Monday, 23 January 2017

914 Dead Bodies Are Piled Up In Morgues, Free Heroin Giveaways, Rampant Fraud, 5K to Talk to the Cartel Boss, Your BC Govt is Criminal Organization

 Christy Clark is nothing but a mob boss running a massive criminal racket that permeates every level of government in BC.

 We have made her aware of the crimes of the BC Securities Commission in particular years ago. On top of that she continues her crimes against the people whether its the poisoning of the Shawinigan Lake watershed, the theft of the Site C Dam land, or the ongoing, in addition she and her cohorts have either been directly involved in committing or simply allowed a myriad of criminal activity to continue in BC for far to long.

Christy - Did you think we would go away?

 See a letter to Christy from BCSC Truth Movement here.

Another of many warnings regarding the BCSC.

See the story of Jack English who had his home burned down and was run off his property so our criminal BC Govt could acquire it for a pension fund.

See what Huffington Post writer Lizanne Foster has to say about Christy Clark, perhaps people are waking up?

"While 914 dead bodies pile up in morgues, she ignores the health crisis in our streets, refusing the common sense solutions suggested. 
While people are turned away from clinics and waiting in emergency rooms starts at three hours, she flits around the province meeting with billionaires who benefit from tax cuts.
There are over 146 examples of the B.C. Liberals' callous disregard for ordinary citizens in this province.
While youth who have aged-out of care die alone on the street, and while teens in government care  "fall" out of windows in hotel rooms, she grins at more funding-by-photo-op events.
And lets never forget that there is an entire generation of students who were subjected to overcrowded classrooms and decreasing resources while, for 15 years, her government spent millions in attacks on the constitutional rights of teachers. 
This list could go on and on. There are over 146 examples of the  B.C. Liberals' callous disregard for ordinary citizens in this province.
But, where is the outrage?"

Source -

When will the people of BC wake up and smell the napalm? Their province is burning..

Meanwhile Christy Clark holds fancy dinner parties with a $5,000 price of admission, 5K to get a chance to talk to the Premier about your problems. Problem is most people in this province don't have 5k to spend on a chat with their chief public servant.

Clearly Christy Clark has the power to do something about what is happening at the BCSC. She removed the last CEO Douglas Hyndman upon her appointment as Premier. Why would Christy lie to us and tell us there is nothing she can do?

Time to remove Christy and the gang from office and replace them with people who actually work for the betterment of the whole province. People with respect for life and the rule of law.
 Clearly none of our public officials in BC have any respect for life or justice.

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