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Worksafe Racketeering and Fraud Connected To BCI (Formerly bcIMC)? The Global Racketeering Web and Its Canadian Connections

The Global Racketeering Web and Its Canadian Connections


 1. WorkSafe Racketeering and Fraud Connected to BCI? (Formerly bcIMC)
 2. bcIMC (BCI), Power Corp and International Money Laundering? Connecting the Dots
 3. Protecting the Public Or Protecting a Racket? Concerning Details in Trudeaus Budget
 4. Sears Bankruptcy or Sears Theft? Where is Finance Minister Morneau?
 5. Debt Money, Sovereign Money, the Bank of International Settlements and COMER 
 6. Wells Fargo Fraud, Colorado Pension Fund Sues Canada's Big Five Banks:
 7. How Did Offshore Banking and Racketeering Become The Norm In Canada?


  At a time when Canada's Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under siege in regards to the actions of various members of the Prime Ministers Office it is vital we understand that the political interference alluded to by Former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould is certainly not limited to SNC Lavalin and a few bribes.
 The reality in Canada for a long time is that corporate crime, fraud, and various racketeering related activities have been a thriving and lucrative business protected from the top down.
 The various regulatory and law enforcement agencies which are supposedly tasked with protecting the public from crime instead simply protect corporate players who commit crimes and pay the regulators and enforcement agencies to look the other way.  This has been thoroughly documented both on this blog, by many other individuals and a few bold news agencies.

 Here in Canada we are simply better at hiding the truth and manipulating public sentiment in order to lull citizens and investors into a false sense of safety and security.

 One simply needs to follow the works of former Bay Street executive Mr. Larry Elford on Facebooks System Investment Fraud group in order to understand the scale of fraud we are talking about, the amount of money stolen from the public is simply staggering. We have featured many of Mr. Elfords works on this blog and he can be found published on many sources including Unpublished Ottawa, and CBC. His new book About Your Financial Murder documents how the very regulators who are supposed to protect you are instead colluding to rob you of your future.

 An affidavit from former RCMP Inspector Mr. William Majcher sheds further light on the underworld that is a part of various law enforcement agencies that are supposedly there to protect the public.
 Mr. Majcher has been clear in regards to how authorities who police the financial markets in Canada are protecting a criminal cabal, see Federal officials feared consequences after intelligence unit protected bank that broke law .

 Aside from the SNC Lavalin scandal there is another disturbing issue which demands attention and investigation.
 It is being reported from several different sources and individuals that Worksafe has been committing fraud by denying legitimate claims and stealing the allocated claim money to funnel to pension funds such as BCI, formerly bcIMC.
 We already know that a pension fund for various BC employees has been committing fraud and has offshore banking connections, it is also connected to the BC Securities Commission which owns 'securities' in said pension fund. This pension fund is now known as BCI however it used to be bcIMC and it simply an arm of a seemingly invisible bankster cabal. It along with the various provincial WorkSafe agencies may be running the biggest racket in the nation, the SNC Lavalin issue is minor compared to this however it the distraction the magician uses to keep the audiences attention away from what is really happening.

 1. WorkSafe Racketeering and Fraud Connected to BCI? (Formerly bcIMC)

 Below is information regarding the filing of charges of embezzlement, fraud and money laundering with the SEC, RCMP, and OSC by individuals in Ontario who have seemingly encountered the interconnected web of deception and racketeering in finance in Canada, this time involving Worksafe and unlawfully denied claims. Mr. Traversy and Mr. Lozier claim that this unlawfully retained money is then funneled to what is now BCI, formerly the bcIMC.

 The BC Investment Management Corporation is a public servants pension fund with over $140 Billion in assets on the books and has its fingers in every industry segment imaginable. It has connections to offshore tax havens as demonstrated in the Panama Papers. BCI (formerly bcIMC) is connected to various crimes ranging from the theft of the English Family property, to destructive entities such as Barrick Gold, and to genocide in Sudan.  The former bcIMC even has connections to the provincial financial regulator, the BCSC. BC's Financial regulator the BC Securities Commission holds securities with the bcIMC (BCI), they regulate their own investments!

Below is a copy of a letter sent to the SEC regarding the alleged Worksafe Racketeering from Mr. Lozier and Mr. Traversy.


Norman Vincent Traversy

Jeff Lozier

September 28, 2017

Security Exchange Commission, Office of the Whistleblower
100 F Street NE

Mail Stop 5631

Washington, DC

Re: GRP.U involved in money laundering, fraud, embezzlement
Security Exchange Commission, Office of the Whistleblower:

Jeff Lozier and I are persons that have been injured and permanently disabled

through the course of our employment in Canada. We, and countless other

injured workers, have been defrauded of our rightful benefits by the various

Workers’ Compensation Boards across our country. This fraud is currently under

investigation by the appropriate organizations - including the Canadian

Securities Exchange Commission and various police forces.

Through this fraud the Canadian Compensation Boards have amassed billions of

dollars in “surpluses”. These proceeds of criminal activity were then pooled in a

newly formed shell company called QuadReal.

QuadReal invests in real estate and the stock market. The formation of this

company, and the fact that it is investing public funds, funds that, by law, are the

property of the beneficiaries - not the government means that QuadReal is in

direct violation of the Criminal Code of Canada and various provincial statutes.

Among other things, this is theft by conversion.

Another member of QuadReal, the British Columbia Investment Management

Corporation (bcIMC), unlawfully holds the "surpluses" of WorkSafeBC - the

British Columbia Workers' Compensation Board. bcIMC has hidden its

fraudulently obtained “assets” by forming other publicly traded shell companies

- the Granite Real Estate Investment Trust and Granite REIT Inc. (TSX: GRT.UN;

NYSE: GRP.U). Granite REIT and Granite GP are known collectively as "Granite".

Granite’s market capitalization on the NYSE was $1,887,000,000 and on the

Toronto Stock Exchange $2,360,988,347.

Granite controls tens of billions of dollars that was criminally obtained from

Canadians - employers and employees. When the perpetrators of this scheme

are found guilty - and they will be; the Canadian and American stock markets

will suffer losses on par with that caused by Enron and Bernie Madoff. Millions

of investors, Canadian and American, will lose their savings. This appalling

scenario can be averted by timely action from your commission.

Equally disturbing is the fact that the NAFTA agreement will soon be

renegotiated. We believe that under the current NAFTA Canadian businesses are

receiving a hidden subsidy. The compensations boards are giving handsome

rebates back to employers and have lowered insurance premium rates.

Projected for the upcoming fiscal year, in Ontario alone, this hidden subsidy is

$760,000,000. These rebates are being offered to corrupt employers who

collude with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Ontario), and other

Workers' Compensation Boards across Canada to fraudulently deny legitimate

claims. The illusion created is that everything is functioning legally and above

board - when in fact, according to law, it is not.

We seek safe harbour, the security of our persons, and the protection of the

privacy of our identities; to prevent further physical harm to us or our families for

disclosing this to your organization.


Norman Traversy

p.p. Jeff Lozier

We hope to hear from you soon.

    We will share further from the desk of Norm Traversy and Jeff Lozier in regards to their allegations against Worksafe and BCI (formerly bcIMC)

  Seen below is a snapshot of one of several communications with the RCMP regarding this matter, it has been edited for format and to protect personal details regarding certain individuals involved. See Full transcript here.


