Wednesday 22 November 2017


 In a recent statement from BC NDP's finance minster Carole James regarding the massive amount of unpaid fines owed to the BC Securities Commission Ms. James questions why the vast number of unpaid fines have gone uncollected by the BCSC.

 These comment can be seen here in a Vancouver Sun article
Hundreds Of Millions In Fines Issued By BC Securities Commission Go Unpaid

 Of course we know why these fines have gone unpaid, at least some of them anyway.
Even thought the BCSC has rendered its judgements and filed them with BC Supreme Court it still must take the accused to court to seize their assets.
 While the BCSC claims that this is very hard due to the fact that the money is hidden and/or spent we know that this also is not entirely true.

 One of the key reasons the BC Securities Commission lets these fines go unpaid is that the BC Securities Commission and many of its staff including former Head of Criminal Enforcement Ms. Teresa Mitchell-Banks operate in a criminal manner with no adherence to their own rule nor the rule of law.

 We have demonstrated this in many posts, articles and countless letters to public officials, here is a little on that subject from The Chicago Daily Herald.
Does the Rule of Law not Apply To the Financial Markets? What Happened to Civil Rights and Due Process?

 The BC Securities Commission does not protect the markets, it is a weaponized agency whose purpose is give the impression of a tough on crime agency for the public while behind the back of the public it assists a vast criminal network that is looting our province on a grand scale. It does not actually want its actions looked at in a court of law. Even if it is the BC Supreme Court where cases are often fixed by this same vast criminal network, its very risky as the evidence against them is mounting in a wide variety of cases.

Maybe its time to ask why the BCSC owns Securities in the BC Investment Management Corporation, the BCIMC in turn owns hundreds if not thousands of financial securities, many tied in to British Columbia.
 This can be seen here.
BCSC Owns BCIMC Securities, Does BCSC Know Definition of Words Like Conflict Of Interest?

 Any real digging into the BC Securities Commission will reveal a criminal network potentially spanning the globe. This is not mere conjecture, there are many case like the cases that have been demonstrated in this post.

 The connection between BCIMC and BCSC is organized crime at its best, not only is the BCSC a criminal agency with no regard for the rule of law the BCIMC through its vast holding of companies is very likely worse.
 One of the BCIMC's many crimes is to burn down the home of Jack English and Family and steal his $200 Million dollar ocean front property near Tofino BC.
 The Full Story on BCIMC and its Crimes Against the English Family

 The BC Securities Commission will never address these crimes because it is a major part of them as many have experienced.
 The proposed new National Regulator will be no better, its simply designed to hide fraud and perpetuate it.

 My name is Christopher Burke and the BCSC has found me guilty of trading without a prospectus yet the BCSC cannot take me to court for the multi million dollar fine it has levied against me not just because I do not have the money and never did, but because how it came to its judgement was through an utterly criminal process. I am not guilty, I was actually a victim. The same can be said for many others who had to deal with the BCSC.
 Flawed would be too kind to describe their investigations and indicate this was not a purposeful undertaking when as has been demonstrated on my blog and many others the BCSC is a criminal organization. Christy Clark and Michael DeJong were aware and did nothing but aid and abet. Ms. James I sincerely hope you and Mr. Horgan plan on restoring the rule of law in this province because justice is coming with or without you. We the people will no longer tolerate these crimes against us.

  The BCSC is a Sham.

Christopher Burke
250 863 9787
BC Securities Commission A Sham (TM)
WWII Vet Appalled at Lack of Rule of Law in Nation, Vows to Spend Rest Of Life Restoring It

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