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 In a recent statement from BC NDP's finance minster Carole James regarding the massive amount of unpaid fines owed to the BC Securities Commission Ms. James questions why the vast number of unpaid fines have gone uncollected by the BCSC.

 These comment can be seen here in a Vancouver Sun article
Hundreds Of Millions In Fines Issued By BC Securities Commission Go Unpaid

 Of course we know why these fines have gone unpaid, at least some of them anyway.
Even thought the BCSC has rendered its judgements and filed them with BC Supreme Court it still must take the accused to court to seize their assets.
 While the BCSC claims that this is very hard due to the fact that the money is hidden and/or spent we know that this also is not entirely true.

 One of the key reasons the BC Securities Commission lets these fines go unpaid is that the BC Securities Commission and many of its staff including former Head of Criminal Enforcement Ms. Teresa Mitchell-Banks operate in a criminal manner with no adherence to their own rule nor the rule of law.

 We have demonstrated this in many posts, articles and countless letters to public officials, here is a little on that subject from The Chicago Daily Herald.
Does the Rule of Law not Apply To the Financial Markets? What Happened to Civil Rights and Due Process?

 The BC Securities Commission does not protect the markets, it is a weaponized agency whose purpose is give the impression of a tough on crime agency for the public while behind the back of the public it assists a vast criminal network that is looting our province on a grand scale. It does not actually want its actions looked at in a court of law. Even if it is the BC Supreme Court where cases are often fixed by this same vast criminal network, its very risky as the evidence against them is mounting in a wide variety of cases.

Maybe its time to ask why the BCSC owns Securities in the BC Investment Management Corporation, the BCIMC in turn owns hundreds if not thousands of financial securities, many tied in to British Columbia.
 This can be seen here.
BCSC Owns BCIMC Securities, Does BCSC Know Definition of Words Like Conflict Of Interest?

 Any real digging into the BC Securities Commission will reveal a criminal network potentially spanning the globe. This is not mere conjecture, there are many case like the cases that have been demonstrated in this post.

 The connection between BCIMC and BCSC is organized crime at its best, not only is the BCSC a criminal agency with no regard for the rule of law the BCIMC through its vast holding of companies is very likely worse.
 One of the BCIMC's many crimes is to burn down the home of Jack English and Family and steal his $200 Million dollar ocean front property near Tofino BC.
 The Full Story on BCIMC and its Crimes Against the English Family

 The BC Securities Commission will never address these crimes because it is a major part of them as many have experienced.
 The proposed new National Regulator will be no better, its simply designed to hide fraud and perpetuate it.

 My name is Christopher Burke and the BCSC has found me guilty of trading without a prospectus yet the BCSC cannot take me to court for the multi million dollar fine it has levied against me not just because I do not have the money and never did, but because how it came to its judgement was through an utterly criminal process. I am not guilty, I was actually a victim. The same can be said for many others who had to deal with the BCSC.
 Flawed would be too kind to describe their investigations and indicate this was not a purposeful undertaking when as has been demonstrated on my blog and many others the BCSC is a criminal organization. Christy Clark and Michael DeJong were aware and did nothing but aid and abet. Ms. James I sincerely hope you and Mr. Horgan plan on restoring the rule of law in this province because justice is coming with or without you. We the people will no longer tolerate these crimes against us.

  The BCSC is a Sham.

Christopher Burke
250 863 9787
BC Securities Commission A Sham (TM)
WWII Vet Appalled at Lack of Rule of Law in Nation, Vows to Spend Rest Of Life Restoring It

Saturday, 18 November 2017

WWII Veteran Appalled at Lack of Justice and Rule of Law in Canada, Vows to Spend Rest Of Life Ensuring Justice for Others

 More from the Desk of Alan Blanes.

 We have previously reported on the story of Alan an his father Harold Blanes many times as they continue to push for the restoration of the rule of law in the economic sector.
CBC's Go Public also featured the Blanes and their quest for justice this summer.
CBC Go Public Reports on Forged Documents

Another of many posts from the desk of Alan Blanes.
Finance Ministry Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

 Below is further dialogue from Mr. Blanes on the subject of financial fraud in Canada across all spectrums that is perpetuated and aided by the very regulators that are supposed to protect us.


"Dear supporters of the Valid Governance Principles of Original Society Culture - as compared to the Immaterial, Incompetent and Irrelevant Nonsense that is Plaguing Securities Regulation in BC:

Earlier today, I answered a question from a member of the Ontario Securities Commission Advisory Council on the deliberate dehumanization and bad faith that has been imposed on my father, Harold Blanes, by the government standing by and defending regulatory capture that uses fraud and issuance of counterfeit contract documents in order to trap senior citizens who are seeking Guaranteed Saving Certificates. 

The fact that the government of BC allows such bad faith, may forfeit it of having governance over this field. It is time that there is real restoration of the pre-colonial values that are needed if we are to have credible investment regulation. 

On Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 6:42 PM, Alan Blanes <> wrote:
Yes Ken - Dad signed a form marked "Great West Life" on February 1, 2007 that stated that it would provide an income no later than the end of the first calendar year [which would be 2008]. My parents at the time assumed that this was just an insurance scheme to guarantee the proposed GICs. After this - the next day, my mother Gladys Blanes, was admitted to hospital and lived until Feb 28, 2007. Instead, this non-performing false offer of contract, that was signed, did not "provide an income", it provided a $25,000 drop during the last quarter of 2008. This means nothing to the fraud enabling and facilitating regulative sham agencies. It never registers with these enablers to ask a simple question: "why were all the forms that were given to Harold and Gladys Blanes riddled with misleading hints of "guarantees" when they were instead covertly serving up mutual funds?" Do not regulators have any clue of the fact that this constitutes deceptive dealing? If they do not grasp this, why do they not grasp it?
How anyone could believe that this nonsense documents that dad was "asking for segregated funds and just not remembering" - defies credulity. I expect that the government of BC will clue in that it has to challenge this dehumanizing bilge, or its authority to regulate investment could be threatened has having no legitimacy. Courts have been providing many decisions that confirm Indigenous title in BC - and when a level of government proves that it is incompetent to oversee investment regulation, then the other governance structure must be investigated as to whether it would govern investment according to Original Society rules. No elder abuse...No violation of Mother Earth...Only investment that leaves us better off in 7 generations --- those values may have to replace the colonial rip off model.
I will be speaking to sincere Green Party activists who are familiar with the writings of Prof. Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) about the possibility of banning colonial investment customs that include elder abuse and deception in their business model. I have completely had it with non-regulation of investment in this province, and I know that on this Remembrance Day, my dad is just not willing to allow his experience of impunity for bad faith dealing - to mean that his client experience will be used to further destroy the protection of good faith dealing... something that everyone must demand.
Here is a link to Professor McAdam's book: m/?module=swm_ecommerce&page= product_detail&categoryID=4& productID=102
I will keep you apprised of anything that may come from this.


On Nov 10, 2017, at 6:36 PM, Alan Blanes <> wrote:

Good afternoon to Doug MacKay, BC Securities Commission and Stuart Cavers, BC Ombudsperson:
Just a reminder Doug, from our conversation last week, when you stated that you would contact the Complaint Department of BCSC and find out when precisely the Harold Blanes' complaint concerning his experience with Investors Group, was officially acknowledged as a complaint with the BCSC. Since then, we are in receipt of no answer.  When you are able to provide this information, please send a copy to "".
Mr. Stuart Cavers has requested that all information pertaining to genuine complaint origination with the BC Government be given to him by today's date. 
I would appreciate your co-operation in getting the record clearly understood at all levels within the Government of BC that, for years, Harold Blanes has stated that he contracted in good faith for GICs to be held in trust by Investors Group in 2007. Instead of that company  following through on what was stated in the March 15, 2007 signed agreement, they told Harold Blanes two years later, in 2009 "You are not a client of Investors Group...You are a client of Great West Life". The Investors Group company claimed that Harold Blanes actually asked for segregated funds but has forgotten about that due to "failing memory" [sic]. 
Despite sympathy from BC Government departments, Harold Blanes has seen nothing but the enabling of fraud, by the unwillingness of each official to acknowledge simple factual records. 
The letter from Sheila Vickery of the Complaint Department of Investors Group from August 17, 2009 stated that there is no evidence that Harold Blanes ever asked for GICs. The letter of Tom MacKichan from Jan 7, 2010 claims that Harold Blanes chose against GICs due to them not paying enough. This is not supported by the FACTUAL RECORD, as it clearly demonstrates that Harold Blanes did in fact ask for GICs from the record signed March 15, 2007. 
The question arises: Why have BC Government Ministries chosen to ignore the fact that an elderly senior can demonstrate that he did in fact ask for GICs and the protestations of this from Investors Group are disproven by the paper trail? The question is "why": ... Does not the Government of BC have a commitment to protect the elderly from predatory deceptive dealing??? Are the retirement years of an old WWII veteran that expendable - that he can be put through years of unending hell, when a simple questioning to Investors Group on the matter of whether Harold Blanes, or did Harold Blanes not, sign a request for GICs on or about March 15, 2007, and if so, what would have nullified this part of the record??? 
Harold Blanes is one of about 60,000 WWII veterans who is still alive out of over a million who acted to protect Canada as a representative democracy, at Juno Beach in 1944. He did his share to enable us having an accountable form of governance. The letters from Heather Wood of the Ministry of Finance demonstrate no acknowledgement of a rationale of any kind, for the inexcusable abuse that is being suffered by Harold Blanes. He acted in good faith at all times - yet blatant lies and treachery, are being defended by the BC Government against this citizen. Simply repeating that the regulators believe he never requested GICs is just not good enough, when the record shows the opposite. 
Harold Blanes would like to know - if BCSC is aware that the IIROC Rule 2500 is supposed to be carried out on new and modified accounts - and the portfolio file shows clearly that this process was never conducted - why does the BCSC not regard this as indicative that IIROC is not capable of any form of "enforcement", if it fails to treat its own rules seriously? 
Harold Blanes is not going to sit back and expect to have to get another $51,000 bill for legal services over something like this, that he was forced to spend over the Canaccord case. He wants to spend his remaining time on Earth ensuring that his experience does not become a benchmark for corrupt investment management - he, as a responsible citizen, does not want future people to be treated as expendable "marks" to be sacrificed for maximization of profits within a system of organized impunity for blatant, overt swindling. 
Please give Mr. Cavers the record of when Harold Blanes' originating complaint was received, and also if you would provide a reason for failing him so completely and needlessly, and also please try to justify the fatal level of stress that this derelict policy imposes on those who are trying to uphold responsible and honest business practices. I - as an advocate for Harold Blanes, have been diagnosed with a very hormone-dependent form of cancer. I can only surmise that the reason for this is that my system has had to generate unusual amounts of cortisol - as a reaction to the constant frustration suffered by the dehumanization and neglect that passes for governance of the investment industry. 
I do not give up hope that eventually the impulse to stick up for simple accountability will emerge within a social democratic form of government. 
Best regards,"
Alan Blanes, for:
Harold C. Blanes
More to come