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9/11 Funding, The Bronfman Family, Barrick Gold, Bin Laden and the Bush Family.

Further on the subject of 9/11 Funding, The Bronfman Family, Barrick Gold, Bin Laden and the Bush Family.

 The following exert cannot be completely verified as true however much is already known history if one does a little digging. Nor can I release the sources at this time as we normally like to, for security sake they will remain confidential.

 I have included it however because it may help with the overall picture of the mass amount of fraud that has taken place since WW2, with the help of agencies such as the CIA.

 Essentially vast amounts of money that could be spent on food, education, and healthcare for our children and our families is being stolen. It is stolen so that it may finance a continuous war against violent forces the very institutions that are supposed to protect us have created with the purpose of destroying life as we know it.
 Banking has become 'weaponized' so to speak, a process whereby control over ones finances is given up and derailed often without one realizing what is happening. We have allowed our Regulators to Police themselves and opened the doors to criminals in the name of a 'free market' economy.
 The result becomes just the opposite of a free market, it becomes a very manipulated market whereby total control by a very few allows them to continue to rob and destroy around the globe.
 This has allowed members of the Cabal who have been inserted in every industry and segment of government to go about their business with full impunity and on top of that use the tools provided by phoney regulators to commit further criminal offences.

 Control of the money, oil, food, and guns and you have a recipe for total control of the planet, eternal war, eternal debt, this is the future that the Cabal has in mind for our planet.

The endgame is total control, full spectrum domination.

 They fear the truth however because it is sharper then a double edged sword, truth is they will not achieve their goals.. Justice is coming soon to this planet.


Figure 6

World Production of Gold (Tonnes)
How might a bank launder $10 billion dollars, or 1,000 tonnes in gold? (Ten billion is a
nice, round number, which conveniently matches the ‘market rumors’ of how much gold
the Deutschebank has borrowed from the Bundesbank, i.e., how much gold the
Deutschebank has put into the market. This is about half of the amount reported stolen
from the Russian treasury in 1991.) There are two possible ways.
1. If laundering gold, a German bank would “borrow” $10 billion in gold from the
Bundesbank with the publicly acknowledged intent to sell it on the open market,
(to facilitate the carry trade, producer hedging, etc.) Then it would put the
Bundesbank gold in its own vault and launder $10 billion in Russian bullion.
Ultimately, the German bank would have to re-purchase $10 billion in gold, to
create a record of repayment to the Bundesbank. Unfortunately, doing so would
create a physical gold imbalance on its own balance sheet. What would need to
happen is that the bank would need to create the financial transaction of a gold
purchase, without ever actually receiving the physical gold. A gold future from a
gold producer or bullion bank would work for this.
2. Another option for laundering gold would be to turn over to the buyer of the gold
a “gold future certificate” saying the purchaser could take delivery of gold from a
producer that had promised the gold to the bank, and then launder the stolen gold
through the mining and production company. The mining and production
company could claim the gold came from either the mine or a bank.
How could this be done? Quite simply, by buying, creating or corrupting a major gold
producing company, that would be willing to facilitate such a fraud. The steps to doing
so might be:
1. Create a major gold mining and producing company.
2. Attract capital from a few significant investors that would have a tendency to avoid
intense scrutiny of operations.
1980 1983 1986 1989 1992 1995 1998 2001
3. Create credibility for the company by giving it the reserves large enough to
accommodate the appearance of being able to support large volume trade.
4. Install trusted management to establish credibility and respectability in the investment
market while watching over the company’s less reputable activity.
5. Create a ‘flood’ of small transactions to cover larger gold movements.
6. Scale up the gold laundering volume based on market limitations.
In reviewing recent history, there are familiar names (with a few mentioned elsewhere in
this report in relation to other activities) who appear to have undertaken exactly the six
steps outlined above, by creating and using Barrick Gold. Barrick is easily worthy of
suspicion, but note that this is an unproven hypothetical scenario:
· It has attracted investors and management who have a public history of being
associated with in illegal or potentially fraudulent activity;
· It has passed the smell test of the American judicial system that says it should go to
trial over gold price-fixing charges;
"GATA consultant Reginald H. Howe brought a similar federal lawsuit in Boston in 2000. It was
dismissed on jurisdictional grounds in 2002. Since then GATA has documented and publicized
evidence of manipulation of the gold market by Barrick, Morgan Chase, other bullion banks, and
the U.S. government." [Class-Action Suit Seeks Damages For Gold Investors from Barrick and
J.P. Morgan Chase, Business Wire, 11/27/2004]
· It demonstrated financial performance in accomplishingwhat no other gold or
derivatives trading company had been able to do: it has achieved financial success
that seems inexplicable to industry experts: unparalleled growth in volume, 62
straight financial quarters of profitability in the extremely risky futures commodity
market, and growth while all competitors are in decline or closing.
For the record, GATA’s charges have been neither upheld nor denied by the US
courts system, although the charges had enough merit to have survived requests from
the Barrick legal team to dismiss the suit.
A review of the six steps will demonstrate the involvement of various individuals and
companies in the creation of a potential gold laundering machine.

