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The War On Gold

The following exert provides a little more insight into the war on gold, why, how, and a few mass heists of note. Source below.

The War on Gold

As we have seen, the Banksters hate Gold as a component of the monetary system, but nevertheless conspire to hoard it and profiteer from it at the expense of the productive people.
Gold, as part of the monetary system, is the Banksters’ number one nemesis as it constrains their ability to print and profiteer, and they have long sworn to destroy it as a monetary asset, while profiteering from it. The Banksters have literally declared war on Gold; to excise this 5,000 year old Money of the People from the system with every available means, and that includes every criminal plot they can muster.

After Bretton Woods the US ran the London Gold Pool from 1961 to 1968; a cabal of 8 countries led by the US and 7 European Central Banks, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK, while the US supplied 50% of the Precious Metal to suppress the price to the pegged $35.20/ounce agreed on at Bretton Woods.

US official Gold Holdings
However this proved a monumental task as the US was running huge trade and budget deficits, mostly due to the Vietnam war, and started to print enormous amounts of Dollars, not backed by Gold, which engendered a Gold bull market of massive proportions and prompted European countries to redeem their paper $ for the Gold they were assured under the BW Agreement. This caused the London Gold Pool to collapse in 1968, but only after the US lost some 12,000 tons, from just over 20,000 tons down to a little over 8,000 tons. And that's how hugely important the suppression and destruction of Gold as a monetary asset is to the Banksters!

Then after the ‘Nixon Shock’ Gold was sporadically sold at auction to further suppress the price.
Then Gold commenced to be traded on the Comex Exchange in 1975, and thus began the paper trading of Futures, which allowed the Banksters to use ‘Naked Shorts’ to suppress the price of Gold, manipulate the market and make huge profits at the expense of all other market participants, i.e. the productive people.
Futures markets are the manipulation in itself, so the Banksters love these markets as it allows them to rig and profiteer on a gigantic scale!

Under Clinton’s Rubin/Summers/Greenspan gang the Gold in Fort Knox has evidently all been stolen, leased, sold or otherwise misappropriated.
At the same time some 1.3 to 1.5 million tungsten blanks of 400 ounce London good delivery bar, LGDB, were manufactured and of those 600,000 were gold plated and shipped to Fort Knox to replace the stolen Gold. There is apparently a trail of Waybill documentation which would prove this scenario, and the Chinese discovered some of these fake Tungsten bars in a shipment, which traced back to the US according to the serial numbers of these bars.
The rest of the blanks is said to have also been gold plated and either sold, or waiting to be used in some way to discredit and destroy the gold market.
The Chinese re-refine their gold to 99.99 and cast it into 1kg bars so they’re certain not to be duped.

The IMF has also conspired to destroy Gold as a monetary asset and introduced the Special Drawing Rights, SDR, to replace Gold as the anchor to the financial system and as a 'reserve'.
Who are the biggest Mugs, i.e. victims of Banksters' machinations? Of course SDRs are just another

Fiat Currency
infinitely printable to suit the Banksters's ploys and to save the system from collapse by inflating and bailing out bankrupt countries.
The IMF also forbids member countries, under their articles of association, from backing their currencies with Gold as part of their (un)declared war on Gold.
In 1992 Switzerland was maneuvered into joining the truly vile IMF with the enthusiastic support of the Swiss banksters, and there are very 'good' (bad) reasons for this. This fatal move was, as always, sold with spurious 'heart warming' and conscience appealing lies; the IMF were an institution which was in the business of 'Development Aid' and in support of poor Third World countries, while nothing could be further from the ugly truth!
In fact the exact opposite is the reality, the IMF is designed to rape and plunder these already poor nations, and every nation foolish enough to indebt itself to this Vulture Capital Fund of the WS Banksters!

The Banksters running the IMF clearly want all countries to be under their control and party to the Fiat Currency Crime Racket, with which Banksters are free to print as much currency as the market can take, to enrich themselves on this fake confetti 'money' conjured up out of nothing, and thus enslave the productive people in debt!
The IMF's rule forced gold out of the Swiss monetary system and it became another ploy of the Banksters to dump this vital asset onto the market to further depress and destroy it. The Government, taking advice from the banksters, moved to dispose of much of its Gold accumulated over many centuries, in another ploy sold with the same spurious lies and conscience appealing ruse of creating a 'Solitary Fund'!

Needles to say that the Swiss Banksters were enthusiastically in support of this Franc destruction move. This opened the door for the Banksters from the Swiss National Bank, SNB, to hock off the Swiss people's Gold, and right at the bottom of the market!

Gold has been systematically suppressed for many decades by the Banksters, but in a truly bizarre twist of conniving and treachery, 15 of WS’ top Banksters met in early April 2013 at the WH, just hours before the most concerted and ferocious attack on Gold and Silver, revealing complicity and collusion at the highest level in this suppression crime.
Banksters had gotten themselves into a very tight spot and were just hours away from defaulting in their Fractional Gold Market racket, where every single ounce has at least one hundred claims to it.
Gold is considered fair game by the Banksters who have literally stolen tens of thousands of tons of customers' Gold, pooled and allocated Gold, private clients' and sovereign customers' Gold, and sold it to gamble with the proceeds or to park it with the Fed and earn interest on it and to show up as reserves on their books!
Comex data now shows hat this fractional gold racket has at least 500 claims on every ounce of gold.
So the banksters are free to suppress and smash Gold at will with the connivance and under the protection of the highest 'authorities', and with the CFTC turning two blind eyes!

