. Suzanne Anton the BC Attorney General recently had a letter wrote to me regarding the massive amount of criminal activity at the BCSC. Both of you told me there was not much you could do and gave me the number for the ombudsman and the Civilian Complaint review board for the RCMP.
 You stated this would be your last input on the matter and that it was outside of your control.
Even though I knew this not to be true I let it slide for a while and as promised I have not attacked your office or yourself Ms. Clark for wrongdoing since then. However I did warn you that should no action be taken and should the BC Attorney General continue to be complicit in the crimes of our provincial government agencies there would be consequences.
 I gave the BC provincial Govt including yourself time to push the BC Securities Commission towards a settlement and restitution for their crimes, we have not seen any attempts at restoration of justice however. Only more of the same old intimidation tactics and threats by RCMP and friends of the BCSC.
 Ms. Clark, the Finance ministry is responsible for the BCSC, and you are responsible for the Finance Ministry. Do not lie to me again. Next time I will make it public.
 Ms. Clark I can certainly understand and appreciate that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, you were probably incriminated through no fault of your own given how dirty our BC govt is and for that I cannot fault you. We have some sources close to the matter who insist you are really trying to clean things up, I hope they are correct. I see things like the dumping of toxic waste into the Shawnigan Lake water shed and it does not give me hope that you are doing what is best for the people of this province.
 The current events unfolding have shown our Financial Regulatory system for what it is, a complete sham that extorts the population based on lies.
 You can see here for what will transpire should you not already be aware.

Ms. Clark your government is in a very precarious situation, it has been either hiding, helping or simply willfully ignoring a massive amount of crime committed by our very own regulatory agencies.
 No doubt you are aware there is an election next year, if you and the BC Liberal party refuse to do your jobs and administrate justice we will have no choice but to ensure the end of the Liberal party in BC this time around.
 You see what is about to unfold is a scandal much bigger then anything yet to unfold in Canada. Your party has been complicit to these crimes whether willingly or unwittingly. You Ms. Clark and you Ms. Anton cannot tell us that you were not aware of these things, we have evidence that proves otherwise.
 So simply put will either of you do the right thing and ensure justice on behalf of the people you represent or will you continue in the obstruction of justice and the looting of this province?
 We have been giving you a lot of slack on your ropes and so far both of you have only used it to continue to hang yourselves with. Don't forget it is not us on trial. It is you.
 This is your opportunity to reach out to the victims of the BCSC and begin a process of restitution without the media spotlight and a the circus we will bring if the BC Govt continues to resist its responsibilities. If you act now you can likely be the hero and save your govt from falling, if you do not act and continue to let the BCSC go unpunished you will pay the price come election time next year.
 Ms. Clark we will not tolerate the BCSC nor the new national CSRA, they are simply tools used by criminals to hide their crimes. Its time to build a new regulatory regime under the rule of law.
 Ms. Anton we will no longer tolerate the absence of the rule of law in our judicial system.
 The BC Attorney Generals office will no longer be permitted to be complicit in the criminal actions of the
 "judicial mafia" and the corrupted bureaucrats that are pillaging the population of BC under the guise of protective and regulatory agencies.

 Ms. Clark, Ms. Anton, I am a forgiving person and when I see someone change course and do the right thing I can forgive them for the past.. its time you changed course before both of you lose everything you have. We the people are not going away and we will have our country back.
 None of these are threats, its simply reality. You are answerable to us the public by law, when you no longer act in our best interest and constantly thwart the application of justice you no longer belong in public office. Legally we have every right to depose both of you. The people will be taking their government back. Will you help us or be in they way?

  Christopher Burke
250 807 7870

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