Monday, 20 June 2016


   A brief update on the ongoing spy games between Mr. Christopher Burke and the shadow agencies hired by the BC Securities Commission to attempt to intimidate him into silence regarding the crimes of the BC Securities Commission.

 Some time ago we received evidence through an Office of Information Request in regard to the veracity of our claims of being under surveillance. The document provided displays a bill for 59 Hours of Surveillance billed out to a private firm in 2014. We know that this is not the only  surveillance that was conducted as we hold many further pieces of evidence to back our position however as always only a partial peek at what we have can be revealed at this time.

 Why all the effort to know my every move and keep me silent? The BCSC has already made its judgement against me! Why then does it not take me to Supreme Court to uphold it?

The BCSC does not take me to Supreme Court because its judgements are phoney, contrived and based on lies.  Instead it operates in the manner one would expect of a government agency in a Third World Country and runs black-ops on innocents to cover its crimes.

 See the Bill for Surveillance..
 This bill is only for a small period of time in 2014, the cost of the surveillance campaign since then is realistically in the millions of dollars. Many people may question why would the BC Securities Commission bother with such an operation in a $1.7 Million dollar case? The reason is that they want to intimidate Mr. Harris and Mr. Christopher Burke into silence so that we do not unite with others and discover the massive amount of criminal activities perpetrated by the Canadian Financial Regulatory Agencies against its people.
 The following photos were snapped while on Mr. Christopher Burke was on Vancouver Island recently with his girlfriend trying to get away and forget a horrible year in which they lost their seven year old daughter.
 During the trip they saw many of the 'friends and associates' of the BCSC as they followed them around on vacation on the island, had a couple of very near misses on a freeway. The type that would make one wonder if someone was actually trying to kill you or run you off the road. 
 Then on the ferry back a unit of at least twenty individuals made sure their presence was known including some making sure to follow my girlfriend to the bathroom, wait outside it and keep following and staring at her when she leaves the bathroom. Others simply kept a perimeter.
 The following are a few of the photographs taken on that trip.

         And the Boss..
  This is just a glimpse into the shadow world that is behind the BCSC. Who are the true puppet masters? As always stay tuned for more.. insight from a member of the Prime Ministers Privy Council will shed some light on the shadow government that is attempting to destroy our nation..

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