Step 1: Create a major gold mining and producing company.
In 1983, two investors of international renown, worked with Peter Munk to establish
"At its inception, Barrick’s principal investors were Saudi Arabians who had close ties to the Saudi
Intelligence Services, or to the CIA, or to both. Those Saudi Investors were Sheikh Kamal Adham, the
head of Saudi Intelligent Services at the same time that President Bush was head of the CIA; Adnan
Khashoggi, the first of the Saudi investors in Barrick; and Prince Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz, one of the
biggest of the initial shareholders in Barrick and now head of Saudi Intelligence Services. Sheikh
Adhamwas the CIA’s principal liaison to the Middle East and was so closely tied to the CIA that he


even had an agency codename: “Tumbleweed.” [J. Taylor's Gold and Technology Stocks, Jay Taylor,

One of these same investors – Khashoggi – was a primary money mover for the Marcos
family, thus linking him to the origins of one of the major sources of gold at the heart of
this crime, and linking Barrick to a source of knowledge of illegal gold.
"Khashoggi had long been associated with Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos and the so-called Marcos
gold. Indeed, so trusted was he that Marcos had him fronting for two "eclipsed" Marcos accounts--one
in the name of Etablissement Mabari with the private Swiss bank of Lombard Odier & Cie, and the
other in the name of Etablissement Gladiator at COGES Corraterie Gestion SA, Geneva." [Nexus
Magazine, Volume 10, Number 6 (October-November 2003), David G. Guyatt ]
"Marcos and Khashoggi set about to create Five Star Trust in 1983 as a means to create a vehicle to use
the Philippine wealth to create and funnel fungible assets. In 1989, Five Star Trust was officially
established in the Isle of Man by a Houston-based attorney who was a close friend of the Bush
family… Five Star entities, active and dissolved, have been discovered in the Isle of Man, the island of
Nevis, the Bahamas, Florida, Kentucky, and Texas. Other Five Star-related entities stored large sums
of money in the Cook Islands, according to U.S. intelligence sources, and these funds were directly
linked to Khashoggi and BCCI …. Five Star's accounts are said to funnel more funds from Saudi
Arabia as well as cash reserves hidden away in offshore artificial shells by Enron before it collapsed ."
[Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software,
Online Journal ,Wayne Madsen ]
Khashoggi’s acquaintance with Munk is reported to go back as far as 1974, when they
were investment partners. Peter Munk is a Hungarian who fled from Hungary to
Switzerland with his parents to escape the Holocaust.
Peter Munk was brought into business prominence by Sir Henry Keswick, with an able
assist from Sir Peter Abeles. Peter Abeles was a business partner of Bernie Houghton and
Michael Hand of the Nugan Hand Bank in Australia. Nugan Hand was a major CIA front
for moving Marcos gold and laundering narco trade profits weapons. Keswick himself
appears as no stranger to the money-laundering world. “According the the author’s of the
book “Dope Inc,” the Keswick family control a substantial part of the world’s narcotic
trade and use HSBC, the bank they are said to control, to ‘provide centralized
redsicounting facilities for financing of the drugs trade.” [David Guyatt, Project Hammer
Reloaded, 2003] Munk’s origin’s with the ‘Hungarian Mafia’ in Australia easily could
have provided him with a connection to the Marcos/CIA gold stores.
“Munk's approved biography reports that this Vansittart activated the formidable Sir Henry Keswick,
who made arrangements to lift Munk into a new career. Keswick's family merchant banking firm,
Jardine Matheson, had long been the British Empire's leading, out-in-the-open organizer of Asian
illegal narcotics trafficking and drug-money-laundering. (Keswick, Jardine Matheson, and their
cohorts are central figures in {EIR'}s book {Dope, Inc.} (Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence
Review, third edition, 1992.)
Jardine Matheson made Munk the chief executive of a Bahamas-registered hotel corporation called
Southern Pacific Properties (SPP), with Jardine money, and Jardine's chief executive, David
Newbigging, as a director. Then, Jardine's historical dope partner, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam
Navigation Company (P&O), joined the Munk enterprise; P&O's Lord Geddes himself joined
Newbigging on the Munk-SPP board. In future years, as Munk rose to world prominence in the gold
business, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. and the Royal Bank of Canada, two ``Dope, Inc.''
financial agencies, would provide credit in the billions of dollars for Munk's expansion.

