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  Within the next thirty days the BC Securities Commission will be destroyed as we show it for what it is. Chilean authorities will be charging BCSC and Barrick Gold employees with a wide range of crimes. Chilean authorities may need to go as far as extraditing BCSC CEO Brenda Leong as a co-conspirator in a massive case of market rigging, deception and manipulation of exchange traded funds in gold and silver in collusion with Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold according to Chilean Courts does not own the mineral rights to one of its flagship projects the Pascua Lama project.

 See exert from the Pascua Lama project
Barrick is facing criminal charges in Chile due to being title less at PASCUA LAMA ponzi.  Barrick bought salt and nitrates concessions AMARILLOS 1 al 3000 from LAC MINERALS, it never owned PASCUA, run away from LAMA and has peddled false Gold with toxic paper.  Do not buy this news, is intended to DUMP INSIDERS paper before the collapse.  Barrick and Silver Wheaton with TSX and BCSC regulators as accomplices, have duped the Gold and financial markets peddling Criminal activity in contravention of SECTION 400(1) peddling a FALSE PASCUA LAMA PONZI PROSPECTUS.  Barrick is under criminal and civil investigations in Chile and it avoids publishing its material facts.  The PUMPING done by barrick is sinister.  Do not buy lies.
Jorge R Lopehandia, Mina Pascua Chile owner, 1996-2016.
Peter Munk is Bern Maddof the 2nd. Exchanges protected, to sin

 You can see here for more on BCSC employees facing charges in Chile.
 As we are a group of entrepreneurs fighting BCSC injustice in British Columbia we are aware this is hardly the only fraud happening at the BCSC and the rest of our Financial Regulators across Canada. We know of up to a dozen companies that have criminal cases against the BCSC alone. Some of these cases involve multiple regulators such as the IIROC, the ASC, OSC, etc.
 This does not even include the massive financial advisor fraud that the BCSC and its various counterparts are complicit to, The number of cases could truly be endless considering Regulatory fraud from the investment standpoint, numerous so-called advisors are nothing more then glorified salesmen.

 Larry Elford is one of the leading speakers on the matter and has been crusading to expose the rampant fraud throughout our governments in collusion with the regulators to rip off the populace for some time. You can see some of his work here.

 You can see CBC's latest report on how fraud is endemic in our financial system and must be rooted out.

Once the Chilean government files the criminal charges the BCSC will become exposed for what it is. In stark contrast to our current law enforcement and Judicial system in Canada, Chilean authorities will not turn a blind eye to the crimes committed by powerful corporations in collusion with Provincial and National Regulators against the public. These actions should force our government to take a hard look at the current regulatory climate and eliminate conflict of interest, the system must be completely revamped. The following are statements or questions, they either represent subjects we must delve into or issues that need solving.


 The purpose behind this is to ensure we do not allow our governments to attempt to hide these crimes behind new legislation that simply gives powers to the regulators that would allow them to continue to manipulate the market unhindered by laws and accountability the public.
 The lawyers can spin this any way the want however the truth remains the same, what the new securities legislation in this country outlines is that the proposed new Regulatory authority in Canada has no interest in a fair and unbiased marketplace where the rule of law is adhered to. The new national regulators instead want the ability prop up the markets when they may fall. The new regulators are more concerned with the appearance of the markets then the reality, this is a false market economy. Our proposed new national regulators have no interest in integrity, due process, the fundamentals of justice or a fair and unbiased market place. They simply want the powers to hide their own crimes better and arrest those that speak out the truth as it is a threat to the integrity of the markets according to the BCSC whose CEO and Chair Brenda Leong has been involved in the drafting of the new legislation. These people must not be allowed to wrest the rule of law and the fundamentals of justice from our financial marketplaces, they are no better then bank robbers.

 There are many steps that must be taken to rebuild our Financial regulators in a manner is consistent with the fundamentals of justice and the rule of law. The following are a few, we welcome input from the public on the issue of the collapse and rebuilding of our Financial regulators in Canada.


 The current Regulatory system creates conflicts of interest rather then attempting to avoid what should be the most basic characteristic of an agency tasked with maintaining the integrity of the financial markets and ensuring a fair and just marketplace. These are a few points that must be addressed and expanded on.
     New National Financial Regulatory Agency cannot be self-funded.
     - The Regulators cannot be run as self funded corporations, this creates an environment whereby employees may be encouraged to fabricate evidence or make arbitrary and unreasonable rules and laws in order to levy fines, make cases and seize the assets it needs to fund itself.

    New National Financial Regulatory Agency cannot be self-regulated.
     - The Regulators cannot be a Self Regulatory agency, especially when they are already self funded as well. The BCSC has abused the powers it has to judge itself according to the law and has consistently used its position as prosecutor, investigator and judge and jury of its own trials regarding crimes its employees commit on a regular basis.