Norman Traversy

July 24th, 2017

The RCMP Anti-Fraud Unit

155 McArthur Ave.

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0R4

Re: File # 2017-889831
To Whom it May Concern,
I spoke with an RCMP officer named James, and his colleague, a couple of weeks ago.    I was given to understand that they were members of the RCMP Anti-Fraud Unit.
I outlined to him, and his colleague, how I, and thousands of other Canadians, are the
victims of fraud at the hands of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), and
some dishonorable, and criminal, employers.

The next day I sent the RCMP several documents that support my assertions. 

I received a reply from the National Division Intake Unit assigning my case file number 2017-889831. 

This document will elaborate on my previous statements, and show that criminal activity
is routinely taking place between the WSIB and employers, to the serious detriment and
harm of injured workers, and Canadian taxpayers. It will also show that it is the duty of
the RCMP to investigate these crimes - crimes that affect all Canadians, crimes that are
squarely within the jurisdiction of the RCMP. 


The following are violations by the WSIB, and my employer, (the City of Mississauga) of the Criminal Code of Canada:

Section 337: Everyone who, being or having been employed in the service of Her
 Majesty in right of Canada or a province, or in the service of a municipality, and
entrusted by virtue of that employment with the receipt, custody, management or
control of anything, refuses or fails to deliver it to a person who is authorized to
demand it and does demand it is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to
imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

 My employer (the City of Mississauga) purposely withheld documents requested by me
and the WSIB. These documents would have ensured that I got a fair and just hearing at
the WSIB. Because they were withheld, I did not get a fair and just hearing, and I, and
my family, were financially mentally, and physically harmed.

Section 139: (1) Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner to obstruct, 

pervert or defeat the course of justice in a judicial proceeding,

(2) Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner other than a manner describedin subsection (1) to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice is guilty of an
 indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

(3) Without restricting the generality of subsection (2), every one shall be deemed wilfully to attempt to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice who in a
judicial proceeding, existing or proposed,
 The WSIB and their decision makers tasked with the release of my rightful property
under the WSIA 1997 purposely failed to follow the plain and direct language of the
sections of the WSIA 1997 regarding initial entitlement and continuing entitlement by
decision with special emphasis on - 

WISA 1997 Section 119.1: The Board shall make its decision based on the merits and justice of a case and is not bound by legal precedent. The merits being all ofthe evidence. (emphasis mine)
The justice being a decision based on the facts and evidence not on conjecture. The
 WSIB colluded in the obstruction of justice by allowing my employer in the withholding
and spoliation of documents crucial to my case before the Panel - an adjudicative body.
Although demand letters were sent to my employer, (available on request), the WSIB
allowed the hearing to proceed without them.

WSIA 1997 Section 119.2: If, in connection with a claim for benefits under the 

insurance plan, it is not practicable to decide an issue because the evidence for or

against it is approximately equal in weight, the decision shall be resolved in favour of the person claiming benefits. (emphasis mine)

The Board, by not making a decision based on all facts and evidence reduced the
balance of probabilities illegally in favour of the Board and the Employer; causing both
parties to commit several criminal acts as previously outlined
In addition, WSIB also refused my request for a stay in the proceedings so that I could
get representation for both my claim and the human rights issues that were part of my
claim. The reason given for this was that it was “too expensive”. Justice in this country is
based on the protection of the rights of all parties involved, including the right to
representation. For the WSIB and the WSIAT to refuse a stay on the grounds of financial
expense is groundless, as both organizations have fixed legal expenses.

In addition without representation, it allowed my employer’s representative to badger me, and 
mock my symptoms. I suffer from PTSD, and this behaviour - observed and condoned by
the WSIB, caused an increase in my mental and physical distress. 
 The WSIB purposely withheld my lawful benefits (Loss of Earnings and other benefits
contrary to sections of the WSIA 1997. The Workplace Safety Act is clear. When an
 employee is injured the Act states: 

Section 13: (1) A worker who sustains a personal injury by accident arising out of

 and in the course of his or her employment is entitled to benefits under the

insurance plan.

Section 13: (2) If the accident arises out of the worker's employment, it is

presumed to have occurred in the course of the employment unless the contrary is
shown. If it occurs in the course of the worker's employment, it is presumed to
have arisen out the employment unless the contrary is shown.

The legal intent of Sec 13.1 with the words: “IS ENTITLED TO” conveys an imperative.
Sec 13.2 using the words; “IT IS PRESUMED TO” which also conveys an imperative. This section is meant to protect BENEFIT OF DOUBT and to ensure Initial Entitlement (Loss 

of earnings and other benefits)
The legal intent of Sec 13.(1),13.(2) explains a worker's right to entitlement of benefits is further strengthened by section 128.

Sec 128. Periodic payments required by a decision that is under appeal MUST
continue pending the outcome of the appeal. (emphasis mine)

Section 128 is also meant to protect the BENEFIT OF DOUBT. All claims as per Sec 13.(1) 

are entitled to benefits on the presumption that it happened at work. Sec 13.(2) allows
the claim to be denied if the contrary is shown. Most claims that are denied, for
whatever reason, are allowed to appeal the decision, thus requiring continuance of
benefits until all appeals have been exhausted. Section 128 explains the powers and

duties of the Appeals Tribunal. Until that final decision, periodic payments MUST
The WSIB's sole existence is to administer the legislation known as the WSIA 1997. The
first section explains that existence:
Section 1. The purpose of this act is to accomplish the following in a financially
1.1 to promote safety in the workplace,
1.2 to facilitate the return to work,
1.3 to facilitate the re-entry into the labour market,
1.4 to provide compensation and other benefits to workers, also to liaise
between the employer and the employee, and to ensure the employee is being
treated fairly, protected from further harm or injury, accommodated, and to
ensure the law is followed.


The wording of the Act is clear; if the worker is injured, the worker is entitled to lawful
benefits. The Act states that this is based on the treating doctors’ recommendations. If a
disagreement occurs between the employer and the employee, the WSIB is to liaise.
Periodic payments are to be paid while issues are under appeal; and in the event that
the employer is not fulfilling the duty under the Act and any other law to accommodate
the injured worker, The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act states that:

Section 128 Periodic payments required by a decision that is under appeal must

 continue pending the outcome of the appeal.

 This section of the Act is being completely, and unlawfully disregarded. The illegal tactic

the WSIB is using is to completely disregard treating doctors’ recommendations.
Instead, the case managers and adjudicators are acting as if the they are doctors, they
are giving “diagnoses” as part of their “decisions”.
In some cases these false and unlawful “diagnoses” lead to the death of the injured
worker “diagnosed”. This constitutes manslaughter. Under the Criminal Code of Canada,
culpable homicide is manslaughter:
 222(5) A person commits culpable homicide when he causes the death of a human
(a) by means of an unlawful act,
(b) by criminal negligence,

(c) by causing that human being, by threats or fear of violence or by deception, to
do anything that causes his death, (emphasis mine)
This also contravenes the Regulated Health Professions Act;

Section 27 (2) A “controlled act” is any one of the following done with respect to

an individual:

1. Communicating to the individual or his or her personal representative a
diagnosis identifying a disease or disorder as the cause of symptoms of the
individual in circumstances in which it is reasonably foreseeable that the individual or his or her personal representative will rely on the diagnosis.

