Monday, 9 January 2017

BC Securities Commission Scrubs BC Court Of Appeal Case From Record

BC Securities Commission lobbied to have the truth deleted from the public record.

 We are aware of a case that went to the BC Court of Appeal in spring of 2016, this case was a case against the BC Securities Commission. The supposedly honourable and ethical BC Securities Commission CEO Brenda Leong and her co-conspirators continued their criminal behavior by ensuring all records of the following case were expunged from record.

In a case called B.P. and R.P. v. the BC Securities Commission a Court of Appeal Judge found the BCSC had committed wrongdoing when it judged hundreds of people guilty without even letting them know they were on trial or allowing them a defence! In addition it published all their names in its usual manner, with big media fanfare. All information about the BCSC's loss in court is being suppressed and/or destroyed. The judge went so far as to indicate that the very people the BCSC judged guilty were actually the victims of criminal behavior, behavior the BCSC should be regulating!

 The case number is CA - 43449
  June 16th/2016

 Our sources which must remain confidential for security sake inform us that this case has been deleted from record after lobbying from certain parties inside the BCSC who as usual are attempting to escape justice and continue robbing the public.

 Brenda, you can erase the record, you can shred tons of paper, burn files, hell you can even atomize some towers to try to hide the truth but it doesn't change the truth. Truth is a double edged sword which cannot be broken and justice is its most loyal ally. The truth is you and your gang of criminals at the BCSC as well as the rest of the judicial mafia and shyster lawyers you run with will be facing justice inevitably. Happy 2017. We have a hell of a year planned for you.

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