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Dear Mr. Wernick and Mr. Dupont,

Financial Regulatory Fraud
 I write in regards to the massive financial scandal that is unraveling as we speak, my name is Christopher Burke and you can see a brief on my personal involvement in exposing these crimes here at,

 As you are no doubt aware the BC Securities Commission and Barrick Gold are about to be revealed as frauds to the entire world. As you are also no doubt aware the BC Securities Commission is not the only completely corrupted Regulatory Commission in Canada, the IIROC, the ASC, the OSC, etc are all as guilty of a massive string of criminal offences as the BC Securities Commission. The evidence will all be made available in due time. See here for information on the demise of the Brenda Leong and the BC Securities Commission.

 A reminder that the BC Securities Commission has no remedy under the law for the crimes it has committed against the Canadian people and around the globe.

Your Roles in Building the Nation.
 I write the two of you specifically because you two are the most powerful men in the nation, you are the gate keepers and CEO's who command and execute the orders of the Prime Minister as well as deciding what issues are relevant or not. In essence you set the agenda for the nation.
 Those not familiar with the role your office and the two of you play in guiding the affairs of our nation can see the details here at,

 It is the two of you that are responsible for the information received by the Prime Minister, hence it is important that as public servants you act with impartiality and in the best interests of ALL the citizens of the nation.
 I do not know either of you personally but I do know more about each of you then your Bio's on the Privy Council website, that said I am not here to judge. I am simply here to announce that there will be a restoration of the rule of law in all aspects of this nation, this restoration of the rule of law will start in the financial world. Those who take the steps necessary to ensure the restoration of the fundamentals of justice and the rule of law should have no reason to worry about the past, it is what you do now that matters most.
 The two of you together with our Honourable Prime Minister and our other national leaders have a chance to make history and embark our nation on a course that will lead the planet out of this chaos and into a golden age.

The Bankers We are Relying on to Fix the Problem are the Problem.
 There are three major problems that must be addressed in order to properly right the economic ship, the world is about to find out that Canada and its economic policies which have been admired as sound are simply lipstick on a pig. The façade is about to crumble and the truth as always will remain, what you do will dictate your place in history and the future of your soul.
 If you continue to advise and push the failed and criminal policies of the Bank of International Settlements, The IMF, World Bank and the Bankers from Goldman Sachs, The Bank of London, Royal Bank etc on our Prime Minister, leaders and the nation then it will become very apparent whom you serve.
 None of the policies of any of these institutions have any shred of credibility to those who truly understand economics, what these policies do is hollow out nations under the guise of building infrastructure and economic restoration. The problem is the writing is on the wall, these failed policies have destroyed Greece, and devastated more nations then I can list, for now I will simply look at Former Secretary of the Treasury George Shultz's intellectual case against the IMF which he laid out in Congressional testimony.
 He objected to a "pattern of escalation of ambition of the IMF" which would only grow if its request for increased capital was granted. The world Financial system would be better off without the IMF, he argued "because creditors would learn certain lessons. Don't loan money where there are questionable risks. Realize you'll be held accountable for your mistakes"
 You can see an article here from Mr. Shcultz on the IMF on its ineffective and destructive policies from the Hoover Institute.
A couple more links on the absurdity of the IMF and its Bretton Woods Counterpart the World Bank.
 Simply put to continue to follow the policies of a conglomerate of bankers who have proven that they are either stupid or as we know to be the case they are defrauding the entire planet and our nation is treasonous and will not be accepted.
You have a choice as do your associates at these banking institutions, you can choose to continue the current path we are on and ensure your own destruction as well as that of the nation, or you can make history and help us lead the world out of this destructive age of enslavement and into bright future for everyone on this planet.
 The following issues must be addressed and rectified, the restoration of the rule of law is imminent.

 1. The Bank of Canada must be returned to the public.

     There is no reason a sovereign nation should have to borrow money from a group of private corporations (the Banksters) in order to pay for the infrastructure and public services needed to build a strong nation that ensures the health and wellbeing of its citizens. Money is a public tool, it is the evolution of Bartering which was used to sustain and provide the things we need. It is the world first IOU.. nothing more nothing less.
To have a group of private individuals take the right to a public bartering tool away and put it under their own private control and charge people when they want to use their own public bartering tool for its use is absurd. In essence we all have to write IOUs's to a private group of international bankers first if we want to write an IOU to someone else. We are paying money to pay with our money. This is insane.

