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More on the Requa/Herbert Hoover Files - the 'Great American Gold Grab'

  More on the Requa/Herbert Hoover Files - the 'Great American Gold Grab'

 From Dr. William Pepper who successfully proved in US Civil Courts that the American Government agencies were responsible for the assignation of Dr. Martin Luther King.


» The Great American Gold Grab «

As Dr. William F. Pepper has clarified, the theft of The Requa/Hoover Files through the

most egregious imaginable Utah Court Frauds of 1993 demonstrated the great importance of

those files such that a vast deception was knowingly conducted on those Utah courts pursuant

to that theft. Evidence now extant on this website also evidences overt criminalization of those

Utah courts accomplished with the assistance of Utah FBI persons, with alleged organized

criminal offences by Utah FBI persons utilizing the now-outlawed techniques of COINTELPRO

manipulation involving Mafia-complicit FBI agents. This is consistent with the 1970’s Church

Committee Congressional Investigations that yielded this assessment by Senator Walter


"...the fact that the United States Government [i.e. the FBI] would call in two Mafia people to

help us eliminate some guy illegally by murder because we disagreed with him was the kind of
thing we were confronted with across the board during this investigation.”
Such criminalization, needless to say, must be expected to involve in many cases assets of

very great value being sought to be obtained by organized criminal offences. Such was the case

with The Requa/Hoover Files, gathered over several decades with the expenditure of at least

$100,000,000. The great importance of the R/H Files in prompting great crimes is first seen with

the John Paul Getty effort in 1973 to steal them by attempting through a joint FBI/Mafia

operation the murder of Samuel Edelman in the failed attempt to frame Stephen H. Requa and

thereby remove his control of the files, as detailed in the links below: (Criminal Complaint of September 14, 2015).

The employment of the Mafia-complicit Requa family in contriving the court frauds of

1993, and before in the Edelman/Getty events of 1973, evidences the close cooperation of the

Mafia and FBI ever since the assassination of John F. Kennedy when oil billionaire H.L. Hunt

with FBI Director then funneled Mafia agents into the FBI using a private dedicated telephone
line from Hunt’s Dallas office and Hoover’s FBI office, thereby creating the COINTELPRO
forces in the FBI. COINTELPRO, as Sen. Walter Huddleston of the Church Committee hearings

ascertained above, represented the “across the board” collaborations of the FBI with Mafia

operatives. COINTELPRO essentially may now be construed to mean FBI + Mafia.

The failure of the Edelman/Getty murder operation in 1973 gave those desiring the R/H

Files the time from 1973 until 1993 to devise another way to steal them. This was finally

accomplished with the Medley Court Frauds in Utah of 1993 in which the Mafia-allied Requa

family members could be employed with Mafia-allied FBI agents to create the Utah Court

Frauds to steal them as detailed in the Criminal Complaint most recently made (above link).

The long-evolved critical importance of The Requa/Hoover Files to the most powerful of

U.S. political and economic forces was ascertained more than fifteen years later when a mining

historian determined that Herbert Hoover and Mark L. Requa then in 1917 the most

accomplished mining engineers in the world were first brought together largely by the

founders and directors of the Federal Reserve Bank. Only, it is asserted, an ultimate “end zone”

gold mining agenda for those bankers could thereby be so evidenced.

Actually gathering the Requa/Hoover Files started in earnest after Herbert Hoover’s term

in office as President, then with Mark L. Requa and L.K. Requa. The evidenced very long-term

agenda for creating the Requa/Hoover Files may be ascertained to signify that the bankers were

looking forward to the time when they would have as planned and now largely accomplished

made the dollar essentially worthless (now only 5% of its value in 1917), and would thus

want the maximum amount of gold to obtain. This was the purpose in creating the Requa/Hoover

Files, with an agenda to do so first evident in 1917.

This level of great importance in the events narrated in The Great American Gold Grab

and in the stealing of the Requa/Hoover Files has been since evidenced by the items following

related to a UK Boiler Room Fraud, as first commented on by Dr. William F. Pepper here as

follows to Tony Hetherington of the Mail Group of London newspapers. Hetheringon of record

maliciously defamed Stephen Requa in his columns as being involved in the Boiler Room Fraud

when in fact Requa was ruled not involved at all by City of London Police, all as detailed in the

following items.