The WSIB is quite clearly performing criminal acts and is disobeying statute law.
Disobeying a Statute:
126 (1) CCC Everyone who, without lawful excuse, contravenes an Act of
Parliament by wilfully doing anything that it forbids or by wilfully omitting to do
anything that it requires to be done is, unless a punishment is expressly provided
by law, guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not
exceeding two years.
Not only are adjudicators, and their supervisors at the WSIB portraying doctors (see
attached Privacy Complaint); in their decisions they completely omit any information
from the treating doctors and specialists.
Instead, they reword medical documentation through the use of memos, to ascertain
immediate claim denial. There is nothing in the Act that gives them the authority to deny
claims. The Workplace Safety Appeals Tribunal is the authority if issues arise.
The WSIB is also defrauding injured workers by coercing the doctors treating injured
workers into changing their diagnoses such that injured workers are not eligible for
 The Ontario WSIB is currently being sued by a Doctor Brenda Steinnagel for 3.5 million
dollars. She was fired from her job for refusing to comply with the WSIB’s direction to
change her diagnosis of an injured worker to deny him benefits.


From the Globeand Mail:
“WSIB and WHCS tried to force Dr. Steinnagel to participate in a fraud upon the
public,” says a statement of claim filed in Ontario Superior Court. “In a desperate
effort to reduce claims paid out, WSIB and WHCS have been conspiring to deny
legitimate claims in a shocking display of arrogance and corruption.”
The suit alleges Dr. Steinnagel’s treatment is part of a broader pattern of fraud
that is coming to light because the Hamilton doctor refused to give in to pressure
from her employer, even though it meant losing her job.



 Further examination of the Worksafe its involvement in many frauds, see How Canada's Top Law Firms Used A Fraudulent Lawsuit To Destroy A Great Doctor and Line Their Pockets 


2. bcIMC (BCI) Power Corp and International Money Laundering? Connecting the Dots

Below is a submission from Mr. Traversy and Mr. Lozier on the connections that make such an alleged money laundering and racketeering scheme a very real and likely possibility. Keep in mind that bcIMC is now BCI.


Here we go, the RCMP documentation we submitted to the fraud unit has named Pamoja Capital as one of the BC Imc partners or trade partners, benefactors of our funds, from Canada Pension, work compensation surpluses from fraud and various other pensions. John McCall MacBain the CEO of Pamoja Capital sits on the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

The chief executive of PSP Investments, which manages pension funds for the federal public service, Canadian Forces and RCMP, is leaving to become CEO of B.C. Investment Management Corp

Also on the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation and the Pamoja boards is one Donald Johnston, who was Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) from 1996 to 2006. His connection to bcIMC seems to be Peter Dey served as Chairman of the Ontario Securities Commission and was Canada’s representative to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Task Force that developed the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance released in May of 1999. Peter Dey is trustee and director of Granite Reit also under the bcIMC holdings. Granite was formerly MEC Manga.

Brydon Cruise is currently a Chairman of the Board and Managing Partner of the Board of Brookfield Financial Securities LP; Brookfield Securities again another Bc Imc related company sits on the board for Granite. This is a thought: The Company he sat on Fortress Investment Group who purchased MM&A rail after Lac Megantic disaster. In light of Priemier Wynne announcement on high-speed rail I did some more research. Bc Imc owns 4,375,000 shares of China Rail construction.

CRCC consortium wins bid for Urumqi Metro Line PPP project, this news clip is to demonstrate the consortium, then tie in Bombardier (The BC Imc and all the other players pension funds etc) pressured the CEO of Bombardier recently, it was about executive compensation. These funds are leveraging their positions through shareholder equity, to force the CEO hand into agreeing with them and their tactic? That is an assumption but the portability in favour, high. CPPIB, Ab Imc, Bc Imc teacher pension fund all are also in the BC Imc umbrella. Consider in 2015 Exclusive: Bombardier rejects Chinese offer for railway unit - documents.

Gary Doer, former Manitoba Premier (Winnipeg is Great West Life’s head office) is a Key executive on The Demarais Family trust board as is Pierre Beaudoin (CEO of Bombardier). Major pension funds are opposing the re- election of Pierre Beaudoin as executive chair at Bombardier Inc.
Now that some of these connections are made consider the high-speed train announcement from the Wynne government, the firms have not been announced yet but wonder if any connections will be established such as the Chinese Rail construction company or anyone of the Rail companies listed in BC Imc assets they hold or the other funds respectively. The Chinese Rail construction company is already been vocal in the Ring of Fire Project in Northern Ontario and Chinese engineers endorse plans for $2-billion rail line to Ring of Fire.

John H. McCall MacBain gives largest donation to the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation; $1 million gift and $2 million Match Challenge

Another tie in is AxA assurance and its subsidiaries (Isle of Man tax haven) the KPMG/Trudeau story on that matter? AXA Isle of Man Limited was originally created as a subsidiary of AXA Sun Life in the United Kingdom, but since the Isle of Man is not a part of the United Kingdom it is regulated instead by the laws of the Isle of Man. AXA Isle of Man Limited advertises itself as a repository for citizens of the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands who seek to shelter their assets from taxation.

Sun life insurance (Subsidiary of AxA) and the Morneau and Shepell potential is now so highly questionable, that an investigation should be done. You can see Morneau Pimping Sunlife or Axa products, for example University of New Brunswick Morneau Shepell logo on the bottom of their benefits brochure and talks about transferring some of the insurance to AXA. Consider some of the kickbacks plus the recent story of Morneau Shepell and his company getting contracts in recent news well Morneau has yet to put his company into blind trust.

From Comers THE JOURNAL OF THE COMMITTEE ON MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REFORM Well, there may be one. When the little crooked Trudeau-Morneau household runs into trouble with the law in Canada, it can always turn to its so-called opponents, the Conservative Party and former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, to set-up meetings with giant US firms “Blackstone,” and its spin-off “Blackrock” – the largest private equity and assets management firms in the world – to raise some cash. Mulroney happens to be on the Board of Blackstone, again Blackstone and the Bc Imc connection with our public trusts funds and fraudulently obtained funds from the workers compensations systems.

 Brian Mulroney worked as a labour lawyer for Desmarais before entering politics, and Desmarais named his then-employee Paul Martin as president of Canada Steamship Lines Inc. (Power Corp.'s Great Lakes shipping subsidiary) in 1974 (Desmarais sold the company to Martin in 1981.)[  Prime Minister Jean Chretien was related to Desmarais by marriage; Chretien's daughter France is married to Desmarais' son AndrĂ©.[18] Both Mulroney and Trudeau served on advisory boards for Power Corp. after leaving office.

Interesting connections between many prominent Canadians, political and financial power in Canada can be connected to one company or countless combination thereof. Have a look at Power Corp. This is a financial powerhouse company that owns Great West Life, Investors Syndicate, etc. Every company that is subsidiary or a holding of Power Corp the BC Imc has shares of! This Company is controlled by the Demarais Family from Montreal.


Paul Desmarais and former Board member of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation (2002-2003) was an advisor to Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney worked as a labour lawyer for Desmarais before entering politics and was a close personal friend. Both Mulroney and Trudeau served on advisory boards for Power Corp after leaving office.

