Sunday, 24 July 2016


The following exerts are taken from an article written by a doctor Mark Sircus, they shine just a little light into the inner workings of our governments and how they abuse their power.

 When the Rule of Law no longer applies to governments it ceases to exist at all, the key principle of the rule of law is that it applies equally to all regardless of status. Our government has destroyed the Rule of Law in Canada, this article pertains to the US however the situation here is no different although we as Canadians often like to fool ourselves into thinking we live in a land of never ending rainbows and sunshine and our *&$ don't stink. We couldn't be more wrong.

 Is your Government simply a large terrorist organization?

Martin Armstrong writes, “Why do people in government abuse their power to hurt and even kill citizens? There is nothing more damaging to the viability of a nation than the collapse in the rule of law. Without the rule of law, nothing else can exist from human rights to property. It is the collapse of the rule of law that produces conflict, and this is what is emerging everywhere. In Europe, it is the suppression of all democratic means to vote. The people voted in Greece, yet the new government was told by Brussels that they did not care what the people voted; they still had to honor the agreements of the previous government. The people mean nothing anymore. Governments everywhere have lost their way. They assume that they are the nation, and forget the sovereign of a nation is the people – not government. Governments NEVER like to admit a mistake. Always remember, they have the tanks and guns — never forget whom you are dealing with.”

“Government employees get to do a lot of things that would land an ordinary citizen in prison. For example, it’s legal for them to threaten and commit offensive, rather than defensive, violence. They can take property from others without their consent. They spy on anyone’s email and bank accounts whenever they please. They go into trillions of dollars in debt and then stick the unborn with the bill. They counterfeit the currency. They lie with misleading statistics and use accounting wizardry no business could get away. And this just scratches the surface,” writes Nick Giambruno.

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