 The purpose of a nation is to provide services and infrastructure that are essential to our well being as a people, these services and infrastructure should never be for profit or privatization because they are essential human rights. Financial tools such as money is one of those essential services.

 There is no reason that a sovereign nation should need to borrow money from private bankers who simply print it out of thin air at high interest rates when it wants to inject capital into its national economy, The Bank of Canada has the power to print its own money. The Bank of Canada could then lend this money to the provinces for infrastructure projects and other services and when the province can pay it back it benefits the nation rather then a private banking cartel.
 As you know all money is simply created out of thin air at the stroke of a key, the difference is that the money we currently create for the Bank of Canada is "debt" money, its created by private financial institutions like the IMF and loaned to governments with high interest rates. The infusion of debt money into our national economy such as the recent $30 Billion dollar injection into the Canadian economy is simply putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg. The money will be put into infrastructure projects and grants for large corporations who are part owned by the same people who own the very banks who lent the money, it will not go to the people and institutions in which it is most needed unfortunately.

 There is an alternative to debt money, that is sovereign money. Sovereign money is issued by our own bank. The Nation does not have to get into debt to print its own money, it simply may do so when needed. Now certainly restraint is needed to avoid the very inflationary results the private bankers pretend they prevent through their control of our currency, however with the advent of Bitcoin and digital crypto currencies as well as a look at their own very failed track record one comes to realize that the current model is simply insanity. By using the digital method to create currency one can use computer algorithms to ensure that money printing is done in a fair measured and calculated way that helps build a nation and raise the wealth levels and standards of living for the bottom half of the population without major shocks to the system. As a balance to the digital currency, physical currency is still needed.

 A national system for transactions of a hybrid nature ei physical coin to digital currency is a wise idea, it could further the aspects of the barter system and by doing so enrich everyone involved. Some have a concern that because this is still 'fiat' currency that has nothing backing it inflation and manipulation will run rampant and point to the gold standard as the way to go however as the current events show gold can be manipulated just as easily hence the currency can be manipulated easily as well. A hybrid digital-physical sovereign currency integrated into a system that returns the value of Bartering to transactions is the wisest choice. Such a system would need checks and balances such as algorithms that maintain a steady money supply as will as measuring sticks for every action, the fundamentals of justice and the rule of law would be the applicable measuring stick. Such a system could free up capital in a way previously unknown through allowing the barter of various other forms of value to be integrated into the system.
 Imagine the extra spending money I would have to put into the economy if I could pay my taxes in Airmiles? Money must be recognised for what it is, an IOU, a tool of barter that we all own. It is time to stop paying to pay.

 Sovereign money must be printed and injected into the nation until it phases out debt based money, Canada can then use the extra money it is not paying on interest to pay back its loans from the banks on its debt based money. Eventually the system would be washed of debt money and replaced with sovereign money. The nation would be financially much stronger as a result. All creditors and debtors are made whole while the nation is restored, this would boost the global economy while spurring innovation and production at home as we lead the world out of the financial crisis that really hasn't ended since 2008.
 It will also allow our government to properly fix issue number 2..

2. Financial Regulatory Reform
  Our Financial Securities Commissions across the nation are a fraud, they extort the population and destroy the nation with through a phony notion of market regulation.
 They do nothing to protect the investor, entrepreneur or the public whom they serve, they simply collude with unscrupulous multi-national firms to perpetuate a Ponzi Scheme of enormous magnitude and destroy our nation and it peoples. What they do is beyond comprehensible, their hands are covered in blood and they cannot wash it clean no matter how hard they try.
 The new National Regulatory agency will not be allowed, it is simply a continuation of the same with more power to the regulators to whitewash the markets and jail people who tell the truth.
 See how integrity will be removed from the framework of the new CMRA
See the following links that demonstrate the widespread fraudulent activity of our Regulators, these are but a few..
 Our regulators will be exposed, there will be numerous class action suites and many more individuals and companies coming out with evidence in this regard over the next year. The first issue must be undertaken, the Bank of Canada must be restored to its original purpose in order to help begin to make whole the rest of the nation.
 This said however our Regulators will no longer be allowed to continue in this manner, they are self funded and self regulating. This represents a huge conflict of interest and only encourages the kind of criminal behaviour we have encountered. We will be restoring the rule of law to the financial markets.

3. The Restoration of the Rule of Law in the Nation, it Begins with our Finances.
    Issue three is closely related to the first two issues however it must be addressed and resolved. A return to the principles of the Rule of Law and the Fundamentals of Justice is needed over all aspects of the Financial world, our banking and regulatory system. A return to the rule of law would automatically fix some of the current broken systems.

