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Restoration of the Rule of Law in Canadian Finances – From the Bank of Canada to our Financial Regulators

Restoration of the Rule of Law in Canadian Finances – From the Bank of Canada to our Financial Regulators

The challenges facing Canadians in regards to the restoration of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose as a creator of 'Sovereign' money instead of 'debt' money are broad and complex and must include a complete revamp of the financial regulatory systems. These subjects are vast and the issues are deep as I have come to learn after meeting with and speaking to various Canadians who have experienced a myriad of unlawful behaviour from a wide range of Financial Regulators inside Canada.

The restoration of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose should be the number one priority to any Canadian concerned about where this nation is headed in the future. Without control over our finances as a nation we cannot begin to address any of the many other key issues affecting this nation, from healthcare, education, eradicating poverty, to environmental issues and more, retaking control of our finances is key. This article will simply address a couple key topics that may at first glance seem unrelated but are very much interconnected. I will try to be brief on what are very complex issues and how they are intertwined.

State of the Canadian Economy a House of Cards

There are many Canadians who have no idea the type of financial house of cards our economy is, they may point to supposed economic prosperity during the Harper era or they may look at our tech success stories along with the rising commodities and stock markets and conclude overall Canada's economy is as healthy as any. This however is far from the truth as many of us have learned, the markets are propped up and manipulated through a variety of measures. This is not to say every stock is a scam or that you cannot make money at all, this is to be clear however that the central bankers control the end game and have ensured a monetary system whereby all real tangible assets flow towards them while they hold the ability to create the paper money that we purchase these assets with out of thin air.

The Central Bankers flood the market with 'debt' based currency often pooled into large institutional funds somehow connected to one of the banks and use this money to drive up the price of real estate, commodities and various other costs of living.

We as a Canadian people tend to sell these assets as a nation far to early when we should be holding and developing them for there long term value. In return for assets which vary from anything such as gold mines or tech firms to properties in the Alberta oil sands we accept debt based monetary currency that is constantly decreasing in value as more is printed. Whether it is printed in the US or Canada does not matter, it is more debt based money which someone somewhere must service, the corporations and institutions that hold control over these debts are finding more and more ways to ensure these 'debts' are serviced by the taxpaying public and not the bankers ultimately responsible for them.

What is Money? Who Controls It? The Restoration of the Bank Of Canada.

The case of COMER vs. The Bank of Canada has done an excellent job of pushing the case for the restoration of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose of providing debt free capital for infrastructure and public services. (1.)
One of the biggest hurdles of course to restoration of the Bank Of Canada is educating the public on money. What is money? At its core money is nothing more then an IOU, in fact it is the original IOU.
  It is a promise to return something of value, typically either physical goods and/or commodities or services to be rendered in the future. In today's society we also find intellectual and digital virtual world properties of sorts providing stores of value as well which brings a seemingly infinite possibility of economic growth, however that is a subject for another time. While we must be cognizant of these aspects of the future economy our focus here is money and the regulation of it.

 Essentially money is an agreement between two parties that one party will oblige the other with goods or services in the future in return for goods and/or services provided at present to that party.

Now imagine that someone wants to stand between us and charge us both for literally the use of our own IOU's any time we want to want to conduct a transaction between ourselves and another party.
Now on top of that consider the fact this third party has restricted your right to create capital through the creation of Central Banking, Central Banks have been disconnected from the general public and put under the control of private foreign bankers who operate in a bankster haven through a corporation accountable to no one and no law. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS). (2.)

So when money is needed, nations that used to print sovereign money in order to fund projects such as hospitals, infrastructure, schools and universities now borrow that money off of a foreign conglomerate of bankers who print the money out of thin air and charge interest to the nations borrowing it.

This interest of course is paid by we the people in the form of tax and other various hidden charges.

While I am not religious I do believe there is major significance to the actions of Jesus in Mathew 21.12 and Mark 11.15 when he kicked the money lenders out of the temple. We the people are the temple of God, money lenders do not have the right to control the lives of we the people.

