Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Further Land Theft Committed By The BC Government?

Does the BC Government continue theft of lands and property against the Canadian public? We know from evidence in such cases as that of Mr. John English and the theft of his $200 million dollar Tofino property by government pension fund bcIMC that this is not uncommon for government agencies to become involved in racketeering and land theft as well as securities fraud.


Published on Jul 13, 2019
Kelowna BC family 9.5 year “David versus Goliath” battle with BC government secret seizure of their private lands, makes a very public plea for help. For the last 3 years, the government’s lawyers have been hiding documents that prove their case, but they finally got them through Freedom of Information (FOI) but the proof means nothing, if they force your family on the street, by burying you in debt trying to hold them accountable. Yes, SNC Lavalin designed this debacle, what did they know and when did they know it? Maybe you know someone who can help. Please share this on all your social media, contact your local elected officials, contact the BC Premier (John Horgan) and/or the BC Attorney General (David Eby) and/or the BC Minister of Transportation (Claire Trevena) share this everywhere! Someone has to be able to right this wrong! This isn’t the Canada we know!, Twitter @jjhorgan, 1-250-391-2801, 1-250-387-1715,, or Facebook

David, Twitter @dave_eby, 1-604-660-1297,, or on Facebook, Twitter @clairetrevena, 1-250-287-5100, 1-866-387-5100,

  As we know our provincial and federal governments and regulators are busy protecting a racket that is aimed at you the Canadian public. See Worksafe Racketeering and Fraud Connected To BCI (Formerly bcIMC)? The Global Racketeering Web and Its Canadian Connections.

  When will law enforcement and public officials step up and end this war on the Canadian people? How long will we allow this corruption to continue?

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  1. Much more to the story Marcos Gold***I can update you! FB Req me "Elisa Leone Taylor" Great research!! Greedy world we live in!