So vital is their war on Gold deemed by the criminal banksters that the entire matrix from WS, the Fed, BoE, USG-ESF, Comex, LBMA and BIS are engaged in the surreptitious Gold suppression/destruction crime against the productive people.

Artist impression of the NY Fed's empty Gold Vault. The NY Fed is custodian of the Sovereign Gold stored in the US and many countries have entrusted their Gold with that criminal entity.
Germany has some 1,530 tons of its 3,396 tons of Gold 'stored' there but when a delegation arrived to inspect their own Gold they were fobbed off with the most puerile and insulting excuses not even a 5 year old delinquent brat would dare to pull, while the delegation was shown a 'representative' Bar!

Of course all the Gold has been stolen and sold 500 times over, and that's why these criminals suppress the price, since they can never replace it as the market is extremely tight and would be in the order of many, many multiples higher than the artificially low, suppressed price of today.
Many other countries have their Gold naïvely entrusted with this criminal corporation in NY and only the Dutch were granted their 122.5 tons of Gold back in one fell swoop in November 2014!
Why, one might ask, did the Dutch get their Gold back where the Germans ware flatly refused?
Well, one has only to look at the big picture and think of MH17 shot down over the Ukraine and the involvement of the USG at the highest level, the Dutch connivance in many aspects of this atrocity and keeping all findings of the faux 'inquiry' a secret!

But where did they quickly get get that much Gold from when the markets are extremely tight?
  • There is Gaddafi's 144 tons stolen from the Libyan people by the US during their heinous crime against this peaceful country in 2011, but that's long since been sold hundreds of times over.

  • Or the Ukraine's 44 tons stolen in a midnight raid by the US during their mayhem and country destruction in 2014, but that wouldn't go far enough and has also immediately been sold to cover their Naked Shorting Crime Racket at the Comex.

  • Or the 45 tons Venezuela was forced to lease out in exchange for fiat currency after the US' all out assault on their currency, economy and oil price destruction against that country, Iran and Russia!

  • Or the well in excess of 50,000 tons stolen by the Bankster matrix (WS, Fed, CBs, BIS, USG-ESF) of everyone's Gold, Sovereign and Private, stored at the NY Fed, Banksters' vaults at WS, London, Zurich/Bern, Paris, Frankfurt etc.!
    But import/export data shows that there is a massive flow of Gold from London, Zurich, Paris and New York into Switzerland where it gets re-refined and recast into 99.99% 1kg bars and then out again into Hong Kong and Shanghai; in all accounting for all of these tens of thousands of tons and more!

  • Or was it some of the 1.5 million Gold plated tungsten bars manufactured by the Jewish Greenpsan/Rubin/Summers gang's reign of terror?

  • Or some of the 170 tons hurriedly removed just hours prior to the 9/11 attack by US military personnel from under the twin towers?

  • Or some of the 10,000 tons stolen by the US in Iraq, which in turn was mostly Gold stolen by them from Kuwait?
    (Has this Gold ever been returned to Kuwait, or has it been stolen just like all the other Gold of every other sovereign nation?)

  • Or is there still some of the hundreds of thousands of tons of Gold around the Japanese looted from across Asia in the early parts of the 20th century which they stored in the Philippines and then was stolen by the Yanks when they conquered the Philippines?

  • Or some of the Gold hoard amassed by US puppet, former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh?

  • Or any of the tens of thousands of tons of Gold amassed by any of the many US puppets installed over the decades who looted their countries and stored it in Gold parked in London and NY for 'safekeeping' and then stolen by the US Banksters?

If all these surreptitious crimes, theft, Gold Swaps, re-re-re-hypothecation, 500 fold fractional Gold sales, underhand leases etc weren't enough, what's even more galling is that this overt and brazen rigging and suppression crime is patently used to 're-capitalise' the criminal, parasitic and bankrupt Banksters, at the expense of the other market participants, i.e. the productive people!
This after their fraud and crimes against the productive people got them into this situation in the first place, being caught out by market reality! But the parasitic banksters have full control over government and 'regulators' so they're free to rape and plunder with complete impunity!

To put the Banksters' war on Gold into the proper perspective, consider that Gold is the productive people's choice of money and are globally lining up to protect their hard earned wealth by storing it in Gold.
The parasitic Banksters' war on Gold is simply a vile attempt to save their gigantic, private, criminal Fiat Currency Crime Racket, with which these parasites can literally rape and plunder humanity's wealth by the trillions by enslaving everyone into debt to themselves with their confetti currency and with fraud and crimes of every description.

It is also the deliberate destruction of a world wide industry in the business of mining the people's choice of Money: Gold and Silver!
The permanent suppression of prices to far below the true all up costs of mining these precious metals is an attempt to destroy the mining industry and trillions of productive people's wealth invested in this nobel industry.

In that it constitutes the biggest crime against humanity, since Gold as Money would end the Debt Slavery and Bankster Oligarchy's rule of exploitation, wars, tyranny, death and destruction!

This bankster war on Gold concerns every human being on the planet, as it is, by proxy, a war on them, the productive people, for whom the choice has always been Gold to store, preserve and safeguard their hard earned wealth.
Gold is always owned by the person in possession of it at any given time, and can't be forged and multiplied as the banksters' private fiat currency which is being printed by the Trillions.

The preceding is an exert from an article of which the full version can be found here.

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