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To Whom it may concern, Dec 18/15
In the matter of the BC Securities and their malicious illegal prosecution of Christopher Burke and the rest of the respondents including U-Go Brands I hereby notify the Judith Downes and Audrey T Ho that they have opened themselves up for Criminal charges of Accessory and Conspiracy, Obstruction of Justice, and Breach of Trust as a public official. The decision rendered against the Respondents may be used as evidence against you of a continued malicious prosecution that is riddled with Federally indictable offences.

For the record Mr Nigel P Cave, the Vice Chair is the only one in the entire Commission with any integrity and we hold no blame or malice towards Mr. Caves. I commend Mr. Caves for doing what is not easy as it is evident the rest of the BCSC is a sham in addition to being an extortion racket against the BC population.

The remainder of the Panels choice to overlook the clear evidence of BCSC prosecutors Perjury is a blatant disregard for the Law and is clear evidence of Conspiracy and Accessory. In addition you are aware of the fact that the BCSC is withholding or destroyed Hearings Transcripts which we know existed as we all had to state our name for the record to the stenographer. How can prosecution continue when this series of indictable offences have occurred, offences of which you are all aware. The entire case is built on Lindsey Donders affidavits yet she clearly perjured herself under oath!!
Every word all of you speak is a lie.

Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Tampering/Withholding Evidence, Theft, Breach of Trust, Fraudulent Concealment, and Entrapment are just a FEW of the indictable crimes that you have all witnessed occur.

The BCSC insists that we did not turn ourselves in, we merely turned Klaus Glusing in in the hopes we would look good and that the Commission would take it easy on us.
This could not be further from the truth as we clearly stated early on that we understood that we may have committed some regulatory offences but we were prepared to step down and pay any associated fines. Our sole concern was the share holders and the well-being of U-Go Brands. We hired more then one law firm to retain legal advice in order to co-operate with the BCSC and be legally compliant.
Instead of operating an a fair, transparent, ethical and just manner the BCSC deceived us from the start and entrapped us and in the process destroyed numerous lives including investors and directors. In addition the BC economy is robbed of a viable operation that would be at the very least a $100 Million Dollar company by now.
The BCSC states it that it could find no evidence of wrong doing on the part of Klaus Glusing yet as we later discovered the BCSC themselves found Mr. Glusing guilty of Fraud several years back and knew he was a scammer.

How can a Regulatory Agency operate in fairness with such indictable offences being a regular occurrence? Understandably the BCSC has some legal protection such as Section 170 of the Securities Act however this only applies if the BCSC acts in good faith.
How can the BCSC act in “Good Faith” if the BCSC exists on a conflict of interest within the Law?

The BCSC receives its funding by creating Rules and Regulations that need to be broken in order for the BCSC to levy fines and fund its continuation. It does so under the guise of protecting the public interest but as our evidence shows this is far from the truth.
The BCSC exists on conflict of interest that is contrary to the Canadian Constitution, this fact only fosters and promotes an environment where Criminal abuse is routine.
How can a Regulatory Agency with the power to seize all of peoples assets and press criminal charges operate seemingly outside the Rule of Law?
Are these laws only applicable when our bank accounts are not big enough? Known fraudsters pay the cost of “compliance” and continue business very day while viable businesses that would build a strong Canada are shut down illegally.

We have literally hundreds if not thousands of pages of documents that provide evidence to back up our position and the Commission has seen most of them. The current decision by the Panel (with the exclusion of Mr Nigel P Caves.) is a blatant decision to disregard justice and proceed with committing further criminal offences.

The Commission would be well advised to meet face to face with the Respondents in order to come to an amicable and JUST settlement.
Failure to do so will result in the destruction of any credibility the BCSC has left.
I promise I will use every legal avenue possible to destroy the BCSC.

If myself or anyone related to me has an accident, disappears, dies or has any other ill misfortune happen to them in the manner that several other individuals whom your Agency has prosecuted seem to have left this earth then the repercussions will be far more reaching then the current charges everyone at the BCSC is facing.

Do not think there are not fail-safes in place should anything occur.

I know that other Indictable Criminal offences have been committed by the BCSC that neither one of us has yet brought up.. The Honourable Jody-Wilson-Raybould would most likely be very interested as to what the BCSC gets up to after hours. Every name will go out. Including the lawyers. Every incident in detail will go to every Law Society, every judge, news agency, shareholder, corporations and politician in the G-20.

I have only just begun to fight for my rights, I promise you I will not stop until justice is done and your agency can no longer prey on the hard working good people of this province. If I have to start a civil rights movement I will.

This statement will be shared around the Country so that everyone knows the truth. I am done with the constant attempts by the BCSC to undermine our rights as citizens and human beings.
In respect for Canada and respect of the integrity of the Rule of Law,

Christopher Andrew Burke
Peter Harris

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