Saturday, 7 January 2017

Thank you Kelowna RCMP and IA.

 We would like to clarify a few things in our second last post

 The Kelowna RCMP will no longer do the dirty work of scumbag Lawyers and the crooks at the BCSC. We apologize if the blog entry above hinted they may. The RCMP who contacted us was from Vancouver or so he claimed. We have yet to verify whether or not he is really even RCMP, or if he is whether he was acting on official orders or simply doing some dirty side work for these clowns in suits posing as lawyers and officers of the court.

 We would like to thank the Kelowna RCMP detachment as well as RCMP Internal Affairs for their efforts to ensure that public officials would no longer abuse their power and hide behind a badge to do so. We know there are good officers in this city, thank you.

 We also know that unfortunately there are still many dirty ones throughout Canada who are abusing their power, often simply because supposedly honourable public officials and powerful individuals have them do so. In some cases these officers fully know what they are doing.
 In others we believe they are not told most of the information as to what is happening and why its happening. They are simply following orders which is fair to a certain degree but cannot overshadow the rule of law which must always be adhered to in the course of the administration of justice.

 We have reason to believe that many Pension funds, Union Funds and other public and private money are victims of the very financial crimes that we are attempting to warn the Canadian and American public about. There are far more innocent victims even throughout our various government agencies then there are crooks. The problem is that no one is aware or understands the scale of the financial fraud being perpetrated on Canadians. Fraud emanating from the Central banks and protected by the Regulators.
 Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! These Banksters and Judicial Mafia are to stupid to realize that once their dogs of war figure out the truth they will eat them alive.

 This is not mere conjecture, we recently spoke with a member of a team with 'special' forces in the U.S who indicated that a great many of the very individuals who were being used maliciously against the public are now aware of who the real enemy is in North America. They are pissed. Its not ISIS, its not Russia, its not even our own Governments (Canada, US) although many agencies are used as tools of oppression. Its a shadow government we call the Cabal for simplicity sake. Its members exist in every major industry, but banking, weapons, drugs, oil, and GMO food (read weaponized food.) are its core components. It literally seeks control over every aspect of the life of every individual on the planet. In order to achieve that goal it will create chaos, steal, kill, and destroy creating endless terror in order to justify having us all give up our liberties and live as slaves to a supposed 'elite' class of banksters who have deemed themselves as gods. The current war on cash and the drive to ensure people cannot subsist on their own or live of the land is an example of the total control the Cabal seeks over life on this planet. The Cabal has forgotten that this planet does not belong to them any longer, justice is coming.

 See Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul T. Hellyers book the Money Mafia for more on the Cabal.

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