 New National Regulator cannot have any corporate 'stakeholders',
  Through the current arrangement The BCSC has corporate stakeholders that include a company wholly owned by the TMX Group. The five largest national banks in Canada own major portions of TMX group. In other words the Banks and the Stock exchange own the regulators that are supposed to ensure they are acting with integrity and operating a fair and unbiased manner. It doesn't take the IQ of a high school diploma to figure out how dangerous and ridiculously foolish of an idea it is to let the bankers and financial advisors police themselves.
 See here for information on the stakeholders.

   New National Regulator must Find a Way to Address 'Advisor' Representative Fraud
  - The new national regulator must address the issues of fake financial advisors and have clear guidelines for the future that include a fiduciary duty to the client.
 The current class of 'advisors' who are no more then salesmen may no longer operate under the guise of an investment advisor. The rules must ensure a clear divide between 'dealers' and 'advisors' and brokers and any misrepresentation should be regarded as a criminal offence according to current criminal laws which prohibit the current behavior. Regulators cannot be allowed to look the other way on these issues, to do so is to become complicit in criminal activities and fail the mandate to ensure market integrity..

  New National Regulator must address the aspects of Fiduciary duty and restore these principles.
  - The principles of fiduciary duty must be restored to the investment process, a new class of REAL advisors must be created to break away from the current mess..

 New National Regulator and the Private Capital Markets must evolve for the Benefit of the Public and the Nation.
  - The current regulatory regime is stifling investment from the general public into the private capital markets in the start-up world with arbitrary, discriminatory and useless regulation that does nothing to protect the shareholder it simply extorts small businesses and entrepreneurs while building a wall of protection around large foreign national corporations.
 The Regulatory system must evolve to go after the real issues, banning your average Canadian from investing in the private markets isn't protecting them. Its limiting their personal wealth growth opportunities and the capital available to local entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses who need it, these people are the backbone of a healthy economy and the current regulatory system is completely backwards of everything it should be.
 A prospectus and the other 'tools' and regulations these financial regulators use to supposedly ensure the integrity of the market are simply a cash grab that does little to mitigate risk.

 If the BCSC and the new national regulators were really concerned with the integrity of the market they would hold the corporations accountable for what they actually do with the money. I understand that no one can legislate business success however the BCSC has the power to follow the money, why not ensure that the companies that receive shareholder money spend it on what they claim.
 Why not hold the corporations accountable for their unethical activities instead of allowing them to hide it and claim 'compliance' through the payment of fees and the filing of paperwork?

Public Banking and the Bank of Canada.
Simply put the Bank of Canada must begin to print its own money and cease borrowing money when it wants to print more. There is no reason a sovereign nation should not be able to own its currency and print what it needs. This is a big conversation, of course checks and balances will be needed. The current debate on postal banking and public banking may have real value to offer to this conversation.
 Our bank must be restored and the Basil Accord of 1974 must be struck as it is of no value to the nation. Clearly the principles of the banking and regulatory regime have been shown to be foolish at best and down right devious at worst.

More Questions and Issues Face the Canadian Financial Regulatory Markets.
 These are just a few of the issues we face as a nation, we must retake our banking system and the financial markets and restore the rule of law and the principles of the fundamentals of justice.
 We will settle for nothing less.

 Christopher Burke


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  1. I must commend Mr. Burke for a tour de force summary of what we are having to deal with under the general subject of 'investment law'. The restoration of the Bank of Canada as supplier of funding for government projects at all levels from municipal upward would give - by some estimates about 1/3 more capacity for project funding by governments - since repaid funds from governments loaned to amounts to new revenue.

    The groups that have been doing a great job since February of this year - demonstrating the paucity of standards in financial regulations in Canada - that began with the public consultation report in February 2016 from the Ombudsman on Banking Securities and Investment. This shows in 17 submissions from across Canada a pattern of lawlessness that defies the imagination. Subsequently, the Insurance Journal and the CBC released reports on how the OBSI is not actually an ombuds service.

    I agree totally with Christopher that this self regulating has to be replaced with rule of law - and then investors and companies requiring capitalization for new Canadian start ups will not be ravaged by the oligarch deception machine.

    How best to do this? From what I have seen - restoring the Turtle Island Indigenous Governance rules for investment would work best. North America is facing real threats to democracy and ecological viability. How would it be if the Original Society basis for investment were to be implemented? The two pillars of the Indigenous culture on investment stated that investment was to 1) Heal the Earth, and 2) Safeguard the next seven generations. What could be more focused as the purposes of investment in the current epoch than these limitations? They would provide for maximum economic health of this continent - and by implication - would create maximum protection for invested funds. See "Nationhood Interrupted" by Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) to get a better context of restoration of these legal traditions.