Thursday, 5 January 2017

West Georgia St. Hustle

Attn. BCSC CEO Brenda Leong, Finance Minister Michael DeJong

  You have been aiding and abetting malicious criminal behavior.
   As we have previously mentioned to you, in addition of your hiding and/or aiding and abetting of criminal behavior in the following cases there is yet more.. You cannot hide from this any longer..

 See the current stories of how the Georgia St. Hustle works in Vancouver,

A quick over view of the BC Securities Commission a Sham story
 See our another perspective on this story at

Further on the subject of the criminal behavior of the BCSC.
 Is it routine for BCSC investigators to use false information to make their case?
 What do people at the BCSC have to say?
 We have said this multiple time on the BCSC is a Sham site and we are not alone in having good reason to believe the BC Securities Commission runs an extortion racket.
It Gets Bigger.. Barrick Gold, and Global Fraud all hidden by the Regulators.
The Barrick Fraud

CBC News exposes Regulators for a sham.
More on Barrick Gold.
Over to Alberta and Goldman Sachs.
New National Regulator wants power to permanently whitewash financial crimes.
How about another company destroyed by Barrick Gold?
Brenda, Mike - No matter how much you try to twist it the truth will always win, the decrees of judges and supposed law enforcement officials that there are no crimes here are blatant lies and simply further obstruct justice. They have no legal validity. You may call black white and white black but we all know what it is and what you are.
 How long do you think you can escape justice? Do you think we are scared of all of you who abuse your power and have attempted to destroy us? There are now more of us then ever and we will not stop. You are done..

Christopher Burke
250 807 7870

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