Although history and Christianity itself downplays this event I believe it was of major significance at the time and a major reason that lead to the plotting of his crucifixion.
Jesus was a threat to the profit margin of the bankers of his time, the tax collectors and money lenders who lived on the gains of usury. The financial enslavement of others often through debt.

The case to restore the Bank of Canada and eliminate usury is essential to restoring the health of the nation. As many of you are no doubt aware from 1938 to 1974 the Bank of Canada printed Sovereign money free of debt to the private bankers, Canadians enjoyed a much higher standard of living during this time along with a vastly reduced unemployment rate. The restoration of the ability to print sovereign money by the Bank of Canada for Canadians is only half the battle however. People must be able to put that capital to work in a safe and productive environment or the end result will be not much better then before the Bank of Canada was restored.

Regulatory Reform – Our Current Model and the Proposed New CSA and CMRA Are Not The Answer.

The current regulatory model of our Provincial Financial Regulators in Canada is nothing but a extortion racket. For now I will use mostly the BC Securities Commission as an example as I outline what 'regulation' and 'compliance' really are and how the Regulators use there positions of power to manipulate and control markets. The positive effects of restoring the Bank of Canada and making an influx of debt free money available to the public will be severely muted if something is not done about our current regulatory system. Both the public stock markets such as the TSX and TSXV, the private venture capital markets, small and medium sized enterprises as well as the full range of financial services such as insurance, bonds, mortgages etc are affected by a very flawed regulatory system.

When people look to invest their money it will simply get siphoned right back out of their pockets given the current regime.

The BC Securities Commission is described as a Corporation that is self funded and self regulated. The BC Securities Commission has stakeholders, some of these stakeholders are private corporations that are owned directly by the TMX Group Inc. The Five largest banks in Canada own a an average of over  %25 of the TMX Group. (3.) How can banks and the stock market be allowed to own a stake in the regulators which regulate them?! How can a Financial Securities Regulator own 'Securities' in a corporation which does business inside its own jurisdiction and yet be expected to remain impartial in its regulation of the markets when it has skin in the game so to speak? (4.)
This is a conflict of interest that is criminal. How can a Corporation act as a Regulator when the principle characteristics of each are fundamentally opposite?
  How can the Banks own a stake in the Regulators that are supposed to police them? This is a clear conflict of interest and no matter how the Securities 'experts' and lawyers attempt to spin the facts letting the banks own an interest in the Regulatory regime is akin to letting inmates design their own prisons. This is why we have so called financial planners who no longer have to sell products that are in the best interest of the client and they can do it with regulatory blessing. Its in the best interest of the banks who keep the market liquid with capital to ensure securities are sold regardless of their fit for the client, the bank takes a cut no matter what. The reason the Regulatory regime goes after small business and private capital is that these pools of capital threaten banks and the banking industry. Compliance in their words is a 'cost' to be paid, not the operation of a corporation with integrity working in the interest of shareholders and ownership.
  If fair and unbiased regulation of the markets is continuously costing loss of revenue the 'Regulatory Corporation', is going to find new profit centres to ensure its survival just like any good CEO of a Corporation should. The problem, making a profit is not the purpose of a regulator! Ensuring the integrity of the Financial markets is the purpose of a Financial Regulator.
Many businesses pay the costs of 'compliance' such as those associated with preparing an Offering Memorandum and/or a Prospectus so that they can maintain 'compliance' while they raise capital.
  The problem is that their is very little accountability demanded from these businesses after they have paid the cost of 'compliance'. The current Regulatory regime has no real interest in where the money goes and whether a legit businesses is being run, it simply wants its fees for paperwork.
  Simply put we are being extorted on a national level by the big banks and financial regulators who attempt to use confusion, fear, and deception to hide what is truly happening.
  The trend in the financial world of late has been for Governments to let all sorts of Regulators police themselves in whats termed SRO's, self regulatory organizations. The problem is that no one is held accountable and conflicts of interest run deep as many of these organizations also happen to be self-funded. Our regulators run as businesses who in current form exist to keep themselves in business rather then do their job and regulate the markets. Until this changes we will continue to see fraudulent practices and deception as standard procedures on behalf of all of these regulatory regimes.
How can a self-funded regulatory agency act in a fair and unbiased manner when its very existence may depend its abilities to levy fines for regulatory 'infractions' that its tribunals find have been committed by the market participants it is mandated with regulating? What would the natural interests and tendencies of a self-funded and self-regulated organization be? How can one think that such an organization would not operate in its own best interest given such a conflict of interest? If the governing bodies and individuals in charge can look us in the eye and tell us with a straight face that this will not present a conflict of interest and hinder the duties of a regulatory body tasked with ensuring the integrity of a Financial market then they are either bold-faced liars and thieves or complete morons.
Either way they should no longer carry places of responsibility in Financial governance as they are unfit to carry out the duties required of office.
Regulatory capture has allowed large corporate players to ensure competitors are weeded out early sometimes with the help of regulators and/or corrupted lawyers who ensure that their clients are never 'Compliant'. Then there is also the flip side whereby regulators look the other way and ignore mass financial crime they are aware of, often committed by large multinational corporations with no regard for human life. Again I must reiterate that not every large multinational corporation, every law firm, or even every law enforcement official is corrupted or complicit in these types of crimes however the market is certainly not 'free'. It is controlled and manipulated by a 'Cabal' as a Member of the Privy Council the Honourable Paul Hellyer calls it consisting of many individuals and corporations woven into strategic places of influence and power so that they may steer markets, laws and government policies where they want. In addition they have the ability to crush competitors before the get off the ground through regulatory capture.
  The link provided here is regarding the proposed new CSRA which had planned to take over the roles of the BCSC and the OSC in the fall of last year, they have delayed launch for a couple of years now. The problem is that it will simply be the same old charade, however even worse this new monstrosity wants Criminal Enforcement powers so it may imprison people who do not pay the cost of 'Compliance' or refuse to toe the line. The entire regulatory regime in Canada is a sham and a charade and now these criminals want the power to silence those who tell the truth with imprisonment. This link should give some insight into the future that will be our regulatory regime if we do not act now to ensure change, the type of change that will eliminate or vastly reduce the conflict of interest that arises when Financial Securities Regulators become Corporations. 

