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SPYru Inc. Key E-mail Messages

at start-up requesting

the BCSC for assistance

02-02-2014 3:45 PM

Peter D. Harris




As we indicated we are open to a dialog with the agency and we are prepared to pay any fines levied against us that

the agency deems fit. We are seeking an early resolve to protect our investors and save unnecessary expenses.

You will note that by the exchange of the below messages, once the agency got all it wanted from us, things changed, the

and even jail time.

a better understanding of what occurred at the beginning and that we ready to cooperate if give the opportunity of a


mutual dialog with the agency.

As you could gather by my messages last week I was not a happy camper, we feel we have been setup by the agency.

attorney, not realising we had been setup and thinking the attorney is required to workout on our behalf a solution

You will notice that all of my messages to the agency are courteous, straight forward and extremely cooperative,

please take a moment at your convenience to review the below messages between myself and the agency.

To insure you're completely informed of what occurred in the early weeks of our communicating with the agency,

Dear Ms. Mitchell-Banks,

Thank you for your letter of Friday January 31, 2014 ordering me to appear at your offices Monday February 3, 2014

As stated in my official notice, I respectfully decline to appear in front of your inquiry. However, we are open to a

Ms. Banks, I know you have a job to do, but off the record, you will see by the messages the agency was not honest

I'm not an unreasonable person Ms. Banks, but I do not like to be intimidated, when I've done nothing wrong and we

agency no longer wanted us to communicate with them, they rapidity recommended we contact an accredited securities

with the agency to protect our investors and hoping we would have an early revolve, we retain legal services.

We are extending the Olive Branch, lets talk rather than sending messages, I'm confident after we speak you will have

with us, they made us feel like they were going to helps us. What the agency has done is not right, it's not ethical

not to mention our eagerness to work with the agency for an early resolve to protect our investors.

and it is certainly morally wrong. How would you feel, if you contacted a government agency thinking the agency

is going to help you and now that same agency is making intimidating comment such as contempt of court, heavy fines

totally cooperated with the agency until we realized we had been had by the agency, no one likes to be taken as a sucker,

especially when we went to the agency for help in good faith and with complete transparency.

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