As to be concluded from them, Requa was sought to be framed into that Boiler Room as a

means to discredit him after his recovering key gold mining claims in Nevada in 2006. Those

who had conducted the Utah Court Frauds and the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files were greatly

threatened by Requa having recovered the most important of the Nevada mining claims. His

being able to finance their development was necessary for them to obstruct. This was attempted

by the efforts to frame him into the Boiler Room, about which Hetherington wrote and libeled

Stephen Requa.

Especially important to be noted is that Hetherington, as detailed in the following, was

reported as stating to another investigator of having been influenced covertly against Requa by a

U.S. Secret Service Agent. This, as indicated in the following, evidences the underlying agenda,

in all the Requa/Hoover Files events from 1917 to the present, of the Federal Reserve Bankers

and then the Secret Service. The primary constitutional function of the Secret Service is not the

protection of the U.S. President, but the protection of U.S. currency.

But unfortunately since 1913, bona fide U.S. currency has not existed except for a brief

period when John F. Kennedy created currency issued by the Treasury Department, the

Greenbacks. This was a primary reason for his assassination, to insure no more lawful and

authentic Treasury-originating currency was issued but that Federal Reserve Notes by the

assassination be restored in primacy. Federal Reserve Notes may be termed Rockefeller

Counterfeit. They are counterfeit money created by the unconstitutional and unlawful private

corporation of the Federal Reserve Bank for the private profit of the bankers who created it,

primarily being the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their banking allies. These bankers are in fact

owed two-thirds of the U.S. National debt simply for having created, out of thin air, their

counterfeit money then employed, with a fee, by the authentic U.S. government.

The Secret Service thereby became only a purported governmental agency, but one

actually employed de facto and covertly by a private banking corporation, The Federal Reserve

Bank. Stephen H. Requa, is one of a growing number of investigators who have exposed the very same

bankers in his new book. As they maintain, it was these bankers who largely caused and organized

the JFK assassination so as to preserve their actually unconstitutional and unlawful monopoly on

U.S. currency through the Federal Reserve Bank with their “Notes” — i.e. Rockefeller


The JFK assassination preserved their role in creating that counterfeit, for a fee, while it

also resulted in the Mafia being injected into the FBI as the de facto Gestapo of the bankers

under the guise of COINTELPRO. In fact, the Secret Service is very well-evidenced as being

behind the conduct of the JFK Assassination, as employed by the bankers. Covering the role of the

Secret Service in the JFK assassination is a Trineday Book publication with the following link:
Stephen H. Requa, in this regard, has also exposed in his new book the very same bankers

who formed the Federal Reserve Bank, as being behind the murder/poisoning of Jane Stanford

(as well as behind the poisoning at the same time of Requa’s great-grandfather Isaac L. Requa).
In essence the Federal Reserve Act was accomplished by murder, fraud, and election rigging,
as detailed in Requa’s new book, as commented upon in the above link.

Because the creation of the Requa/Hoover Files and their theft were both made possible by the

Federal Reserve Bankers, the role of the Secret Service in organizing the public defamation of Requa

as evidenced in the following attached items starting with that by William F. Pepper is also not

surprising. The use of the Mail Group to libel and defame Stephen Requa should also not be surprising
from the Mail’s founder having been a tight political ally of Adolf Hitler, as noted in the following:

The long-term lines of fascism with the bankers and newspapers/media has been seen

many times. Accordingly, in view of the Mail’s defamation of Stephen Requa in furtherance of the

objectives of fascism, The Geat American Gold Grab is now calling for a public boycott of all Mail

Group newspapers as inherently fascist allied.

The role of the bankers in financing Hitler’s rise to power is also detailed in this website’s link as


To be noted, Nelson Rockefeller fueled Nazi U-boats with his Standard Oil tankers throughout the
Second World War, and behind the financing of Hitler’s rise were Prescott Bush (father of GHW Bush),
and Allen Dulles with John Foster Dulles, who provided these traitors with cover and protection until

Allen Dulles was discharged from the CIA by John F. Kennedy. This created an extreme emergency for

the Nazi-allied Bush/Dulles/Rockefeller/Harriman financial interests because Allen Dulles had been

obstructing their identification and prosecutions as traitors, in fact subject to charges of World War II

treason. This extreme emergency was corrected by the John F. Kennedy Assassination, with Allen Dulles

then selected to lead the Warren Commission in its wholesale fabrication of fiction and lies to frame Lee

Harvey Oswald. The exposure of all these Warren Commission/Dulles concocted fabrications of lies is

now very effectively being advanced by the Oswald Innocence Campaign to be seen on this link: The battle against fascism is in range of victory there and herein.

*not admitted in New York

      See Source for full details


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