Desmarais named his then-employee (Former Prime Minister)Paul Martin as president of Canada Steamship Lines Inc. (Power Corp.'s Great Lakes shipping subsidiary) Desmarais sold the company to Martin in 1981. An extremely highly leveraged purchase.

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien was related to Desmarais by marriage; Chretien's daughter France is married to Desmarais' son André.

Gary Doer, former Manitoba Priemier(Winnipeg is Great West Lifes head office) is a Key executive on The Demarais Family trust board as is Pierre Beaudoin (CEO of Bombardier).

Bob Rae's(former Ontario Premier and Liberal leader)brother is executive vice president of Power Corp.

Our current finance minister has close ties as well to Power Corp as well. So when we talk about the top 1% controlling the money I would say that at the head of the group is the Montreal based family the Demarais. Would it be a great leap to get to the rejection of the Alberta east pipeline? CSL(Paul Martins company) is the shipping company that transports most of the Arab oil that we bring to Canada. Does this family and their friends benefit from moving more Alberta oil east?

As soon as discovered the Corix and my comments on infrastructure, Deschenes Group Inc. enters into an agreement to acquire Corix Water Products Oct 26, 2017. John LeBoutillier Chair of the board for Corix sits on multiple boards of directors and every company is in the bcIMC inventory but one.

As I specified before the infrastructure concept of these companies being acquired then become the go to companies for the government agencies with their hands in the cookie jar, take for example bcIMC is listed in a complaint in Florida that the plaintiff state that the rates are exponentially unjust.

20. I have attached to my affidavit copies of two Alliance Cover Letters and sample Summertree Consumer letters signed by 757 residents to Corix, the owner of Utilities, Inc.

21. On February 21, 2017, Summertree's 862 Resident Letters with 1120 signatures were sent to British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, the owner of Corix. The letters expressed the Summertree customers overwhelming lack of trust in Utilities, Inc. of Florida's management.

22. I also attached three letters from Speaker Richard Corcoran and Senator Wilton Simpson of the Florida Legislature dated (1} March 31, 2016 stating, "This utility's complete disregard for these customers is very upsetting, but not altogether surprising." (2} The September 13, 2016 joint letter states, "We question the premise that a water utility is entitled to "recover costs" for any action taken regardless of outcome. Over a decade of rate increases with no assessment or review as to whether or not the expenditures were prudent or effective flies in the face of common-sense."

In a letter to Mr. Milburn they accuse the bcIMC of some grave concerns that makes the Canadians citizens looking like criminals.

….Assistant Pasco County Attorney, and four Alliance members attended and addressed the Commission. Pasco County Commissioner Jack Mariano once again made a conference call on behalf of Summertree. If you watch the taped FL-PSC sessions, you will see that our elected officials have grave concerns about UIF's failure to maintain our system. Flip Mellinger rated our system's net worth as $0….

… Over the years, customer complaints about water quality were reported to UIF and to the PSC; however, nothing ever changed. In 2005 and 2006, UIF failed primary water quality for 7 of 8 quarters. It was the Summertree residents who initiated meetings with UIF to discuss options to resolve our water quality issues. UIF never voluntarily offered options or reached out to the Summertree customers…

… During this entire three-year interconnect process, UIF. management continues has proved itself to be indifferent and untrustworthy which reflects badly on Utilities, Inc. of Illinois, Corix and indirectly on bciMC.

… We believe Utilities, Inc. of Florida profiteers and preys on Pasco County retirees and Canadian pensioners. Let us go!!! We do not need or want UIF to continue as our utility provider. Please tell Corix to tell Utilities, Inc. of Florida to accept the $3.8M offer from Pasco County Utilities to purchase the Summertree system. Our American retirees and Canadian pensioners are tired of being victimized by Utilities, Inc. of Florida, a dysfunctional monopoly who depends on rate increases to make their profits….

Seems like the bcIMC has a habit of living off people’s misery, like all the fraudulently obtained surplus funds that are in the bcIMC care and control such as the combination of 4 provincial worker compensation illegally begotten surpluses.

There will be more to come on the Worksafe story however the above information ties into several aspects we have covered on this blog. We have previously touched on the Desmarais Family connections to the global bankster cabal  here, Power Corp, Russian Spies, Saddam Hussein, Brian Mulroney, the Global Banking Cabal all connected?
 We also touched on such connections that make a global racketeering ring possible with the story of The Investment Funds Institute Of Canada, the BCSC, KPMG, BCIMC and Paul C. Bourque. Then with BCIMC, BCSC, Serco, The BC Attorney General Office, All Connected To RICO Crime?  we continued to outline the connections among global financial firms that facilitate a web of racketeering among financial firms, government agencies and regulators.

We will now note that Trudeau's budget in 2018 will further facilitate the type of corporate and government crime we have been demonstrating as the cabal continues robbing Canadians and people around the world.
 Of course the scandal that is currently engulfing the PMO's office regarding SNC Lavalin is an excellent example of the types of opportunities legal loopholes such as deferred prosecution offer corporate raiders.
See an article from CBC on how SNC Lavalin lobbiests planned to use the new deferred prosecution agreement laws that were slipped through in the 2018 omnibus budget bill to escape prosecution, Inside SNC-Lavalin's long lobbying campaign to change the sentencing rules

 SNC Lavalins history is a long and checkered affair, the latest scandal involving the PMO is simply another mark on a long list of questionable and illegal activites involving SNC Lavalin.

See questions regarding SNC in Africa.
SNC Lavalin - African Tax Shelter?  

 The reality is like most law being passed of late in this nation, they are designed to protect the criminal and hide wrongdoing rather then uphold justice and the true rule of law.
3. Protecting the Public Or Protecting a Racket? Concerning Details in Trudeaus Budget set Stage for SNC Lavalin and Numerous Other Corporate Thefts, Frauds, and Rackets

Disturbing news regarding last years budget for Canadians. The budget includes provisions that weaken the law so that corporations can escape punishment for crimes.
 The rule of law is being dismantled in every segment of industry. Although a few MPs on all sides rightfully questioned deferred prosecution as law, it was passed without much of a whisper or word from the public in a large 2018 budget bill.

See exert from CBC below,


A federal proposal that would allow prosecutors to suspend criminal charges against companies in certain cases of corporate wrongdoing has been quietly included in the Trudeau government's 582-page budget legislation.
In fact, its inclusion was so discreet, even one Liberal MP studying the legislation was caught by surprise.
The government intends to move forward with an amendment to the Criminal Code to create an optional tool for prosecutors that's sometimes referred to as a "deferred prosecution agreement."
Such agreements are designed to encourage more companies to come forward to self-report corporate crimes and to identify individuals for prosecution. If it lives up to its end of the bargain, the company as a whole would avoid facing serious criminal charges, which could include bribery, corruption and insider trading.
The change, however, has raised concerns among lawmakers, including Liberals, on the House of Commons finance committee, which has been analyzing the broader budget bill.

A few members of the all-party committee said they were first made aware of the change only after it was brought to their attention during the testimony of a senior Justice Department official late last Tuesday night.
The explanation by Ann Sheppard, a senior counsel in the criminal law policy section, prompted many questions from members who recommended the provision on the deferred prosecution agreement be removed from the legislation because it was such a significant change that they thought it warranted more thorough study.

