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Barrick Gold Corporation is Impersonating Mountainstar’s Areas of Interest at Pascua, Chile

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Barrick Gold Corporation is Impersonating Mountainstar’s       Areas of Interest at Pascua, Chile

July 29, 2016 - Mountainstar Gold Inc. (MSX-CSE) ("the Company") will reveal evidence in this release that Barrick has/is libeling the Company regarding its ownership of the Tesoros Concessions. See the document accompanying this news release. The Tesoros Concessions encompass the main mineralized area of the Pascua Lama Project in Chile.

Barrick has been impersonating Mr. Jorge Lopehandia’s legal control of the richest areas of Mina Pascua Chile since 2001. This is when injunction C1912-2001 was put in place.

On December 21, 2011, Barrick libeled the Company and Mr. Lopehandia by publishing that neither party had any legal connection to the Tesoros Concessions. This implied that Barrick did have the rights.

Before the Second Civil Court of Vallenar in case role 719-2011, Minera Nevada Limitada (Pascua Lama Protocol owner) and Minera Nevada SpA admitted under oath that the ownership of the Tesoros Concessions "did not exist".

The nature of injunction C1912-2001 is that since June 2001, Hector Unda Llanos is forbidden from entering the Tesoros Concessions into any act or contract.

The TSX, BCSC, Barrick, Silver Wheaton and some banks, since 2001, have been in violation of the Chilean Court ordered injunction.

Barrick failed to lift the injunction in November/December 2015. Mountainstar has informed the British Columbia Securities Commission ("the BCSC") of this material fact. The BCSC has ignored this legal event emanating from Chile. The BCSC is not working on a level playing field.

Mr. Peter J. Brady has been officially informed by Chile of the BCSC’s breach of Canadian Securities Laws, and is in contempt of Chilean law, violating injunction C-1912-2001. He is also in contempt of Canadian law, violating false prospectus laws. Mr. Brady produced his December 16, 2015 letter ordering MSX to publish false information, to the benefit of Barrick Gold Corporation.

In closing, Mountainstar is preparing a legal package of evidence that denies the BCSC’s December 16, 2015 letter. The contents of this letter libels the Company, our lawyer in Chile and Mr. Lopehandia.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

"Brent Johnson"   Brent Johnson

President & CEO

For further information, please contact Mr. Steve Holt, Director of Mountainstar Gold Inc. at
More to come including MSX Legal Clarifications w. Translations to English..


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