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Prime Minister William Mackenzie King, "Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nation's laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation."

 On the restoration of the Bank of Canada and the return of the Rule of Law in Canada's financial system. From the desk of Dave Thomson.


Ladies and Gentlement;

Murray Dobbin launched into an opinion article that ran on April 17, 2015, with a quote from Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King:
            "Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nation's laws.  Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation." 
In the article Murray Dobbin expresses concern over the media blackout of a significant Canadian News story: Rocco Galati succeeded in convincing in total, 2 Canadian Courts that in 1974, the Bank of Canada, in collusion with the Government of Canada and others unlawfully ceded the mandated powers of the Bank of Canada over to private foreign economic powerful interests.  Given the enormous powers of these foreign interests, it sounds more like a case of treason to me. Yet there’s no discussion about any of it.


In the early sixties, I recall that credit card rates would have been considered to be "loan-sharking", an indictable criminal offence associated with gangster activity. Charging compound interest was also criminal under the definition of "usury".
Back when the Catholic Church was in charge, all usury was a hanging offence. Then the Church fell, along with King James II, followed by the launch of the Bank of England just a few years later. It was and still is privately owned by only a handful of majority shareholders, the same as the Federal Reserve – a lot of the same major shareholders, even.
 Our Bank of Canada is a public institution. Canadians are all joint shareholders. The Bank of Canada Act 1938 stipulates its powers, duties and responsibilities are for the benefit of Canadians, by providing financing the needs of the nation, interest-free. Those powers extend to regional, municipal and provincial applications for capital financing, interest-free.
 All of the private banks practice usury, and their credit card rates clearly fall into the category of "loan-sharking", formerly a gangster activity.
Somehow, today, what was in my lifetime considered to be gangster related activity has now become acceptable.
Think of this again when our interest rates do rise as they inevitably do (up over 14% on home mortgages in the early eighties), the bubble bursts, and property prices plummet. That modest home that you paid a half-million dollars for six or so years ago is now worth three hundred thousand and fifty thousand. Your mortgage is “underwater”. You no longer qualify because of your collateral’s diminished market value.
When the housing bubble last burst in the States, the Federal Reserve got to created the money to loan to the government (with interest that nobody ever creates), to “bail out the banks” that then paid enormous bonuses to its upper echelon who master-minded the fraudulent policies that caused the crash in the first place. They then bought yachts and jets while tent cities sprung up in the wake. It must feel like an enormous violation to be literally evicted by sheriffs, from your home under such circumstances, as many people were who had no place else to go.
Gangster capitalism sounds like a suitable term to describe the boom bust cycles created by these private banking practices. They create the currency booms with low interest loans, then take it away by raising the rate; the sharper the rise in the rate, the more vast the number of foreclosures.   
It appears as though Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King had it correct when he did nationalise the Bank of Canada in 1938, that which was formerly just another private bank, merely disguised in name only as a national bank, like the Federal Reserve Bank before it, and the Bank of England prior to that – public facades for private banking.
What can we do about it, everyone wants to know.
This is about money and debt and taxation, criminal fraud, criminal negligence, malfeasance, nonfeasance and misfeasance and more.
In the end, in spite of his extensive criminal activity, all they got on Al Capone was tax evasion.
So I say we sic CANADA REVENUE AGENCY on ‘em.
Think about it -- they’re a bunch of accountants with guns and badges, well-versed in collection strategies, and sworn to collect, alive or post-mortem. The first thing they do is freeze all your accounts so you can’t retain a lawyer, or even pay the rent. I’m sure there are some among us whom would gleefully testify as to how dogged and even ruthless that CRA can really be. They can start by freezing the accounts of the Trudeau Foundation. That might get some attention from our Prime Minister.
At the very least, we should all take part in the petition to Prime Minister Trudeau.
Yours very truly,
David Thomson
 As always much more to come..

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