Munk-SPP became a giant hotel owner in Australia and the South Pacific islands, and seized control of the Travelodge chain.
Munk's rise in Australia was aided by his lifelong close association with fellow Hungarian emigre Sir
Peter Abeles, Australia's transport mogul. Munk's stepfather had been secretary and assistant to
Abeles's father in Vienna in the late 1940s. Abeles is reportedly known in Europe as ``the White
Knight,'' in reference both to his British knighthood, and his reported large role in the cocaine trade….
In 1974, Munk signed an investment partnership agreement with arms-trafficking billionaire Adnan
Khashoggi of Saudi Arabia. According to Munk's approved biography, the new alliance was cemented
when Munk and Khashoggi were summoned to the London headquarters of Peninsular and Orient.
P&O's hereditary boss was Lord Inchcape, whose predecessor in the 1920s (also Lord Inchcape) had
directed Britain's India Commission to continue the Empire's opium production.
Munk later told his biographer that he was nervous--Khashoggi was late and perhaps ``the P&O
directors wouldn't wait for us and it would seriously harm the relationship. It was already remarkable
that they should have a Jew and an Arab together in their dining room.'' But, the mighty Lord Inchcape
convinced Khashoggi to plunge in, and Khashoggi now provided most of the cash for the Munk
Khashoggi and his associates, backers of the British- and Bush-linked faction of the arms trade, created
Barrick Petroleum Corp. in 1981, registered as a Delaware, U.S.A., corporation. Junior partner Munk,
having returned from London, set up a parallel ``Barrick Resources'' in Canada.
But Munk's name was anathema to Canadian investors. So, Khashoggi was brought in to lend his
prestige to Munk. Khashoggi made a televised publicity tour of the Toronto stock exchange, and
announced that he had purchased 10,000 (Canadian) Barrick shares. At that point, in fact, Khashoggi,
his brother, and their international associates already controlled the company, partially through
Khashoggi's Lichtenstein-U.S.A. conglomerate, ``Triad.''
Munk was now launched as a corporate chairman in Canada. But this first Barrick, an oil development
firm, went bust and lost all its money.
In 1983, the Khashoggi-led group formed the gold company whose name was soon changed to Barrick Gold Corp. Sheik Kamal Adham was reportedly one of the new company's founding co-owners.

Adham, the chief of Saudi intelligence, had coordinated royalist guerrillas in Yemen, with British arms
secretly provided through Khashoggi.
[Inside story: the Bush gang and Barrick Gold Corporation, Anton Chaitkin, Afrocentric News
Network, /html/bush_gang.html]
Barrick Gold was reportedly started in 1983, but remained inconspicuous for the period
between 1983 and 1988. What is known is that in 1986, prior to his involvement in
Barrick, Khashoggi failed in his attempts at another gold start-up company as chairman
of a Denver-based exploration group called Mali American Mines. Investors were not
impressed with the offering, and Khashoggi left Las Vegas without the necessary capital.
(Elizabeth Taylor is reported to have been at the intial attempt to solicit investors in Las
Khashoggi’s partner on the Barrick investment - Sheikh Kamal Adham – also has a
checkered past of being involved in money laundering business deals:
"The great Afghan expert on Muslim strategy, General Kamal Adham, also the former head of the
Saudi intelligence agency, is now under house arrest. He was responsible for arranging the meeting
between Hekmatyar and a Soviet representative, Yu Voroustsov, in Taif Saudi Arabia. The meeting
was requested by Dr. Najeebullah, the former President of Afghanistan in 1989. The reason for the
arrest of Kamal Adham is said to be his role in heroin money laundering and recycling of drug money
through BCCI." ['Gulbuddin Hekmatyar had links with KGB', The News International, Imran Akbar,
Sheikh Kamal Adham was a co-investor in the BCCI bank with Khalid bin Mahfouz
(Mahfouz owned 20% and Kamal Adham was part of an Arab group that owned 55%.
Both were BCCI bank directors. This bank was documented by the USDEA as
responsible for over 120 money laundering incidents.) This relationship is of note
because Mahfouz is the brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden. Additionally, one finds
“Abdullah Taha Bakhsh … represents Khalid bin Mahfouz’s financial interests in the
Middle East.” Bakhsh, amongst other roles, was a 12% owner of Harken Energy - George
Bush Jr’s company. Khashoggi and Shiekh Kamal Adham would combine forces eleven
years later to create the Oryx Corporation (Dubai). Oryx would be the owner of Rudy
Dekker’s flight school in Florida, where Mohammed Atta and many of the supposed 9/11
hijackers received flight training.
This report finds both Khashoggi and Shiek Kamal Adham (now deceased) both having
criminal records, both having been linked to financial fraud, and both directly linked to:
1. the distribution of massive quantities of illegal gold,
2. the creation of potential gold laundering operations, the investigation into which
was covered up by the destruction of the World Trade Center,
3. the funding of a flight school used to train WTC attackers, and
4. the recruitment of flight school trainees through Khashoggi ’s relationship with
Yeslam Bin Ladin, the brother of Osama Bin Laden, or Adham’s relationship
with Osama Bin Laden as brother-in-law.
At this point in time, Khashoggi remains protected by agencies of the US government (in
the name of National Security) against arrest and prosecution by several nations.

