Thursday, 28 January 2016

Open Letter to Justin Trudeau and the Canadian People

An Open Letter to the Canadian People,

and the Honourable Prime Minister Mr Justin Trudeau
Protect The Constitution of 1982:

If economic freedom is not our right regardless of our net worth are we not slaves?
There are some serious questions that need to be asked by the Canadian public as we move into 2016

during times of global economic uncertainty. The BC Privacy Commissioner has expressed that routine

mass suppression of information and denial to access of information is common in the BC Govt in

recent years. Questions like the very ones I ask now are suppressed and not just in the BC Govt. What

is being hidden? Its time we asked some hard questions for the future of our children!

There is a broad movement towards a National regulatory agency for the Securities industry and this is

an excellent move for the growth of start-ups and acceleration of corporate development that could

create long lasting benefits to all Canadians for a long time to come.

That being said our current regulatory environment is literally akin in many ways to an extortion

racket while real scammers pay the price of 'Compliance' and continue to do business. I am not saying

there is not a need for regulation and the enforcement of Law in regards to real frauds, scam artists and

market manipulation as surely there is but our system is broken.

My questions are based on reality, actual experience and the law. I have no problems releasing all of

the information pertaining to these questions but for the sake of brevity at this time will simply ask the

questions all of us Canadians should be asking.
Question 1. How can a Government Regulatory agency mandated with Enforcement and

Regulation duties in the Securities Markets operate in a FAIR and UNBIASED manner when

their funding is maintained through creating regulatory offences that need to be broken in order

for them to receive funding.
The answer is that it cannot. This principle is absolutely contrary to the concept of the Rule of Law

which governs this nation. The Rule of law as defined in Duhaimes Legal dictionary describes it as a

principle where no one is outside the law. One of the defining characteristics of the Rule of Law is a

system that exists free of conflict of interest. An Agency that must create offences that need to be

broken in order to sustain itself is constantly a complete conflict of interest in addition to being a

shackle on our economy. Our corporate structure in most provinces is thin or hollow and though it is

getting better in regards to the Start-Up and Tech boom culture there is a long ways to go in order to

build a strong nation whose wealth stays in the hands of hardworking Canadians.
Question 2. Why is it that ten years ago across many of these Provincial Regulatory Agencies

most of the Canadian public were able to invest freely in Canadian start-ups in the private

Venture Capital markets but today they are not?! The number of Canadians able to invest today

in a similar start-up is only between %2 and %10 of the population depending on the Province.
The Regulatory Agencies claim they are protecting the population by limiting access. Start-Ups can

gain access to the market by paying lawyers to do paperwork that in essence keeps them 'Compliant'.

The paperwork costs are often half the cost of operating a business, and worse do nothing to prevent

actual fraud as the real scammers pay the cost of doing business and continue. The official position of

these Regulatory Agencies is that they protect the market and prevent fraud by limiting investing only

to 'sophisticated investors'. 'Sophisticated investors' are measured by the size of their bank accounts

with $1,000,000.00 being the average prerequisite. I don't see the Government trying to stop your

average joe from blowing their life savings at a casino or a on a credit card investing in the

hardworking people of this Province should be no different. In order to stop the real frauds follow the

Question 3. How can a Regulatory Enforcement Agency justify twice posting the banking

information on its website for the public to see?

Question 4. How can a Regulatory Enforcement Agency claim to administer the law in a fair and

just manner when they deny access to records including transcripts of its own 'hearings' on legal

matters? Is this not in conflict with Canadian Supreme Court Law?


The official legal position of these Regulatory Agencies is that it is a privileged and not a right to

participate in the Capital markets. The defining factor of privilege is that the amount of money one has

seems to have a direct link to whether or not they are privileged enough to participate in the market.
Question 6. How can MP's and our elected officials tell us this is of no concern nor do they have
control over it? (With the exception of The Honourable Mr Justin Trudeau no one has voiced support

or even pretended they were concerned in regards to these issues. Thank you to Mr Trudeau for taking
the time to talk with us about it perhaps that will help spark a national dialogue.)

Question 7. If our elected officials have no control over the purse strings in Venture Capital and

small business and nor do you, then who does?

Question 8. How can a Regulatory Agency knowing that its lead investigator in a case Perjured

themselves under oath in the conduct of their duty continue with using that investigator and their

related affidavits as its only evidence against someone in a prosecution?? This is the same 'court'

that had no transcripts for some hearings as they claim they do not always record them.

Question 9. How can a Government Agency knowing that details it published about the personal

lives of Canadian Citizens are not true, continue with having them posted in public for years?
Officials are on record knowing the accused are innocent yet prosecution continues and public

humiliation in the form of slander remains online.
Question 10. How can a Government Agency whose mandate is to protect the integrity of the

market and the shareholders claim it is doing its job when shareholders call them for help and

they simply ignore them for months? The Agency then turns around and attempts to entrap them

for seven months all the while withholding the real truth about their inquiry/complaint!!

Question 11. Why would a Government Agency deny the chance to save the shareholders money

and their company? Even if a director was guilty of a regulatory infraction the offer was made to

stand down and replace the director with a viable alternative thus saving 400 investors money.

Why run a legitimate company who had 30,000 stores place orders North America wide into the

ground when said company did everything in its power including hire multiple high priced

lawyers to ensure 'compliance'. Canada could have used another Billion Dollar start-up!

Question 12.

Is entrapment and collusion now standard protocol for Regulatory Agencies in this Country?

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