Liberal MP worried 

Some also called for the provision to be studied by the House of Commons justice committee, which they argued has more expertise when it comes to changes to the Criminal Code.
Liberal MP Greg Fergus told the committee at last Tuesday's hearing that he was concerned the change appeared to be designed to give those implicated in white-collar crimes "a little slap on the wrist."
"I do have some serious questions about this," said Fergus, who said while he had read through most of the large budget bill before the committee hearing, he hadn't seen the deferred prosecution provision.
"It seems we're letting those with the means have an easier time of it than those who don't have the means."
In her explanation, Sheppard described the regime as a new tool that would give prosecutors discretionary power to seek an agreement with a company accused of economic crimes when it's in the public interest. The charges against the firm would be stayed pending the successful completion of the agreement, she said.
The legislation lists 31 qualifying offences, including bribery of a foreign public official, municipal corruption, fraud, theft, forgery and insider trading. The government calls the proposed system the "remediation agreement regime."

 See source for the full story -
Federal Budget Bill Quietly Proposes Tool To Ease Penalties For Corporate Crime

  Once again governing bodies in Canada that are supposed to protect the public and administer the rule of law are working to dismantle the rule of law and protect those who are robbing the public en-masse. Even some of Trudeaus own party members are concerned about the future and where we are going.
 We are told that this measure is only to protect innocent pensioners, shareholders, and jobs however this is simply deception designed to pacify the public. The common mantra used is that jobs will be lost, this scares the public into believing that such measures are in fact necessary and good when the opposite is often the case. See a case in point.

4Sears Bankruptcy or Sears Theft? Where is Finance Minister Morneau?

If protecting pensioners and jobs for the public was actually an important priority for the current governing regime then why did they stand down and do nothing as Sears Canada was driven into the ground and destroyed by vulture capitalists who simply walked away with severance and pension money that belonged to the Sears employees?

 The mainstream media will tell you this company was in financial trouble however a look at the actual financial situation will tell you a different story..
 See an exert from an excellent article written by Mr. Tom Parkin of the Toronto Sun on the Sears Bankruptcy.

Imagine checking your bank balance to find your account had been drained. Or opening your kids’ education account to see a zero balance. Or logging into your retirement savings and finding it’s gone.
Now imagine you know who took it. That politicians let them. That they wrote laws so courts can’t help you. Even that a top politician was benefiting from it.
It’s no surprise why the Sears bankruptcy is a big discussion in workplaces and among friends. What was done to Sears workers is immoral. And Canadians in company-run pensions are afraid it could happen to them.
It wasn’t inevitable. Sears wasn’t a company that just couldn’t keep up with a changing world. NDP Pensions Critic Scott Duvall called it “almost a planned bankruptcy.” Others have called it vulture capitalism.
Whatever it’s called, since 2005, almost $2 billion was extracted from Sears Canada through special dividends. In November 2013, while losing $49 million a quarter, a special $5 dividend sucked nearly $500 million out of the company.

 See source to find out who benefited from this bankruptcy - Liberals More Interested In Protecting Morneau Then Canadians Pensions

  Yes, for those of you who followed the link and read Mr. Parkins article on the Toronto Sun you read correctly. None other then your Federal Finance Minister Morneau profited directly from the Sears Bankruptcy through his company Morneau Shepell, he has once again been busy helping himself and his big money friends steal as much as they can from Canadians.

 The hardworking Sears pensioners are being grifted by corporate raiders with the help of the government they pay tax money to for protection and security.

 Should we be surprised, not really. We have already detailed how Mr. Morneau is involved in racketeering along with his friends at Blackrock.


Morneau Shepell Inc, Black Rock and bcIMC.

 It will be very hard to reform the financial system in Canada when the coruption starts at the top.
Whether it be the refusal of Federal Finance Minister Mr. Morneau to speak of or recognize the COMER vs. Bank Of Canada case before Canadian Supreme Courts which would eliminate debt money (interest paid to private corporations who create money out of thin air) and restore sovereign money to the people and/or the scandal regarding the involvment of Mr. Morneau and his firm Morneau Shepell Inc and its ties to offshore accounts, the finance ministry is compromised from the top.

  See Black Rocks Morneau Shepell holdings below

Morneau's connections to offshore accounts can be seen here at Offshore Leaks.

 Who else owns shares in Morneau Shepell?
The bcIMC of course! (Now BCI)
  Here are the holdings of Morneau Shepell by the bcIMC seen at the bottom of this screen shot.

Why is this important? Firstly this is the man who is in charge of Canada's finances, it is vital to understand who is investing in his firm in order to understand what possible influences the Finance Minister may have when acting for the nation. Second we note that the regulators will have a hard time going after Mr. Morneau for tax evasion or any other financial frauds when regulators like the BCSC own securities in the bcIMC which in turn owns securities in Morneau Shepell Inc. Its like the dog chasing its tail.. Its never going to work.
 Third we note that Mr. Morneau is very connected to Black Rock Inc. which is one of the primary advocates and will likely be a key beneficiary of the new Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB)
 See an article from CTV here for more on concerns with Black Rocks involvement in the new bank,
CTV - Federal Cabinet to Have Final Say On New Infrastructure Bank Projects - Morneau.

Source - BCIMC, BCSC, Serco, The BC Attorney General Office, All Connected To RICO Crime?

 So there we have it clearly demonstrated that Finance Minister Morneau and PM Trudeau have committed Canadians to paying more of their hard earned money then needed for infrastructure projects through the creation of this 'Infrastructure Bank'. This money will go to Black Rock Inc and other global private investors in this project and Canadians will own less and less of the infrastructure and resources in this nation.

 The SNC Lavalin scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, the racket that Morneau and Trudeau as well as many other past prime ministers, public officials, law enforcement and judicary have been a party to or covering for in this nation is mind boggling and vast.

5. Debt Money, Sovereign Money, the Bank of International Settlements Basil Accords and COMER:

 The Bank of Canada used to be able to create sovereign low interest money that it could loan at ultra low interest to the provinces for infrastructure projects, healthcare, education etc, however under the Basel Accords signed by Trudeau Sr. the Bank of Canada now must borrow money from the international banking cartel through the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). The BIS is owned by all the major worldwide banks, together they create money out of thin air which they then lend to nations and the public usually with significant interest attached. These debts can never truly be repaid because the interest has no real value except as debt collateral to the banker or tax collector. This is because no labour, no resource and no intellectual property were actually derived of the interest itself.