Step 2: Attract capital from a few significant investors that would have a tendency
to avoid intense scrutiny of operations.
During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, there would be at least two additional major
investors brought into Barrick, as Khashoggi backed out. Khashoggi used his stock in
Barrick as collateral to finance the arms sent to Iran by the US under President Reagan,
and CIA Director George Bush. The second group – after the Saudis - would be the
Bronfman family, who merged its mammoth real estate firm, Trizec, with Barrick Gold.
Today, the Bronfman family of New York is a widely respected name.
"To Montrealers, Charles Bronfman is the shy former owner of the Expos baseball team. In Israel, he is
the country's most important foreign investor. But in Manhattan, where he now resides, Charles is
merely the Big Apple's third-most-famous Bronfman. Nephew Edgar Jr. gets most of the attention as
president and CEO of family-controlled Seagram Co. Ltd., which he has transformed from a purveyor
of premium spirits into an international film and music powerhouse (through its Universal Studios and
Polygram divisions). Elder brother Edgar Sr. is president of the World Jewish Congress and led the
public battle to force Swiss banks to settle the claims of Holocaust survivors. But despite his low
profile, Charles Bronfman has an array of interests: he controls Israel's largest conglomerate, Koor
Industries Ltd., and is chairman of The Jerusalem Report. He is a renowned philanthropist, dispensing
more than US$20 million annually through his personal foundation. Two years ago, he moved from
Montreal to Manhattan after growing weary of the unstable political climate in Quebec. In 1991,
Revenue Canada allowed his family trusts to move $2 billion offshore without paying taxes." [The rich

100, Ellen Himelfarb; Laura Janeshewski; Carolyn Pritchard; Cynthia Reynolds; Et al, Copyright UMI
Company 1999, 07/30/1999]
After that recognition though, comes the recognition of other relationships which help
explain how a ‘family’ like the Bronfman family might get involved in a business that
might have links to illegal gold laundering. First, the Bronfman family uses the legal
services of White & Case, who also represented the Marcos family, JP Morgan, and
Banker’s Trust. (Bankers Trust reportedly was in possession of illegal gold from Marcos
requiring laundering, and JP Morgan later – as shall soon be demonstrated –
surreptitiously invested in Barrick.)
The Bronfman’s also have reported connections to the Israeli Mafia and the Bush
administration through Arie Genger.
"Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's "back channel" to the Bush Administration is Israeli-American
businessman Arie Genger. Genger has been used to send messages between U.S. Secretary of State
Colin Powell and Sharon. Genger met Sharon in 1981 when he was working for Sharon's good friend,
Meshulam Riklis, one of the top operators in the Israeli Mafia. Genger heads the privately held, New
York-based, Trans-Resources Inc, which owns Haifa Chemicals in Israel. He has numerous business
connections to top Z-lobby and other notorious types. He sits on the investment committee of The
Challenge Fund-Etgar LP which is chaired by Edgar Bronfman." [Sharon’s “Private Channel” to
Bush Administration is a Riklis Man, Ha'aretz, 12/30/2001]
The most telling report regarding the Bronfman’s proclivity for possibly turning a blind
eye to illegal money laundering is their involvement in Bank of Montreal, Harris
Bank and Household Bank. If the following report is true, recruiting the Bronfmans for
ownership of a gold laundering operation would have been ideal.
"In Chicago, is a branch of a huge Canadian octopus, the Bank of Montreal, owned by the …
Bronfman family. … Their branch in Chicago, Harris Bank, has for some time been THE heavy weight
in foreign currency trading, handling and exchanging most every type of money instrument. Several
years ago Harris Bank merged with a known reputed money laundry, Household Bank, with units of
Household International, headquartered in the Chicago-area. Household is the successor and alter ego
to Nugan Han Bank that operated in California, Australia, Manila, Saudi, London, and a few other
places. The General Counsel of Nugan Hand was William Colby, former Director of Central
Intelligence. Former Generals and Admirals, close to CIA, operated Nugan Hand's worldwide offices.
It was a CIA proprietary operation, transferring clandestine funds, for "national security", for Southeast
Asia secret operations, including assassinations, such as the Phoenix Program, murdering some 63,000
Viet Namese civilians who opposed the Saigon government. Also disguised as something else were the
skimming off of U.S. weapons shipped to Viet Nam, some 20 per cent of which were stolen upon
being off-loaded. Dope funds from the "Golden Triangle". Large U.S. military gambling pools. The
dark underside of the real financial world. Nugan Hand was "The House". Colby became the unlisted
general counsel of Household, Nugan Hand's alter ego. Amid a scandal starting with the assassination
of one of its founders in 1980, and the shredding of its financial records, Nugan Hand disappeared.
Rising from the espionage ashes, to continue the reputed money laundering, was Household, which
had previously been mostly a loan shark operation, Household Finance Corporation. At about the time
Harris Bank took over many of the units of Household Bank, 1996, the unlisted "general counsel" of
Household, William Colby, was assassinated, covered up, his friends say, as a supposed "boating
accident". Colby was about to make public statements about Nugan Hand, about Household, and a few
other entities which he began to realize were not really carrying out a "national security" purpose but
were a vast dirty money machine. Major owners of Harris Bank were the Peter Fitzgerald family of
Chicago. He was ahead by between 25 to 50 million dollars when Harris Bank became a unit of Bank
of Montreal.(His mandatory financial disclosure was reported in the Washington Post, 6/12/99, page
A-3). Fitzgerald also reportedly has a sizable interest in one or more Mexican Banks, reportedly major


