Sunday, 31 January 2016


Sometimes as you can see our frustrations in dealing with such a lying, deceptive, and manipulative agency bubble to the surface.
On 30/01/2014 5:08 PM, Peter D. Harris - U-GO Brands wrote:
Dear Ms. Donders, Further to my message of this morning, it's obvious your bosses are telling you to take us around the block a few times and we will go away. WRONG! Ms. Donders, Let me give you a piece of advice, don't let yourself get involved into confidential meetings after 5:00pm to do what you think is damage control, your bosses will take you down in a New York minute when they realize their career is in jeopardy. You are involved in a very protective and career minded environment, you are working with people that have no morals and these people would put their own mother under the bus and not loss one minute of sleep. IT’S a FACT JACK! Your bosses do not have your best interest at hand, your being set up for a fall. The BCSC is staffed with people you should never trust, your bosses are in a damage control mode and that means when the shit hits the fan your going to find out how solid your bosses are. As stated, we are prepare to sit down face to face with the appropriate authority to reach a happy resolve. We are approachable! Please convey to your bosses the longer they wait to come to the table the more I will push and if that means collateral damage so bit it !!! Let's stop the intimations and lets work out a an agreement!!!!!!! I wish you the best in your career. I expect a timely response. You have a great evening Cheers Peter

On 30/01/2014 12:06 PM, Peter D. Harris - U-GO Brands wrote:
Please Hand deliver to Ms. Brenda M. Leong, BCSC Chair

Dear Ms. Donders, What is wrong with you people? You still don't get it... What the agency should be doing is sending us a letter wanting to meet face to face and come to



a revolve for the best interest of 300 BC investors and stop you abuses. Your letter of today is exactly why I call your agency a bush of bullies, you still don't get it and you do not lsiten to peoples concerns. The key to this case is your agency failed and ignored the fact we had been deceived and defrauded by our off-shore directors, the agency never investigated that part of the case and made it very obvious they were not interested to pursue any further, why is that, what happen to a fair and impartial investigation?. The agency, never address the issue to protect the 300 investors and that's the agency main mandate, THE AGENCY HAS FAILED the 300 investor BIG TIME, all you have done is treat us like criminals and use legal wording to intimidate us. Again with the threats, we are not in contempt of court, if you want to be technical we are in competent of your agency and not the law. By the way the agency has been officially notified that we exersie our right not to apprea infront of your investigator, I want to see the Judge that going to give you a bench warrant for contempt, when you have failed in your investigation and we have plenty of documentation where we asked the agency for help and the agency decide not to respond.. The agency is not exempt from the law and is CERTAINLY not a court. If I don't want to be questioned by a police office, I can exercise my right not to be questioned, unless the police officer can substantiate and prove to the Crown that he has sufficient evidence to make a case. What makes the your agency so special? NOTHING Your so call SUMMONS TO APPEAR IN FRONT OF AN INVESTIGATOR is exactly what is, how can you get a judge to issue a bench warrant against us, when we have not been summons by the court, but by your office, failing to answer questions by an investigator is not against the law, you should no better. Please stop your intimidations and lets site down a work this out FACE TO FACE in the best interest of the Agency and our investors. Cheers Peter Harris P.S. if you get your bench warrant, please let me know and we will all surrender ourselves to the RCMP Kelowna detachment and will be immediately released on our own recognizance. I await you pleasant message... Cheers Peter

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