 Both the current and past Prime Minister have done their best to keep the public unaware of the fact that a group of business men and financial rights advocates have attempted to sue the BOC in Supreme Court in order to return the BOC to its original purpose and return the stolen interest money to Canadians. See exert below from the Independent Daily UK


From 1938 to 1974 the publicly owned Bank of Canada created interest free money (Sovereign Money) in the public interest to end the Depression and to transform Canada’s Infrastructure. This state created money was loaned to the federal government and provincial governments at extremely low interest rates; this interest was then returned to the government account. The result was to produce one of the largest Allied navies during WW2, building the St Lawrence Seaway, the Transcontinental Highway, the Transcontinental Railroad, Schools and Colleges, provide Social Services, Medicare, Family Allowances and Old Age Pensions and University training or Land grants to WW2 ex-servicemen.
During this time inflation was low and the National Debt was substantially constant at only 18 billion dollars
However, in 1974 the government with world recession caused by the massive oil price rise due to the OPEC embargo bowed to pressure from the privately owned Bank of International Settlements (The central bank of central banks) and again the money supply was created by and rented from the banks with the State borrowing from the banks by issuing Government bonds. The result was that from 1974 to 1987 the National debt increased to 523 billion dollars, the Canadian Railroad was closed and businesses that were self- financing before 1974 were encouraged to take loans from the banks.
In 2011 the Canadian Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) fought back by commencing a legal action of suing the Government for failing to create interest free money and lending at extremely low interest rates to the federal and provincial governments as was done from 1938 to 1974 with great economic success. The Canadian suit is still proceeding and has succeeded in being moved to the High Court of Canada despite government efforts to have it squashed. (Not reported in the Canadian mainstream Media).
(a) The Crime of the Canadian banking System – Bill Abram (An interesting video)
(b) COMER – Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform EST. 1986
Call for Renaissance of the Bank of Canada
The History of the Bank of Canada
(d)  The Case to “Reinstate” the Bank of Canada
The Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform:  filed a lawsuit on December 12th, 2011, in Federal Court to try to force a restoration of the Bank of Canada to its mandated purposes. In essence, they want the Bank of Canada to provide interest-free loans to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as provided for in the Bank of Canada Act.

 Source -


 Instead of allowing the Bank of Canada to print low interest capital to fund infrastructure projects, PM Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau would rather partner with Black Rock Inc to ensure Canadians pay more for any projects they fund, and own less. They are siphoning wealth from Canadians and others around the world.

 See an excellent article from the Guardian that outline how even Bank of England economists have admitted that money is essentially an IOU.

 It is not by accident that we are a nation that is being driven to financial destruction and the blame is not on social programs, immigrants or a failure to embrace globalism, rather the destruction stems from servicing interest on a debt that essentially cannot ever be repaid. It cannot be repaid because the interest in this debt was created out of thin air and has no value attached to it such as the value of labour, goods, or even an idea has in todays time.
 This creates a crushing effect as a small circle of people (bankers) have the abilty to access wealth without debt, they then use this wealth to loan to the public so that they can put them further in debt. When this debt or the interest on it can no longer be repaid then that asset such as real estate is seized by said banks and the circle will start over.
 On top of that of course war is used to boost the economy and the common man is sent to die for a bankers bottom line.

We are not far from seeing the same deliberate financial ruin that is plaguing Europe and South America happen here if it is not already.
 What we are witnessing, the financial catastrophes in Greece, Italy and France is the result of interest paid on debt money that is created out of thin air by a cartel of private banks (BIS, IMF, World Bank etc.) who then lend it to national banks of governments around the world such as the Bank of Canada.

It is not as some may suggest the result of Socialist governments who spend to much on the social programs for the nation, this is a lie that has helped ensure divide and even a disdain for the poor that continues to grow the suffering.
 Sovereign national governments who control their central banks and create low interest money can afford such social programs and national infrastructure projects because they do not have significant interest payments attached to the creation of their money. As long as just courts, open and democratic voting process, freedom of religion, belief, freedom of speech, right to life and property, and the true rule of law remain in a nation then there will be none of the negative connotations associated with socialism to worry about.

The idea of public banking is not Communism as some claim, it is simply a sovereign right every individual on the planet should have. That is the right to unlock the economic value both their labor and consumption provide, without paying extra for the right to do so (taxes, interest). It is equal opportunity versus equal wealth distribution, equal wealth distribution
is a central tenant of Communism.

 (It should be noted that the threat from Communism is  a real one and increasing again today as our government is both being infiltrated and seeks to increase ties with the Chinese where nothing gets done without the hands of the Chinese Parties say so.)

 Equal opportunity such as the right to free or low cost quality healthcare, legal system, and education is not communism as there is no redistribution of others wealth to accomplish the funding of such projects. We can restore equal opportunity through the restoration of the ability to print sovereign low interest money at the BOC, this in turn would create a strong vibrant economy with a healthy skilled work force. Ideally these conditions would be conducive to entrepreneurship and this would lead to people throughout the nation having  skin in the game so to speak.

 Private banks such as TD, HSBC, ScotiaBank and others have also created the right for themselves to create money to lend to the public out of thin air and charge significant interest for it. When you take out a loan from the bank that money is not money that the bank had in a vault, that money is created with a pen or today keystroke out of thin air and then lent to you with interest.
 It is not as some may suggest the result of Socialist governments who spend to much on the social programs for the nation, this is a lie that has helped ensure divide and even a disdain for the poor that continues to grow the suffering.
 Sovereign national governments who control their central banks and create low interest money can afford such social programs and national infrastructure projects because they do not have significant interest payments attached to the creation of their money.

 Such restoration of the Bank Of Canada would also allow Canadians to solve a key issue in many of the nations regulatory systems.
 No longer would regulatory systems such as the BC Securities Commission have a need to be a self funded enforcement agency, they could instead be funded through near zero interest money from the BOC.
 This would help eliminate the conflict of interest that comes with having a self funded, self regulating financial regulator. Regulatory and Law enforcement agencies would have money to pursue much needed criminal investigations instead of having Regulators receive funding from the industry in order to cover up and hide criminal wrongdoing.

 Also contrary to popular opinion the use of sovereign money is not inflationary.

 See Canada's Debt soar since the Basil Accords were signed.

 The reality is the current banking system is simply burdening the public with money that can never be paid back because the value of the interest attached to it outweighs the original value of the commodity, land, intellectual property or labour that the creation of the money was attached to.
 This is the 'debt money' slavery system that has been instituted by the international bankster cartel over the planet.

See a part of an excellent piece below from US Lawyer and public banking advocate Ellen Brown which sheds more light on pratices of corporations like BlackRock and Blackstone. These are corporations which our Federal government seeks to increase ties with as it partners with BlackRock on the new Canadian Infrastructure Bank.

“Private equity” is a rebranding of the term “leveraged buyout,” the purchase of companies with loans that then must be paid back by the company, typically at the expense of jobs and pensions. Private equity investments may include real estate, energy and investment in public infrastructure projects as part of a privatization initiative. Blackstone is notorious for buying up distressed properties after the housing market collapsed. It is now the largest owner of single-family rental homes in the United States. Its rental practices have drawn fire from tenant advocates in San Francisco and elsewhere who have called it a Wall Street absentee slumlord that charges excessive rents, contributing to the affordable housing crisis. Pension funds largely contributed the money for Blackstone’s purchases.
BlackRock, an offshoot of Blackstone, now has $6 trillion in assets under management, making it larger than the world’s largest bank (which is in China). Die Zeit journalist Heike Buchter, who has written a book in German on it, calls BlackRock the “most powerful institution in the financial system” and “the most powerful company in the world”—the “secret power.” Yet despite its size and global power, BlackRock, along with Blackstone and other shadow banking institutions, managed to escape regulation under the Dodd-Frank Act. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, who has cozy relationships with government officials, according to journalist David Dayen, pushed hard to successfully resist the designation of asset managers as systemically important financial institutions, which would have subjected them to additional regulation, such as larger capital requirements.