dope money laundries, including Grupo Financiero Bancomer which was reportedly involved in a
federal "sting" resulting in indictments May 19, 1998. []
Bancomer with branches in New York and Los Angeles reportedly operates through Harris Bank, by
postal and wire transmissions, in what is called tri-national cash management system of Harris. The
prosecutions were called "Operation Casablanca". The Chicago Tribune, sensitive to bank scandals,
played down Bancomer's problem. (Head of Tribune Company for many years was board chairman of the Federal Reserve District Bank in Chicago.) "[Clinton's Money Laundry, Sherman H. Skolnick,
June 13, 1999]
The third major group that would invest in Barrick in a significant way did so rather
surreptitiously. In 1994, the controlling shareholder of Barrick was Horsham. The
President of Horsham was Tariq Kadri, Khashoggi’s long-time lawyer. That year,
Horsham joined with Argo Partnership (in which J.P. Morgan had a partnership interest),
and acquired controlling interest of Trizec Corp. In 1996, Horsham acquired the
remaining equity in Trizec Corp, and merged with Argo to become TrizecHahn
Corporation – which became the controlling shareholder of Barrick with about 16% of its
stock. A subsequent investigation by Donald W Doyle (CEO of Blanchard & Company)
showed that Argo was owned jointly by JP Morgan Capital Corp and JP Morgan
Securities Inc. The Managing Director of JP Morgan Capital Corp. was appointed to the
Board of Directors of TrizecHahn, which in turn controlled Barrick. JP Morgan in turn,
has a vested interest in Citibank, which was also reported to be one of the larger
recipients of illegal gold from Marcos.
"Citibank's largest stockholder was J. P. Morgan, which in December 2000 merged with Chase
Manhattan to form the all-powerful J. P. Morgan Chase. Bankers Trust was a J. P. Morgan creation
from day one." [Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 6 (October-November 2003), David G.
The three major investment groups associated with Barrick each have a history of being
linked – but not convicted – with money laundering schemes and illegal money
movements. Should the convergence of these three groups in the financial control of
Barrick be considered coincidental?

Step 3: Create credibility for the company by giving it the reserves large enough to
accommodate the appearance of being able to support large volume.
If a new gold mining and producing company was going to be required to sell futures in
the magnitude of $10 to $30 billion, it would need to demonstrate significant reserves to
provide a credible offering in the international marketplace. In 1983 Barrick Gold Corp.
was a start-up company with a single mine in Canada and a founder with no experience in
the gold business – Peter Munk. According to his biography in the Canadian Mining Hall
of Fame:
"…in 1983 … he bought a stake in an Alaskan placer mine and half the Renabie mine in Ontario. Gold
production was a mere 3,000 oz. that year; revenue, roughly $1.7 million. He then purchased the
Camflo mine in Quebec, which gave him a stellar technical team led by mining engineer Robert Smith.
Munk then turned his attention to a Nevada heap-leach project producing a mere 40,000 oz. gold each
year. The industry doubted its potential…"[Canadian Mining Hall of Fame]


By 2001 Barrick had amassed off-balance-sheet assets that were worth more than the
market capitalization of the next five biggest gold-mining companies in the world
combined. Barrick did not do this alone.
"At the very end of his presidency (President) Bush gave a sweetheart deal to the Canadian company
Barrick Goldstrike. They got the rights to US land worth $10 billion in return for a nominal payment to the treasury of $10,000. In one of his last acts as president Bush pardoned Khashoggi's alleged (Iran-
Contra) co-conspirators, who were key members of Bush's own cabinet. As a result, no case could be
made against Khashoggi – or against Bush himself…..To express its gratitude for these favors Barrick
Goldstrike hired (Bush) right after he left office and donated $148,000 to the Republican Party, at least that is the amount that can be traced." [Bush the Elder’s Scheme to Sell Pardons and Get a Payoff –
Where is the Outrage Over a 10 Billion Dollar Taxpayer Ripoff?, Jock Gill, February 26, 2001]
Again, for the record, Barrick bought the American company (for $63 million) which in
turn, purchased the land rights. In 1996, Barrick is again reported as having received help
from the elder George Bush in getting the Congo’s government monopoly reserve – the
Gold Office of Kilomoto, worth 100 tonnes of gold reserve.
If the reports of the 1992 purchase are correct, that would mean the mineral deposits
acquired by Barrick for $10,000 represent about 32 million troy ounces. In 1997, the
Annual Report of Barrick reported that the company’s gold reserve in 1994 was 37.6
million ounces. This would imply that without the ‘Bush bonanza’, Barrick might not
have the credible reserves to engage in the transactions it did over the next seven years. It
is also possible that the Bush gift is what brought the Americans and JP Morgan into the
game plan. It is reported that Khashoggi sold his investment in Barrick to finance his
portion of the Iran-Contra guns for drugs deal, hence the Reagan/Bush administrations
complicity in Barrick may go back even further than the 1992 sweetheart deal.
Khashoggi and Bush, both deeply implicated in the Iran Contra scandal (laundering drugs
and money for weapons) – created Barrick. Any serious investigation into the gold
dealings of the bullion banks would have exposed this complicity. Prevention of this
exposure may have been a primary motivation for misdirecting or stunting the
investigation into the attack on the World Trade Center. Even worse - it may also have
been a motive for allowing the carnage to take place.

