Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dear Justin Trudeau, Mrs Wilson-Raybould - Its a matter of National Security.

Dear, Mr. Justin Trudeau, Mrs Jody Wilson-Raybould:


I write you in regards to a multitude of crimes committed by the BCSC and their absolute disregard

for justice and the rule of law in regards to the Financial Markets they are mandated with Regulating.

Do not let these lawyers and supposed financial gurus fool you, they regulate the industry in a manner

akin to racketeering. There is absolutely no benefit in their “protection” of BC citizens. The Financial

Regulatory Agencies in this nation need a major overhaul and the true story I outline is evidence of

such. The current regulatory regime only allows the rich rights to play in the world of Start-Up

enterprises and Venture Capital. Building a National Regulatory agency in the same manner the BCSC

and the OSC operate will not only create a larger criminal racket spanning the nation, it will destroy the

innovation and hamstring local talent. The current regulatory regime in effect squeezes out thousands

of small viable and legitimate businesses by creating regulations that suppress them and/or bleed them

of cash until they have been destroyed. There are many solutions to creating a regulatory environment

that is free of conflict of interest and helps build a strong nation however those conversations are for

another day.

I understand there are legitimate fraudsters and a major need for Regulation of the Financial Markets

however the BCSC has been granted powers to act as it wishes, it receives funding through creating

Regulatory Offences that have to be committed in order for them to get funded. This is counter to the

concept of the Rule of Law this nation is founded on. The BCSC Lawyers and supposed financial

gurus will argue that the Financial Market Rules should simply be excluded from this precept for the

very sake that it is the Financial Market, its very complex and only a few understand it.

This is a complete lie perpetuated by the current Regulatory regime in order to confuse people and

maintain their grip on power. The BCSC exists on a conflict of interest and only keeps our nation weak

and allows foreign Corporations to hollow out our Corporate infrastructure and squeeze out

productivity and innovation of local companies.

It is this very conflict of interest that encourages the committing of such crimes as myself and my

business partners have endured against us over the past three years. We are not alone.

The package I have sent you includes a little bit of everything we have gone through. Evidence of

Perjury and Tampering committed during the course of the BCSC and its prosecution against us,

evidence I am under surveillance by private Black-Ops thugs that have been hired to silence me. I have

included some of our experiences outside the evidence provided in regards to our sham of a

prosecution. Experiences such as the Black choppers repeatedly sent to harass me, the thugs I

photograph after playing cat and mouse games. I even had a ex Military type approach me randomly

and tell me they will kill me for doing what I am doing. I am standing up for my rights as a Canadian

Citizen. They are destroying our nation its time to take it back.



Christopher Andrew Burke

Peter David Harris

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