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No Answers Or Accountability From the BCSC - Serious Questions For All Canadians Regarding Our Financial Regulators

An Open Letter To CEO of the BC Securities Commission Brenda Leong.

  Dear Brenda Leong,

 Why No Answers Or Accountability From The BCSC For Its Criminal Actions?

 For a few years now we have been asking you a number of serious questions in regards to the behavior of numerous staff at the BC Securities Commission of which you are the CEO.

 We have accused you and your staff of a wide variety of criminal behavior and even filed criminal charges against you that you had stifled contrary to the rule of law.
List Of Criminal Charges Against the BCSC

 As you know the issues at the BCSC run much deeper then our personal case defending ourselves from the actions of your agency.

 Did Former Kelowna RCMP Chief take the Fall for BCSC and its CEO?
In regards to our own case, the case of the former directors of U-Go Brands v. the BCSC.
 We filed criminal charges against you and your staff which you conspired to have obstructed, are you the reason Nick Romanchuk had to suddenly retire?

 See below a letter to former Kelowna RCMP chief Nick Romanchuk regarding our charges against the BC Securities Commission that we filed in spring of 2015.
Letter to Former RCMP Cheif Nick Romanchuk re BCSC Criminal Charges

 Did Nick Romanchuk take the fall for you and the crimes of your employees Brenda?

 When we filed Criminal Charges you left us no choice as we had tried to come to a reasonable and amicable agreement with you in regards to the BCSC and its charges against us.
 This is not over by any means Brenda, charges will be laid against you and the criminals in your agency one way or the other. Now the rest of the nation is starting to wake up and realize what a sham you and your regulatory agency really is. See CBCs top story on an issue you and the other regulators have been aware of for a long time and yet done nothing about.
 Financial Fraud CBC's Top Story

Questions About Our Financial Regulators All Canadians Should Be Asking.

 Once again we ask you Brenda some serious questions regarding what goes on at the BC Securities Commission not just in regards to our own case but on the whole. The BC Securities Commission gets up to some very disturbing things contrary to its stated purpose and your mandate Ms. Leong.

   Below is the stated purpose of the BCSC.

 In addition we see that you Ms. Brenda Leong have a personal accountability statement regarding your duties as CEO of the BCSC.



Source -
 Why did Former Director Of Criminal Enforcement Teresa Mitchell-Banks get Fired?
 Your statement regarding accountability Brenda is a bold faced lie, there are many of us who have been demanding answers from your agency for its Criminal behavior for a long time now.
  If the BCSC was accountable to the public we would have answers for these events. Why are staff quitting and being fired? Where did former Head of Criminal Enforcement Teresa Mitchell-Banks go?
Why is the BCSC Trying to Scrub the 'Missing File' From Public Records at the BC Court Of Appeal?
 Why did the BCSC attempt to scrub the following case from record Brenda?

Why Does the BCSC Deny Due Process and the Rule of Law?
Why does the BCSC deny due process and the rule of law in its proceedings?
 Does the Rule of Law apply to Financial Markets? Former Director of Criminal Enforcement Teresa Mitchell-Banks certainly didn't think so according to the above post.
How Can The BCSC Operate Free of Conflict Of Interest As A Regulator While It Owns Securities In The Market It Regulates?
 Brenda how can the BCSC operate free of conflict of interest to ensure accountability and integrity of the market when it owns 'Securities' in a large fund which owns hundreds of financial securities in the very market the BCSC is supposed to regulate?

How New National Securities Regulators Will Be Even Worse Then The BCSC And The Other Current Regulators.
 You mention that you and/or members of the BCSC have been working closely with the new national regulators on policy and procedure. This is extremely concerning given the current behavior of the BCSC as an extortion agency that simply hides the truth and acts as an accessory to criminals in suits.
We have documented a few serious concerns about the new agencies and how they plan on removing the mandate to uphold the 'integrity' of the market and replace it with a mandate to 'ensure no material adverse affect.' They want the power to whitewash the truth and prop up a dead horse, this is the plan for a new national securities regulator, I am not surprised then Brenda that you claim your agency has helped in guiding the new regime. Destruction of truth seems to be the MO at the BCSC.
Why Do Securities Commissions Assist Predatory Behavior?
 Financial Securities Expert Larry Elford has posed this serious question numerous times in regards to how the BCSC and the rest of the provincial securities regulators actually help rob the public.


How Can the BCSC Operate Without a Shred Of Credibility Left?
 Ms. Brenda Leong, how can the BC Securities Commission operate with any shred of credibility when it is clear that deception is its Modus Operandi?
Soon the public will find out the entire truth about the BCSC, its already starting to happen.
We will no longer tolerate the rampant destruction of our nation and its future by yourself and those like you who have used your position of power to rob people and obstruct justice in order to enrich yourselves and your friends.
 The BCSC has no remedy under the Securities Act for its criminal behavior.
 Why have you been silent and refused to answer our questions Brenda? Is this what your lawyers instructed you to do so that you would not further incriminate yourself? Why did you lawyer up and why have your lawyers not done what they said they would do? Why have they not charged me for continuing to talk to the press and the public regarding my accusations against the BC Securities Commission?
Christopher Burke
 250 807 7870




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