Thursday, 23 June 2016

Dear Brenda Leong, Does the BCSC employ anyone who is not a criminal?

Dear Brenda Leong,
 Does the BCSC employ anyone who is not a criminal? What kind of operation are you running?
 I hear your boy De Fonzo has been colluding with Barrick Gold for a DECADE to swindle the very investors you and your employees are mandated with protecting. How long do you think you can keep this charade up? You cant tell me you don't know what goes on in your agency, we've certainly let you know but you conspired with the RCMP to obstruct justice and continue robbing the nation. The writing is on the wall Brenda your time is up you have made all the wrong decisions and justice will prevail.

 How was your day yesterday? I had fun the other day watching McCarthy Tetrault employees and partners waiting to see what kind of dirt I was gonna release on them.. nothing like missing a deadline to watch them sweat lol. What I've shared is just the beginning as always I've got lots more.. which release will be the one your lawyers don't want public?
 So Ms. Leong what's it gonna be? Time to talk..

Regards Christopher Burke
 250 807 7870

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