Friday, 29 January 2016


A couple weeks before Christmas around the time the BCSC made their announcement about their judgement against us for U-GO Brands they really stepped up the Black chopper game, choppers every day for me over the house or where I went.
 Went for a hike on a Monday watched the chopper take off and come right to me, Ang was with me we were on knox mountain.

 Wedsnday the chopper flew directly over Lornes house 20 minutes before a conference call with Lornes Lawyer. Ang was with me we were just taking a quick walk at Kalamoir park before I met the boys as Lorne lives right there.
 Thursday it flew over the house while I was writing emails to the press and public officials. They actively hack my computer deleting shit as I go. I am in a constant battle. Have learned a lot about security. Set myself up in a more secure position digitally ya know.

Friday that week was the same thing the chopper flew over while I was writing emails.
 I sent a very harsh email detailing everything happening including a surveillance net on me run by a team of at least ten or twenty ex-military types that I have been aware of for some time.
Within an hour I had a reply from CBC Investigate Vancouver who said they were interested but only did exclusives so they did not want us to share the story with other press until they got back to us. I spent the night feeding them evidence and narrating my experiences and how its all attached. I gave them a time frame to get back to me, they did not respond.

 Went for a hike in gallaghers canyon the next morning on a Saturday. Midway through the hike the black chopper showed up that had visited me all week. I told Ang that it was day six or seven in a row of black choppers for me and she admitted it was definitely an odd coincidence but would not be convinced because it had not really come to close. No sooner did she say that then the chopper came directly across our path very low just above the trees. There was no mistaking who it was looking at. I waved, I shouldn't have.. Ang was trying to get a picture but it ducked into tree cover instantly.
 After all this happened I realized the need to escalate the fight and rid myself of these fuckers once and for all. I began additional preparations beyond the fallbacks I already had.

 It was time to do some good old fashioned detective work and get a little dirty. I took measure to add the type of evidence that can bury these criminal types such as Ms. Mitchell Banks or Brenda Leongs or even their secret operative teams to everything we already have.
 I wont tell you every thing as I don't want to compromise my fail-safes but an example is a photograph I took on New Years eve day of one of their surveillance vans near my house. It had a cardboard cut-out in the window with eyeholes in a direction to be able to watch me do most of my running around in Rutland. It had double pane dark grey glass as the partition between back and front.
 So much more to say.. may have been an attempted abduction that I ducked. Break in attempts, threats on my life from ex-military type people who randomly approach.
 These are some of the dudes that keep or were keeping a 'net' on me shots are unfortunately at a distance with an expendable camera.
In the next one I walk into city park throught the tunnel walkway under the Bennett Bridge with the guy in this pic above behind me by maybe 500 yards on the south side standing by the beach. There was a woman who was a member of the net above standing by the highway pretending to talk on her phone. (Nobody stands by a busy highway to have a conversation for any length of time.) She was able to warn the man who you can barely see in the distance who got out and stood in front of the one of the vans I wanted to sneak up on in City Park.

The van pictured here also kept a perimeter that morning, keep in mind it was a Sunday, no one was working on any of the construction sites around the area.
 An odd number off work vans hanging out around me all things considered.
The one above continued down the street and around the corner, I pursued but could only find a large well dressed (shoes were shining in the slush and snow)
battle scared man standing around the corner. He quickly fell in pace walking behind me about twenty feet as I continued down the street for a block or two before I stopped at a beach access to let him continue as I had a smoke.
 I watched him continue down the street two blocks where he was picked up by someone in a green Mini Cooper and left. 
These are just tidbits of the story..

They threatened sue me for talking to CBC and the New York Times last week.. I told them go right ahead I wont show up to court. Good luck putting me in prison. Have the BCSC not already tried to arrest Peter and I? I hear they did..
I have since then doubled the amount I talk to the press and havn't heard from them.

 I have developed a ton of pictures, last week they finally got to the London Drugs and got to the photos I was developing.. Some had pics of agents faces, vehicles etc. I have done a lot of counter espionage.
 They flew a black chopper overhead when I arrived at the London drugs to pic up the pics some of which mysteriously vanished. they left me some negatives nothing good. Good news is as I told them, I was waiting for them to show up for a long time. I have been aware that they always have a net on me and all mine and my friends communications are compromised. I let them know that everything they have listened to or found online, on our computers etc. is everything I wanted them to know. I asked them if they thought that all this shit would scare me or anger me more and give me more evidence to take them down with. They then switched chopper colours but still flyby.
This is the same model of chopper as the black one that had harassed for a week before Christmas. They do have paint that sprays on and peels off. I had started calling them on their choppers. The one part they couldn't paint over was the little black ball section on the back underside containing their radar and tracking equipment.
 If you think its all to crazy to be true remember my friends the truth is always stranger then fiction.
Christopher Burke
Peter Harris


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