Source - Blackstone,BlackRock or a Public Bank for Californias Money?
 Ellen Brown


The general lie that has been believed in regarding finance  Canada is that the nation has a trustworthy and sound economic infrastructure whether it be the banking system or the regulatory system that governs it.
 This is far from the truth however, the reality is that as we have demonstrated Canada is a global hub of money laundering, terror financing, racketeering, fraud and so much more.
Did we really escape the 2008 banking crisis unscathed? No, we paid the price for banks to profit thanks to our traitorous ruling politicians and bureaucrats. See how Canadian banks were bailed out by the Harper administration and you paid for it whether you knew it or not.
Canadian Banks Quietly Bailed Out To The Tune Of $114 Billion .

 On top of that Canadian Banks can sieze customers (victims) funds in the case of insolvency in the manner of the Cyprus banking 'bail in'.

 In other words if banks make bad decisions that result in the loss of profits for the bank and threaten them with bankruptcy  they can seize customers assets and replenish their coffers with this cash in order to stay solvent.

 Note that this is another law snuck through in a yearly budget, again by Stephen Harper all the way back in 2013!

 This is not free market capitalism or democratic in any way, it is outright theft and slavery.

6. Wells Fargo Fraud, Colorado Pension Fund Sues Canada's Big Five Banks:

Why are these topics important and how is it all connected? Lets go back to the new federal budget bill and a sneaky provision that allows prosecutors to literally exempt corporate players from criminal prosecutions. They may be forced pay a fine or restitution payment however as we know from examples such as the case of Mr. Alan Blanes and is father Harold, the restitutions ordered by our courts these days are rarely just or appropriate. The recent penalties to Wells Fargo in the US are another good example of what kind of restitution these financial firms will have to pay for what should be indictable offences on both sides of the border.

  We refer to NY Magazine on this topic who sum up the insanity of the 'legal system' quite nicely,

In the last few years, a bunch of Wells Fargo employees committed serious crimes. That’s the clear takeaway from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s announcement that it is levying its largest-ever fine against the bank. Wells Fargo will have to pay out $100 million to the CFPB, plus $85 million to other authorities, for a pattern of fraud, dating back to 2011, in which its employees opened up a vast number of new checking and credit accounts without account holders’ consent or knowledge. The employees, about 5,300 of whom have since been fired, were hoping to rack up incentives the bank provided to employees for roping customers into new accounts.
Naturally, those 1.5 million checking accounts and half a million credit cards caused giant headaches for the consumers who didn’t sign up for them: In addition to the fact that they were charged overdraft and maintenance fees, some customers also dealt with — and, surely, are currently dealing with — significant hits to their credit scores as a result of not staying current on accounts they didn’t even know they had. They’ll likely have difficulty securing home and car loans at reasonable rates for years to come, simply because their bank decided to defraud them. This was criminal activity on a massive scale, and it is going to have lingering effects on innocent people’s abilities to live their lives.
It’s worth asking: Will anyone go to jail for this? The fine, after all, makes for a good headline but is actually something of a pittance: $185 million is just 3.3 percent of the $5.6 billion in net income Wells Fargo pulled in in the second quarter of this year. And whatever monetary penalties were assessed, there’s a strong case to be made, here as anywhere else, that individuals who engage in fraud should, well, be prosecuted for committing fraud. That’s sort of the point of the legal system

The depressing answer is that it’s quite unlikely anyone will face criminal sanctions for Wells Fargo’s scheme. While the CFPB has left that door open, the Department of Justice is very unlikely, if recent history is any guide, to walk through it. (The DoJ is the agency that matters here, since the CPFD itself doesn’t have the power to launch criminal investigations, but can refer its cases to the DoJ for further investigation and potential prosecution.)...
 Please see source for the full story,

 Source -

 Of course this is simply one example of thousands of massive fraud schemes that are being perpetrated on North Americans and the rest of the world, the reality is that there are far to many of these racketeering operations going on right now with the knowledge and help of various governing officials.

 As many of CBC's Go Public segments demonstrated in 2017 and 2018, the Canadian banking system has many flaws, we just lie about them and cover them up. We pretend white collar crime isn't a crime at all, we fail to see its connections to deeper global issues such as war, human trafficking and the drug trade when in reality these interconnected issues are destroying nations around the globe.

Last year in the US Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan), the Colorado Fire and Pension fund launched a class action civil suite against nine banks including several Canadian banks.
Toronto Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, CIBC, and the Canadian National Bank have been named co-conspirators in what is deemed to be violations of US Anti Trust, Commodities and Anti Racketeering laws.

 See an exert from the Calgary Herald below for more,


Suppressed Rates

“Defendants conspired to suppress CDOR by making artificially lower submissions that did not reflect the true rate at which they were lending Canadian dollars in North America,” according to the Jan. 12 filing in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. “Economic analyses show that defendants consistently made CDOR submissions well-below prevailing Canadian dollar money market rates, inexplicably offering to lend for less than what it cost them to borrow funds.”

The banks held on average more than US$1 trillion in CDOR-based swap contracts with U.S. counterparties during the period covered by the class-action suit, according to the filing.
Representatives for the Canadian Bankers Association, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions declined to comment.
CDOR is the interest rate benchmark used to set terms on short-term loans of less than a year. It’s set by Thomson Reuters each day based on submissions from the banks and used to determine rates on bankers’ acceptance contracts.

Canada Response

Canadian regulators took steps to prevent any potential manipulation of the rate in the 2014 in the wake of allegations that global banks had rigged the Libor benchmark in the U.S. and Europe.
OSFI, as the bank regulator is known, said in 2014 that it would begin supervising the governance and controls surrounding the banks’ CDOR submission process and outlined expectations for their work, including providing rates in a consistent manner.
Royal Bank was among 16 global banks sued by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 2014 for its role in manipulating the London interbank offered rate from 2007 to 2011. Royal Bank of Canada continues to face litigation risk from Libor-rigging investigations, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.
* The case is Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado v. Bank of Montreal, 18-cv-00342, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan)

Source - Canadas Six Biggest Banks Accused in US Courts of Rate Rigging


For more on this case see the below link.

Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado v. Bank of Montreal, 18-cv-00342, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York

 Serious questions need to be posed to the OSFI, Provincial Securities Commissions, the RCMP and FINTRAC here in Canada. Why stand by and continue to allow these financial crimes to occur?
 Where have these agencies been and what have they been doing for the past thirty (or more) years that has caused crime such as racketeering, extortion, fraud, and a myriad of other crimes to have become the norm in Canada?

 7. How Did Offshore Banking and Racketeering Become The Norm In Canada?

 An article in the Toronto Star highlights further concern regarding offshore tax evasion in Canada, it is simply being legalized and billions if not more is being siphoned out of the country.
How Offshore Banking is Costing Canada Billions of Dollars a Year.

 In some cases officials are correct in that some of what is being done is perfectly legal however this does not make it right, nor does it address the issue of where the money came from. Much is being siphoned off the public on both sides of the border in North America then quickly sent to Offshore banking centers just in case anyone actually gets wise, they wont get the cash.

Many may read this and think all this is simply the result of a Liberal government however these issues have been festering through multiple Conservative and Liberal governments on the national level.
  Unfortunately although there are certainly some good people in the each party what Canadians need to understand is that this is not just a 'Liberal' or 'Conservative' issue, there are key members of the Conservative, NDP, Liberals, and Green Party that are all corrupt or compromised. This is not a matter of 'right' or 'left' wing policies or failures, in fact these very concepts and the parties that represent them are simply constructs of a system of governance that is designed to divide and conquer.