While I am happy that the truth regarding financial deception en mass involving the real role of many so called financial advisors is starting to become public, I remain concerned that this will simply give the establishment pretext for the new CSRA and the CMSA which remain major threats to the rule of law. The CMSA is designed to accompany the CSRA and 'support' its ability to do its job, what it really does is attempt to legalize the ability of the regulators to completely whitewash the markets and hide truth. See the below snapshot of their plans to remove integrity as a purpose of the new regulator.

So as if the current financial regulatory setup was not bad enough the new setup plans to have the power to hide the truth if it negatively affects the markets! Clearly this is insane to anyone who understands or appreciates the fundamentals of justice and the rule of law.
The current financial regulatory model is seriously flawed due to the very premises regulators like the BC Securities Commission are based upon. These so called impartial and fair financial regulators are by design nothing but fair or impartial as they exist upon multiple conflicts of interest that perpetuate deceit, theft and fraud on a mass scale. Keep in mind I have only scratched the surface in terms of how severely the Canadian and even global economy is affected by the current shell game played by large multinational corporations with the aid of our so called financial regulators. The impact of the many market rigging tools at the disposal of corrupted lawyers, bankers and public officials such as the Derivatives market cannot be underestimated. These markets are used and manipulated in order to manipulate the price of real world goods and services while providing no tangible assets themselves. They are simply bets at a casino that the market or a segment of it will move up or down yet these bets often have huge effects on markets. Who really profits as cash is thrown at a paper asset class with no real value, only the bankers profit in this mass Ponzi scheme. If you though your Financial Regulators were there to help you, think again..

It time to take back our finances on every level from the Bank of Canada to the Financial Regulators,

restoration of justice and the rule of law is vital to restoring Canada as a healthy and prosperous nation for everyone not a select few who rule from an ivory tower and live off the backs of the public.


Christopher Burke


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