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   More on the proposed new CMSA and the national regulator that will go with it. This paper is written with commentary from the stakeholders and  is a little long so I will simply provide a link at this point, however there will certainly be more to come on the subject in the coming weeks. What I will do however is examine a couple of concerning issues in the new proposal. Who are the stakeholders in the new CMSA? We shall certainly get to that in due time, one does not need look much farther then the current 'stakeholders' in the BCSC and other Regulatory bodies. For now we will simply have a glimpse at what I can only term as insanity. Let me explain however first the link..

 The link to the
 (If the link does not work those interested may email me for hard copy at

The first issue I will address is that according to the content of this paper the CMSA is meant to be a 'complimentary' piece of legislation that will accompany the proposed uniform Capital Markets Act which will unify the currently differing provincial legislation. (More on the CMA later)

 The plan is to be put in place this summer 2016, this is very dangerous as it simply will enable the current robber barons to continue committing Regulatory Fraud on investors and entrepreneurs alike throughout Canada with no consequences. In the meantime legitimate start-ups and small businesses will be destroyed and some will even see innocent people sit in prison with the new Criminal Enforcement powers given to the new Regulatory agency. This will be at the same time FAKE investment advisors continue to rob Canadians by knowingly selling them bad investments because somehow the current Regulatory Regime including the new one seem to think that an investment advisor/adviser should no longer be obligated to act in their clients best interest. Larry Elford details this well here at

 In essence the powers outlined in the drafting of the new CMSA are simply the power to manipulate the market and the power to steal peoples assets, this will come along with expanded surveillance capabilities of course. This will help the hidden 'stakeholders' and the large unscrupulous corporations the regulators like the BCSC collude with to rob the rest of the nation find the ripest cherries on the tree for picking.

 Lets examine how the new CMSA plans to replace 'integrity' with 'material', no matter how the lawyers want to disguise the fact the new CMSA has no interest in integrity or the truth only material gain. This is not the purpose of a regulator and creates a dangerous monster.
 See the removal of 'integrity' and the substitution of 'material adverse effect' in its place.
 In plain English what the new CMSA intends to do is remove its duty to the truth and integrity and instead focus its job on ensuring that the markets look good by constantly whitewashing anything that as they say may have an adverse material effect on the market. If the regulatory regime in this country did its job they would not have to worry about having to prop up the appearance of the market. Why does all the legislation focus on giving the CMSA the power to manipulate the market and prop up a dead horse rather then the power to go after the ones who killed the horse?
 The reason, the new CMSA is a tool of the Bankster Cartel that is designed to help continue the robbery of the nation and its people on a mass scale.
 See a glimpse on the new Criminal Enforcement powers,
 While I certainly do not argue that their are real fraudsters and criminals out there to whom this act may best apply however given what we know about the current actions of our current Securities regulators these will simply be powers used to rob the pubic and hide the criminals all while pretending to maintain market integrity.
 See the following links relating to the massive amount of criminal activity perpetuated by our very own Financial regulatory regime.
 Link to multiple reports in a Banking Ombudsman study on the state of the Regulatory system in Canada confirming that 13 Canadian Financial Securities regulators are a sham and simply defraud the population to the tune of an estimated $500 Million a week minimum. This is done with the help of the large banks who are stakeholders and a number of shadowy companies that are used by the 'Cartel' or 'Cabal' such as W.C.W. was in the Water War Crimes saga. (
 The Ombudsman report.
 The idea that the new CMSA and the CMRA will simply be new beefed up versions of the same old regulatory regime is absolutely criminal.
 See plans to proceed with the perpetuated robbery of our nation in Fall of 2016 below..
 Welcome to the new world of Securities regulation in Canada where 'integrity' no longer belongs..
As always stay tuned for more..


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