 Former Prime Minister Steven Harper ensured an environment that allowed such racketeering as we have been demonstrating to take place, an excellent article illustrates how Mr. Harper moved to have KPMG act as an official advisor to the CRA even thought the KPMG was in the middle of hiding the fact it was caught in a tax avoidance scheme trying to hide $130 Million. As we know this is routine behavior for KPMG who have a notoriously terrible track record when it comes to fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. See exert from Media Co-Op on how Canadian officials work to continue tax evasion in Canada.


Harper was a renowned bag man for helping the rich hide their money in tax havens, away from public services starved for cash.
A 2013 attempt by some European nations to at least pretend to go after tax cheats at the G8 were scuttled by Canada. According to the Financial Times:   "Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, is resisting  – partly on the grounds of tax confidentiality – plans to crack down on aggressive tax avoidance and evasion by requiring the disclosure of the ultimate owner of shell companies."
That same year a CBC analysis of the government found that the government had been super lax on going after tax cheats from the ICIJ leaks and two other big data leaks in 2007 and 2009, when nearly 1,900 Canadian names were given to the Canada Revenue Agency.
P.E.I. Senator Percy Downe - a 10 year crusader again tax evasion on the Canadian senate - accused Conservative Revenue Minister Gail Shea of stonewalling information on how much money Canada loses in overseas tax evasion.  She was also refusing to shell out money for leaks on tax cheaters - something that the US and Germany do frequently. The Conservatives instead cut money from the CRA that was supposed to be used to go after evasion.
Things have turned out OK for the former PM though. He’s now, with no law training mind you, working for law firm Dentons providing advice to their clients on “maximizing value in global markets.” You might remember Dentons as the  Canadian law firm that provided advice to KPMG clients about using tax schemes to hide assets.
This might explain why the CBC reported earlier this year that: “The Harper government forged a partnership [in 2014] with a major Canadian accounting association, formalizing it as an adviser to the Canada Revenue Agency, at the same time as the group sought to fight the CRA in court to shield the files [held by KPMG] of multimillionaires who had stashed money offshore.”
It also might shed some light as to how the KPMG tax dodgers cut a secret deal and got offered full amnesty from prosecution or penalty after they were caught hiding at least $130 million. KPMG also avoided any penalty. 
Things probably aren’t getting any better under the Liberals.  While they’ve pledged an additional $88 million to fight tax evasion in the CRA (and have a committee looking at the KPMG case), the latest leaks show that Liberal Finance Minister (yup, you read that right) Bill Morneau appears as a director of a Bahamian subsidiary of the human resources firm he headed before being elected.
A spokesperson for the Toronto-based firm, Morneau-Shepell, stated the Bahamian subsidiary was not about avoiding taxes, though it’s unclear from their interview in the Toronto Star why they chose to register the company in a tax haven rather than say a Scotiabank branch in Jamaica.

See source for full story
Canada A Tax Cheat Leader After Harper


So after spinning your head with a myriad of connections of the governing and corporate entities that enable you to be robbed and whom may be committing such a crime we must remind you that this is not a far fetched fantasy.

 Even the claims on this blog that false flag terror is a tool often used against the public as we saw during 9/11 are not outlandish by any means. We must remind the public that it is a fact that NATO had 'secret armies' inflict a campaign of terror on Europeans in order to sway political movements with Operation Gladio. Why should we think this would not be done in North America?

Recent breakthroughs in US Courts will see evidence of insider and treasonous crimes committed or aided by high ranking members of various US government agencies, all involved in the plotting and execution of the False Flag 9/11 attacks presented to a grand jury.


 NEW YORK, N.Y., Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has received a letter from the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York in response to its and 9/11 Family Members' Petitions ( demanding that he present submitted evidence of yet-to-be-prosecuted federal crimes relating to the destruction of WTCs 1, 2 and 7 to a Special Criminal Grand Jury.  The letter states: "We have received and reviewed The  Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc.'s submissions of April 10 and July 30, 2018.  We will comply with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 3332 as they relate to your submissions."  (The letter is at

 Source - Sept. 11th Legal Breakthrough: U.S. Attorney For The Southern District Of New York Agrees To Comply With Federal Law Requiring That He Submit Evidence Of Still-Unprosecuted Federal Crimes At Ground Zero On 9/11 To A Special Criminal Grand Jury


 While some may find all this hard to believe and incredible they must the state of the world we see and how we got here. The chaos, the war, the terror and disease are not by accident they are all designed to enable profits and keep the public distracted as life is sucked from people across the planet.

 We have already covered the Canadian connections to 9/11 with articles such as the follwing among others. Does The BC Securities Commission and other Canadian Regulators Oversee Companies Tied To 9/11 Financing And Attempted Coup of Russia?

 Of course BCSC CEO Brenda Leong was paid a 'retention bonus' of over $130,000 to stay on as CEO of the BC Securities Commission another year and protect the very rackets we have demonstrated on this blog.

As mentioned in the link to the article above, the BCSC is looking to transition into a national regulatory system however we know that this will be more of the same sham in different clothes. See how the future national regulatory system plans to eliminate its duty to ensure the integrity of the markets and replace it with the ability to prop up a dead horse and silence those who would tell the truth when it comes to costing the market money.

 Many will tell you these various securities commissions including the BCSC have the right to do what they have done and render the various judgement they have rendered however we maintain that the BCSC is legally compromised and cannot make a judgement according to the true rule of law as it facilitates crime and does not prevent it.
 As we have mentioned many times the BC Securities Commission has no legal remedy for its criminal behavior although it continues to cover for the crimes of the global bankster cabal.

 As we have demonstrated in previous articles, bcIMC (BCI), BCSC, Serco, BC Attorney General Office all Connected to RICO crimes - racketeering, fraud, extortion and a myriad of other crimes are all common elements of many of our so called regulatory agencies and governing bodies.
 Of course many of these crimes are supposedly not crimes anymore as laws have been changed to ensure the criminal is protected and the victim silenced. (Think SLAPP Lawsuits, and the decriminalization of fraud and deception in the securities markets among others)

 For those of you that have read the previous links you will know that a foreign company Serco is owned by a multitude of financial corporations and their funds, this communications company operates the communications for a wide number of government agencies in the US and Canada. This includes the Office of the Attorney General in BC. This is why we believe that regardless of any good intent of the BC Attorney General, efforts to clean up such financial corruption as we have demonstrated on this blog will be compromised due to who controls the communications of the AG Office.

 Recently BC Attorney General Mr. David Eby has released plans for new legislation designed to protect whistle blowers and witnesses to crime in government and anti-Slapp legislation designed to protect public from lawsuits that muzzle them. While the proposed legislation may not yet be perfect, this is certainly a step in the right direction. All this however could still be compromised for several key reasons, one such being very simple. The communications company that controls the communications for the Office of the BC Attorney General is owned and controlled by large financial firms and funds, many of whom or which are connected to the same entities that control funds like Blackrock. Until this changes even the best intentions of the AG will be thwarted.
 Likewise law enforcement needs to be willing to back up laws and carry out legal enforcement on behalf of sovereign citizens rather then corporate overlords, something not currently done in BC or Canada.

It is unfathomable that as more criminal activity gets exposed by the public, the response by those responsible for administering justice is to decriminalize or lessen punishment for such crimes, the time is now to change this.

More to come..