Step 4: Install trusted management to establish credibility in the investment market
while watching over the company.
Barrick, started by several individuals with documented histories of fraud or
unscrupulous behavior, has had the ability to attract a board of Directors that includes
more than a few of the most powerful men in the world. As far back as the Annual
Reports for Barrick’s can be located, one of the most consistent members of the Advisory
Board has been Karl Otto Pohl, former President of the German central bank
(Bundesbank) and chief officer of the International Bank of Settlements and IMF. This
would be pretty powerful talent for a start-up company, but would make sense if the
Bundesbank had an interest in staying close to the management and activities of Barrick.
In a potential gold laundering scheme by a German bank, complicity by the Bundesbank
would be a requirement, as the Bundesbank would be the initial provider of legal gold
being used to cover the sale of illegal gold.
In 2002, just after the Deutsche Bank Alex Brown Securities Canada and Adnan
Khashoggi were being sued by MJK Securities for fraud, former Canadian CEO of
Deutschebank became an Executive Director board member of Barrick’s. That individual
was Tye W. Burt - the former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche Bank
Alex Brown Securities Canada, and Managing Director and Head of Deutsche Bank’s
Global Metals and Mining Group. Again, an executive of Khashoggi’s financial partner
(Deutsche Bank Canada) is brought into a control position.

Barrick’s Advisory Board

Additionally, one will discover that the Advisory Board of Barrick has brought in a large
number of board members that create “credibility” for Barrick: Former President George
Bush (Sr.) served as Honorary Senior Advisor, Senator Howard H. Baker, a former
Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate and White House Chief of Staff; and Senator William
Cohen, a former U.S. Secretary of Defense have also served.
Senator William Cohen, as vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,
was responsible for negotiating the “most significant reforms to result from the
Iran/Contra hearings.” In 1989, he was the vice-chairman of the Select Committee on
Intelligence in the Senate.
President Bush's ambassador to Canada (1989-92), Edward N. Ney, had been for many
years a Bush political operative and an international coordinator of Bush's “privatized''
intelligence activities. In 1992, Ney quit as ambassador and became a director of the
Barrick Gold Corp. As long time Chairman, President and CEO of Young & Rubicam
Inc., the world’s largest independent advertising communications company, he founded
Burson-Marsteller, a subsidiary used extensivley by groups that have been exposed as
infringing on the public interest.
“Burson-Marsteller (B-M) is the world's largest PR firm, with 63 offices in 32 countries and almost
$200 million in income in 1994. Although its name is unknown to most people-- even to many in
activist circles-- B-M is fast becoming an increasingly important cog in the propaganda machine of the
new world order…. On the human rights front, B-M has represented some of the worst violators of our
age. These include:
· The Nigerian government during the Biafran war, to discredit reports of genocide.
· The … junta that ruled Argentina during the 70's and early 80's, to attract foreign investment.
· The totalitarian regime of South Korea, to whitewash the human rights situation there during the
1988 Olympics.
· The Indonesian government, which got into power through a CIA- sponsored bloodbath. (It should
be pointed out, however, that B-M denies that it is handling the issue of genocide in East Timor)

