Saturday, 30 January 2016


My response when Lawyer Leonard T Doust threatened legal action in order to keep me from telling the truth..
Leonard T Doust
Dear Sir,
While I can respect your position on use of the charges pending term I must
differ on all other matters pertaining to Spyru, U-Go Brand, I must also make it
clear to you that we have enough hard evidence to qualify our position to ensure
charges are pressed. Any legal protection granted to the Securities Commission
and its agents by the Securities Act is only applicable if the Agency operates in
good faith. The BCSC has compromised its position from the start. We have
ample evidence to prove these allegations as well as demonstrate bad faith
throughout on the behalf of the securities commission. In addition we consider
the very foundation of the BCSC to be arbitrary in nature, it does not operate in
the best interest of the investors or the BC Economy. The fact that BCSC has to
make rules and regulations that need to be broken to allow BCSC to receive its
funding does not sit in accordance with the rule of law as it is a clear conflict of
interest. As you are now council for the Commission I will inform you that in
addition to Criminal Charges we intend to have the Commission examined with a
Constitutional Challenge in Canadian Supreme Court, the basis of the BCSC is in
many ways without legal merit. No doubt Section 33 of the Canadian Constitution
Act of 1982 will come to your mind but its only applicable if 'good faith' is clearly
demonstrated, not only that the Securities Act must clearly define any actions
that may otherwise be criminal as being legal. The Securities Act does not allow
for criminal acts as the BCSC has committed there are no legislations that give
BCSC the right to operate in the manner it does. Mr. Doust I can assure you that
we have hard evidence to prove our position and we are prepared to use
every legal avenue needed to bring this matter to a fair and just
conclusion even if that means testifying in Canadian Supreme Court in front of
the entire country.
Christopher Burke
Peter Harris
Stay tuned tomorrow to see how many times the BC Securities Commission will post citizens private banking info online. Also a letter from Leonard T Doust from Law Firm McCarthy Tetrault sent last spring threatening legal action.
 And if time permits how Farris Law colludes with the BCSC to entrap unsuspecting innocent victims.. Stay tuned..

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