Friday, 17 March 2017

More On Scumbag Senator Larry Campbell - From the Desk of Scumbag Senator Larry Campbell

 Scumbag Senator and former Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell recently asked us to remove him from his emailing list when we notified the Canadian Senate of the Financial Crimes taking place in British Columbia and our financial regulatory system nationwide.

 From the desk (or email) of Canadian Senator Larry Campbell

  Mr. Campbell receives a taxpayers salary to sit on a Senate seat and do absolutely nothing for this country. Perhaps the Senate is useless and should be abolished?

 See our reply regarding Senator Campbell's request to be left off the mailing list regarding these serious crimes against all Canadians.


Dear Larry Campbell who sits in the Canadian Senate,

   It has become quite apparent to those of us throughout the nation who are working to restore the rule of law and justice that you are a part of the problem.
  You sit on your high horse in Senate and feed off the public trough by destroying lives, your involvement in the destruction of the Four Pillars programs is despicable. You are nothing more then a low-life drug dealer as we have previously covered in this article, Scumbag Senator Larry Campbell.

 Senator you recently asked again to be removed from our mailing list when we warned you about massive amounts of financial crime taking place in Canada but British Columbia particularly.

Did we touch a nerve when we brought up the West Georgia St. Hustle? Perhaps the truth about the BC Insurance Mortgage Corporation is something you and your friends want to stay hidden? The truth about the BCIMC, BCSC Holds BCIMC 'Securities' - Does the BCSC Know the Meaning of Conflict of Interest? Perhaps you don't want the story of how BC Public Servants Burn Family Out, Firebomb Business, Destroy Bridge, Cut Off Cash Flow and Steal Property For BCIMC to become public?

 We say with complete disrespect, block us. We wont stop coming after you till you have removed yourself from Senate and left the country or are sitting in prison for a long time. We will simply go around you. We will continue to publish the truth about you and scumbags like who hold places of public office and use them to steal, kill and destroy. You see we are numerous, and we are not stopping until Canada is purged of scum like yourself. You will have nowhere to hide.

 Larry by now I'm sure you are reaching for your phone, your thinking of calling first the police. We encourage that, call the police and tell them why you want them to come threaten us with arrest or legal action. Call the Kelowna RCMP ask for Brent Mundle tell him your dealing with a Christopher Burke, he knows who I am so it will save some  explanation time. I'm sure that the new RCMP chief out here wants to retire early just like the last one Top-cop-suddenly-retires, he should have no problem sticking his neck out for your crimes­čśë .. Lol Just Kidding.. Now your probably thinking you can call your lawyers, again please do.
 I look forward to hearing from another scumbag lawyer on the subject of law, the boys at Farris Law and Hunter Litigation Chambers don't want to play anymore. Now that I mention it that reminds me of a joke How Are Hunter Litigation Chambers and Farris Law like Hookers? 
Neither do any of the shyster lawyers at Canada's most criminal law firm McCarthy Tetrault, see cease-and-desist-contacting-ms-leong.html.

 So maybe you figure a private black ops team can help make the problem go away? Larry are you prepared to go the distance? We are.

 You see the past few years have been nothing but twenty four hour surveillance, black chopper harassment, death threats, near 'accidents' and other random 'happenings' because we have worked to tell the truth about the BC Securities Commission and other very corrupted departments of government here in BC.
 A little bit of the details on these events is chronicled here.

 Simply put Larry, there's nothing you can do that they have not already tried and failed at multiple times, We are numerous and we are everywhere, we are taking our nation back from scum like you. We are not going away. We are here for a reason.
Did you think your a big shot and safe and secure in your ivory tower?

 I bet the BC RCMP Chief who just got removed thought the same thing. Seems to me a whole lot of Law Enforcement officials at the top have been retiring at the same time, I wonder why?

 Larry, how deep does the *#@* at a certain Lower Mainland Pig Farm go? Soon the world will know the truth.

Christopher Burke
 We welcome any good people left in the Canadian Senate to show us that the Senate still has relevance, we ask you to move now to begin the restoration of the Rule of Law in our nation before it is destroyed completely by a global financial 'Cabal' of Banksters that is very real.
 As always much more to come in the weeks ahead..

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