· the late communist Romanian despot Nicolae Ceaucescu.
· Other third world human rights violators that have been represented by B-M include the
governments of Singapore and Sri Lanka….
One of The Brock Group’s (TBG- a subsidiary of Burson-Marsteller) top executives happens to be
former Miami businessman and ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich. During the Reagan
administration, the Cuban-born Reich headed the US state department's Office of Public Diplomacy
(OPD), whose task was to disseminate disinformation about the Sandinistas and discourage reporting
critical of the contras. This outfit, whose operations were later found to be illegal by the US General
Accounting Office, was staffed with five psychological warfare specialists from the 4th Psychological
Operations Group of Fort Bragg. According to John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton, the OPD...helped
spread a scurrilous story that some American reporters had received sexual favors from Sandinista
prostitutes in return for writing slanted stories. In 1987, after the US Congress shut down the OPD,
congressman Jack Brooks called it an important cog in the (Reagan) administration's effort to
manipulate public opinion and congressional action.” [Burson-Marsteller: PR for the new world order,
Carmelo Ruiz, July 6, 1997, /archives/27/061.html]
Additionally, one more recently finds Andrew Young and Vernon Jordan on the
Advisory Board. In wondering how these two Washington “fixers” added to the value of
the company, one discovers their role in silencing a request for a congressional
investigation into Barrick.
… was Barrick’s Congo gold mine funding both sides of a civil war and perpetuating that bloody
conflict? Only one Congressperson demanded hearings on the matter…Cynthia McKinney.... it wasn’t covered at all in the U.S. press.

 The New York Times wrote about McKinney that Atlanta’s prominent Black leaders -- including
Julian Bond, the chairman of the NAACP and former Mayor Maynard Jackson -- who had supported
Ms. McKinney in the past -- distanced themselves from her this time.
Atlanta has four internationally recognized black leaders. Martin Luther King III did not abandon
McKinney. I checked with him. Nor did Julian Bond (the Times ran a rare retraction on their website at
Bond’s request). But that left Atlanta’s two other notables: Vernon Jordan and Andrew Young. Here,
the Times had it right; no question that these two black faces of the Atlanta Establishment let
McKinney twist slowly in the wind -- because, the Times implied, of her alleged looniness. But maybe
there was another reason Young and Jordan let McKinney swing. Remember Barrick? George Bush’s
former gold-mining company, the target of McKinney?s investigations? Did I mention to you that
Andy Young and Vernon Jordan are both on Barrick’s payroll? Well, I just did.
Did the Times mention it? I guess that wasn’t fit to print. [The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney, Greg
Palast, AlterNet. June 18, 2003]
Representing the Bronfman family on the Advisory Board is J. Trevor Eyton.
“Eyton started his career in British intelligence's Argus-Hollinger nexus, next to media magnate
Conrad Black. Since 1979, he has managed Brascan and other entities for the Bronfman family. He
was appointed a Canadian senator as a reward for channelling the Bronfmans' money into buying the
1984 election for Mulroney's party, and to help get the Bush- and Mulroney-backed NAFTA three-way accord with the United States and Mexico through the Canadian Parliament. When the Bronfmans fused with Barrick, Eyton joined its board.”
One also finds Lord Robert Powell, representative of the Rothschild family wealth. (His
name will also appear on the Board for Diligence/New Bridge, which is connected to the
events of 9/11 described in Section 8.) Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of
Canada, and Paul G Desmarais Sr, probably the wealthiest individual in Canada are also
on the Board.
Of special interest is Mr. Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada. Mr.
Mulroney appears to be more than a passive participant who garners respectability for
Barrick. Besides being on the advisory board of Barrick, he has been a Director of
TrizecHahn Corporation since 1996. In 1992, prior to President’s Bush executive change
to the procedures which allowed Barrick to contractually lock-up the gold reserves, Mr.


Mulroney met with President Bush on three occasions. Mr. Mulroney, at this time was
working closely with Karlheinz Schreiber, an infamous German-Canadian arms dealer.
"… shortly after stepping down as prime minister in 1993, Brian Mulroney accepted $300,000 over 18 months from Karlheinz Schreiber, an infamous German-Canadian arms dealer. In cash. To help
promote a fresh pasta business and develop international contacts, said a spokesman for Mr.
Mulroney." [Canada’s Mulroney Baloney, Stevie Cameron, Globe & Mail, November 22, 2003]
Discovery of payments from Schreiber to Mulroney was later used by the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police to accuse Mr. Mulroney of accepting kickbacks to facilitate a
$1.5 billion deal with Franz Josef Strauss, then head of the Bavarian government and
chairman of Airbus Industrie. Mr. Mulroney sued for defamation, and won.

