Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hey Leong! Just What Is It You Say You Do Around Here Again?

Hey Leong! Just What Is It You Say You Do Around Here Again?

  We can see you make some claims about accountability and responsibility and some other words, words we're fairly certain to which you do not know or fully understand the meaning of in your 2015/2016 Report to the Finance Minister.
 Lets have a look at your performance or lack thereof over the last few years and see how you are earning that salary.

First lets look at your words and some of the supposed operating premises of the BC Securities Commission.

    We must interject here to show what kind of work that the BCSC is supposedly doing to get a new Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System up and running.

  Why would the Regulators want to remove integrity as a function of their mandate and replace it with a mandate to ensure no material adverse effect? This is akin to propping up a dead horse instead of ensuring the horse lives a healthy life. You want the power to cover for the fact you do nothing Brenda?

    Brenda why are the new Regulators looking for ways to hide the truth? Is this not contrary to your stated mandate and supposed purpose?

                                           Brenda Leong Accountability Statement cont.

We continue on to the stated purpose of the BC Securities Commission,
  We know this must be a joke or an outright lie, the BCSC and its staff have no interest in integrity, accountability, fairness or any of the other concepts and words they espouse.
 Here is what one member of the BCSC had to say when called to account for the criminal behavior down on West Georgia St.
 The BCSC has judged us guilty in their kangaroo court.
 If we are guilty why does the BC Securities Commission not take us to BC Supreme Court to confirm its charges against us?
 Is the reason you don't take us to court because you and the staff at the BCSC don't actually have a case against us? Did someone lie to make a case? Would a trip to court only reveal the criminal behavior of your staff?
We note that staff around your office seem to be pathological liars, how can you even publish the rubbish you spew about fair markets and accountability when all your people do is lie?
 And more lies..
And deception..
 It certainly would seem that staff at the BCSC are simply running an extortion racket on BC.
 Would the BCSC try to hide an Appeal Court Loss? Yes it would seem that this agency would. Again this leads us to believe the Accountability Statement from you Brenda Leong is a joke.
 This issue is not going away, its only going to keep snowballing until it buries you and the rest of the criminals at the BCSC.
 The police wont help you any more.

 Maybe you should take an early retirement like the Kelowna Police chief before this all blows up in your face?

 Regards Christopher Burke
250 8077870

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