Thursday, 28 January 2016

BC Securities Hides Behind Black Choppers

 A snippet of my conversation the after I spent the previous night leaking to CBC all sorts of details.
 The Black Chopper harassment got stepped up that week culminating in close-up visit for me an my girlfriend while we were out for a hike.. Unfortunately we could not get a pic quick enough as he moved behind the trees the moment we tried.
See below
This morning/afternoon my girlfriend finally realized that the black choppers that I have been talking about are really for me.

We went for a hike and the same chopper that showed up over my house yesterday showed up for our hike out in a canyon 10K from my house.

Probly upset Im talking to you

This same chopper flew over my head on Wednesday around 130pm as my girlfriend and I were having a quick walk before I met my biz partners re the case.

 She saw it then.. But today was different, we were in trees and it was fairly low maybe 400-500 I could not get a good pic quick enough the first time it passed by. About 10 maybe 15 minutes later my girlfriend was saying it was weird didn't necessarily mean anything. She had just started saying if it comes back again low and trys to get a good look at me she would be more convinced.

 No sooner did the words come out of her mouth then it was back low and at a side angle above us as it tried to get a peek at us. We were on a forested trail in a canyon and due to the trees it would have to move in a manner very obvious if it was for me. Today my girlfriend is convinced it was and now is putting two and two together, they have been all over like your shadow on a sunny day. Now why?? I AM INNOCENT

What I have stumbled on is complete extortion of this country, the people opposing me are currently trying to wrap up the TPP in order to make their crimes more legal then they already are. This country will be destroyed as our legal system is demolished by the almighty corporation.

What better way to keep a country economically weak then by ensuring its regulatory system is nothing but a sham where large foreign Corporations pay the cost of "compliance" while most little home grown companies are squeezed and bled dry thus ensuring a hollowed out corporate banana republic.

 This is why they harass, intimidate and try to stifle the truth from coming out.

Please help me as I truly believe that this may be the last chance for this country if the truth does not soon come out and there is no change, the rule of law and justice in this country and possibly most of the world may be gone for good. (Seriously this is happening in Canada??WTF??)
heres a little more


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