 You can see here what happens when people misuse the law for their own purposes instead of adhering to the principles of the rule of law.

See more on the rule of law.
The current push to privatize our regulatory agencies as for profit operations as well as numerous other services is contrary to the rule of law, these institutions and agencies by definition cannot be private for profit operations or they cease to function as they should due to the conflicts of interest that arise.
The lie is that everything must somehow pay for itself. This is not true, there is a reason a sovereign nation levies taxes. It is not to pad the pockets of large corporations with bail-outs and bribes to stay in country, it is to pay for these services that are vital to the health and wellbeing of a nation, its workforce, and its infrastructure. In addition a sovereign nation has the ability to print the money it needs to pay for the services it needs, this puts people back to work and money in the economy that is not debt based!

In a nation where the rule of law prevails over every aspect of life including finances one need not be concerned with the cost of such services, wise policies and the rule of law will always ensure a robust economy. A robust economy means their should be tax money to pay for the services vital to running a strong nation. Of course the rule of law must be applied even in taxes to ensure that these are fair and that the government does not take more then it should.
 This is what the rule of law means, it applies the fundamentals of justice to everyone equally regardless of social status, race, wealth, position etc.
This is the rule of law. The rule of law will return to our nation.
 Here is what is going to happen In Canada, with your help or not. 

  Whether or not you help us or work against us the Rule of Law will be restored in Canada.
 Let your people know Canada will no longer be their little puppet colony whom you pillage at our expense.
 You have much bigger issues to worry about then losing your Canadian Colony, in fact don't think of what is about to unfold as losing a colony but sending one forward on a mission to test a new style of economic governance and nation building. You could look like heroes if you begin to act in the interest of our nation rather then the international banking cartel, these bankers will be upset however there will be new profit centers. In addition their are actually many ways for more money then ever to be made in a new economy the likes of which the world has not yet seen.

 No doubt you are aware that there are many influences from beyond our planet involved in our affairs, the time we are in is a strange one where it will be revealed that there is far more to the universe then our little rock and a 9-5 job at Wal Mart or TD. The resources on this planet exist to eliminate poverty and provide endless power and food to the peoples of our nations. 
These will no longer be hidden from the public by those whose sole purpose is enslavement, profit and control, in the new coming economy opportunities we cannot fathom will be endless. Some of the forces battling for our nation and our planet however are only bent on death and destruction however it was once said that a house divided against itself cannot stand and it was no truer then then it is now. The entire financial system is a house of cards that is divided against itself, it will collapse to continue it would be foolish. A new system is needed, one that is based on the rule of law and the fundamentals of justice.

There are issues at hand such as environmental catastrophe that must be averted, to do so we must retake control over our finances and the abolishment of our current 'debt' based monetary system.
Our planet is in imminent danger of destruction should we not move quickly to change our ways. The carbon tax is simply a sham designed to pad the pockets of bankers, it does nothing to actually help stop environmental destruction. Those able will simply pay the cost using stolen money. Continuing this path will result in self destruction, this is universal law that cannot be denied no matter all your technological powers.
 Bottom line with or with out you we are taking our nation back, what you do is up to you however should you work against the interest of the peoples you serve you will pay the consequences. I am not threatening you I am simply informing you of the truth.
 We are more numerous then you can possibly know and we will not tolerate the further destruction of our nation and the robbery of our peoples by the bankers and financial advisors. We will not allow them to institute the same destructive policies under a new guise that have wreaked havoc on people around the globe.
 I highly suggest instead of continuing to ignore us that you reach out and help us deal with this problem in a manner that adheres to the fundamentals of justice and the rule of law. To do so now and begin building a new regulatory framework that actually protects investors and ensures justice and market integrity would be wise, it will help you ensure a smoother transition of economies when everything blows up.
 The idea of a "free market" economy, letting market forces regulate themselves, privatising government services so they must compete with corporations and pay for themselves does not work, it simply creates a conflict of interest that encourages the destruction of the backbone of our economy while protecting those who are the problem. The idea that you need to bail-in some of these private financial institutions with public money because they are deemed "to big to fail" is contrary to they very notion of a free market!
 We ask you to immediately move to take steps to end the financial insanity that encompasses our banking and regulatory regime, as we have indicated the rule of law will be returned to Canada with your help or not.

Christopher Burke
250 807 7870

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