Thursday, 7 July 2016

A letter from our Chilean Friends to your Governing Officials in USA, Canada, Chile, and Argentina..

A letter from our Chilean Friends to your Governing Officials in USA, Canada, Chile, and Argentina..
Further evidence that BCSC has not played by the rules of the game, on protecting the public's money.
It is time for BCSC and TSX regulators to stop protecting Peter Munk like they did with Bern Maddof, while financial markets are pillaged.
It is about time to get tough with financial crimes.
Banks already have agreed that they rigged the Gold and Silver markets prices, due to high volume of toxic paper associated to all associated to Barrick and its Banks, forward sales, futures, hedge, derivatives, MM's, etc..
Canada, USA, Argentina and Chile are victims of TREASON by insiders.
Accomplice banks, are in transactions of record, trading a PONZI SCAM or RICO racketeered non existing assets in Chile for Barrick, 1994-2016 via salts and nitrates 1978 concessions of LAC MINERALS
TESOROS concessions, are filed at SEC and OSC as asset owned by Barrick Gold Corporation's Chilean subsiiary, MINERA NEVADA SpA in invented ownership, in overt and flagrant violation of a valid Court Order 2001-2016, as injunction C-1012-2001 over said filed assets.
From 2001 to date, the TESOROS concessions as filed by Barrick with OSC and SEC, are impeached by the Judicial Power of Chile, Poder Judicial de Chile, from entering into any act or contract, from June 06, 2001 until this date, duly registered on title, at this date, in favor of the writer, Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes as a marginal annotation in the titles of the  TESOROS concessions, as granted by the corresponding Mines Commissioner - Conservador de Minas, with jurisdiction over said mining property, overlapping my 1996 concessions that are MINA PASCUA of the PASCUA LAMA PROJECT & PONZI SCAM
LAMA is a bust, Barrick has fled Argentina, like its insiders and TSX + BCSC insiders fleeing in bunches, SWL - Silver Wheaton insiders, all esponsible of the collapse of Barrick and Silver Wheaton, continue the cover up, trying to "dispose of MSX - MOUNTAINSTAR GOLD INC".
So to cover up and leave NO TRACES of violation of the Criminal Code of Canada under Section 400(1) peddling a FALSE PROSPECTUS.  As done by Barrick 1994-2000 MINA PASCUA PROSPECTUS with salts and ntrates and 2001 -2016 PASCUA LAMA POZNI SCAM, title less in Chile, a BUST in Argentina.
PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL another invention of Barrick was to disguise mining property fraud, t create a "lawless country between Chile and Argentina" taking gold rocks from Chile to "do metallurgy in Argentina", after paying low wages in Argentina and polluting,  no taxed Gold was to leave to Peter Munk's castles and toxic paper paradises.
It will NEVER HAPPEN, Barrick is done, ladies and gentlemen.
Better acknowledge, cencede, come clean with the markets, it is irreversible and you owe in the name of DEMOCRACY of what Barrick has made a MOCKERY OF, to step up to the plate and "call the spade a spade", Barrick is running a PYRAMID - RICO ACT - PONZI SCAM with my PASCUA MINE area titles and Gold, Silver Copper assets, 1996/2016
They have exploited no Gold, laundered billions USD, never spent the cash in Chile and its books are cooked, faked by Price Waterhose Coopers who acquired COOPERS LYNRAND to clean the books after Copers Lybrand failed Barrick at TSE on their 1996-1997 AUDIT.
The very years of the MINA PASCUA THEFT for 10,000 pesos or 25 USD dollars then, for 8600 hectares, almost 20,000 acres of Gold and Silver.
That is the ill MOCKERY example of the word, DEMOCRACY that Peter Munk, Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper, with their followers and pawns Nigel Right , Randall Oliphant, Andronico Luksic, Patrick Garver, Gustavo Cisneros, Greg Panagos, Vincent Borg, Andy lloyd, Argentinian, Chilean politicians and civil servants apparently bribed, in accordance to an  Ottawa RCMP investigation, citing Barrick's apparent bribes to president Ricardo Froilan Lagos Escobar and Ernesto Kirchner of Argentina.
Something very grave, that has been "conveniently buried in the name of THE MOCKERY OF FINANCIAL MARKETS" such contempt, is not the true transparent way to administer wealth IN DEMOCRACY, it is not what our funding fathers wanted for the investors, when passing laws to protect the financial markets.
It is time to admit, review, enforce and cleanse FINANCIAL MARKETS.
Barrick Gold Corporation is in FLAGRANT CRIME SPREE two decades.
I serve as volunteer to face of with Barrick's ten best lawyers, mining engineers, geologists, metallurgists, mining property experts, accountants, auditors, top ten executives in Chile and Canada, just me with my evidence and my Lawyer in the other side.
He who loses, goes to jail.
It is tie to consider the small citizen like me, after all, I represent thousands of injured mining families due to false and imaginary Porjects and contracts, that destroyed thousands of miners families lives.
Have mercy, that there is collective abuse of massive amount of people so that Peter Munk and cohorts can eat Caviar and Champagne, daily.

Respectfully yours I remain

Jorge R Lopehandia, MINA PASCUA CHILE owner 1996-2016

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