"In 1995, with the RCMP digging into the circumstances surrounding the deal, a government lawyer
wrote to the Swiss authorities asking them for help. The letter alleged that Mr Schreiber had used a
Zurich bank account to pay the former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, a C$5m (£2.1m) kickback. Mr
Mulroney sued and two years later won an apology and a settlement of C$2m. The government also
apologised to Mr Schreiber, but did not offer him any compensation." [Schreiber: The man who would
topple kings, The Guardian, John Hooper, January 14, 2000]
The key piece of information in this story is that Mr. Mulroney had a business
relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber. The question then becomes, what type of
businessman is Mr. Schreiber?
"Although Germany has been trying to extradite him from Canada since August, 1999, on fraud
charges involving three government contracts in Canada and one in Saudi Arabia, it was Mr.
Schreiber's 1991 secret political contribution of one million Deutsche marks (DM) to Germany's
Christian Democrats that brought him international infamy. Delivered in a suitcase to the party's
treasurer, and as usual in cash, the undeclared donation brought down Helmut Kohl, the former
chancellor of Germany, in the worst political crisis in that country since the war. Known as the
Spendenaffare or slush-fund scandal, it spawned two parliamentary inquiries. Investigations showed it was Mr. Schreiber who organized the payment of secret commissions on a DM 446-million deal to sell Thyssen tanks to the Saudis in the 1991 gulf war. Half the money went for secret commissions to pay bribes and kickbacks.
 None of this money was his own; it was provided by German munitions
companies. Mr. Schreiber's job was to spread it where needed and by his own admission, his main
beneficiaries were politicians. He took a percentage as his fee." [Schreiber: The man who would topple
kings, The Guardian, John Hooper, January 14, 2000]
Once again, a key participant in the Barrick organization is linked to individuals who
have been linked to money laundering and weapons deals. Wouldn’t it seem as more
than coincidence if one of the German munitions firms bank-rolling Schrieber was
Dynamit Nobel, controlled by the German bank Cartel?
This is a very credible group of individuals, all working to support the image of
respectability for a company started by individuals repeatedly associated with investor
fraud and financial misrepresentation. It is probably also of coincidence that in the
months prior to acquisition of American mineral rights by Barrick, Brian Mulroney met
with President Bush on three occasions. This contact may or may not have been
necessary, because court documents from the Iran/Contra trials have shown that

Khashoggi on at least two occasions had direct phone contact with George Bush Sr. The
two were not strangers.

Step 5: Create a ‘flood’ of small transactions to cover larger gold movements.
In the second suit which accused the bullion banks of illegal price fixing, initiated by
Blanchard in 2003, Blanchard alleged that:
"…Barrick used private derivative contracts and engaged in off-balance sheet accounting to conceal
the addition of billions of dollars worth of gold…..Barrick's actions made it "virtually impossible for
gold analysts and investors to determine the size and the market impact of its trading positions”….J.P.
Morgan financed Barrick's alleged short selling with remarkably advantageous terms not available to
others. None of the lawsuit's allegations have been proven in court." [Barrick Gold, J.P. Morgan Chase
accused of manipulating gold market, CBC News Online, December 18, 2002]
Analysts were essentially saying that billions of dollars of gold had been added to the
market in a series on transactions that were virtually impossible to analyze. In one year
alone, according to the annual report, Barrick placed over 6.8 million options – a
haystack of transactions. It is speculated by this report that most of these transaction were
managed through Enron’s gold trading desk, with the records of those transactions now
protected by UBS, Switzerland.

Step 6: Scale up the gold laundering volume based on market limitations.
In 1988, when Barrick started, it reported sales of 341 thousand ounces (10 tonnes) of
gold. By 2001 its annual sales of gold equaled 6.3 million ounces (194 tonnes). Its short
positions for 2000 and 2001 totaled 14.3 million ounces, which is significantly more than
the annual gold sales of all the central banks in the 1990’s. Global investment demand
for 2000 and 2001 combined was 6.7 million ounces. (J Taylor’s Gold and Technology
Stocks, Donald W Doyle, Vol. 22, No 15, 12/15/2003). Clearly, with a large assist from
Bush, this fledgling gold company became the major gold mover in the world.
All of these suspicions may be unfounded, but the circumstantial evidence certainly
warrants thoughtful consideration and investigation:
There are thousands of tonnes of illegal, stolen gold in bullion banks throughout the
world, which need to be laundered.
Commodity experts that watch the gold market have made claims that significant,
inexplicable amounts of gold are showing up in the market.
There has been no known formal investigation into the possible laundering of this
gold other than the FBI investigation buried in the World Trade Center.
A significant group of powerful individuals, with demonstrated links to the movement
of illegal gold, have been directly involved in the creation of a gold producing
company, which is now in a court battle over the legality of some of its trades.

A significant group of powerful individuals with reputed connections to money
laundering activity are associated with the management and ownership of this gold
producing company.

The success of this company in gold hedging defies expert industry expert
comprehension. The company has been extremely successful mining land that
industry experts thought was “doubtful” in its potential.
Some of the same people that started, controlled and owned significant portions of
this gold company started, controlled and owned a company that staged and ‘trained’
eleven of the 9/11 hijackers, who were involved in the destruction of the World Trade
Center. This ‘terrorist’ event effectively ended the investigation in global gold


   To  be  clear we are not suggesting the BCSC was involved in the 9/11 attacks.
 We do think however that had Financial Authorities in Canada investigated Barrick Gold closely for 
any of the crimes it has committed or is alleged  to  have committed they would find a trail of tracks
that  would  give us a better understanding of what happened Sept 11th 2001.
 Are their high up Canadian officials protecting the BCSC in order to hide the crimes of traitors in  our  midst on both s


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