Friday, 24 June 2016


Dear Brenda Leong - Head Chair and CEO of the BC Securities Commission:

 It is time you were removed from power and replaced with one who is capable of administering justice in the financial markets. You have remained unwilling to answer for the multitude of crimes you and your accomplices have committed against the people, in fact you all plot to have the permanent ability to whitewash the crimes while you continue to extort our nation in the manner of the mob.
 For those not aware of the crimes of the BCSC the following are but a few links to the whole story.
 You Conspired with the Kelowna RCMP to hide these crimes when we laid charges against you and close to a over half a dozen of your employees who conspired to extort us and obstruct the course of justice when we came to you telling the truth asking for help. See here for details

We came asking you to do what you get paid over half a Million dollars a year (that the taxman and public know about*;) winking) to do and instead you took the opportunity not only to rob us but kick us when we are down with a black-ops campaign AFTER you ruled against us and while you know damn well I am grieving the loss of my only 7 year old daughter. How despicable are you?

See a little info on how Ms. Leong Polices the Financial Markets in BC with 'Gestapo style' secret police who operate above the law.
The Surveillance Files - File 1#
The Surveillance Files - File #4
 Ms Leong my daughter may no longer be with us however she would never want me to allow the children of our nation and the world to grow up in this nation full of thieves like you who are stealing the futures from our youth. You can do what ever you like with me, conspire to kill me with your secret armies and your dirty lawyers. I don't care I will gladly lay down my life so the rest of our children have a future if it comes to it. It wont matter because the truth does not bend or break it is sharper then a double edged sword and it always pierces to the heart of the matter. The truth will prevail and justice will be restored for the future of this nation.

 Your time is up Brenda.
 Why did you withhold over 600 pieces of evidence from Mr. Thal Poonian?
Why are your employees conspiring against MountainStar Gold to commit federally indictable offences?
 You have fined me Three Million Dollars for an offence you say I committed but you refuse to take me to court to collect the money .. why??
 Why Ms. Leong would you employ a legal firm known to commit Federally Indictable Offences against the population? McCarthy Tetrault is a criminal operation who uses its position to beat down the weak and innocent and cover for slime balls like you.
 You can see a sneak peak at how dirty McCarthy Tetrault is here at
In addition lets have a look at this little section from our friends at
How McCarthy Tetrault Manipulates Supreme Court
 So you see Ms. Brenda Leong, we understand exactly how you operate, if you cant make us go away in a crooked court with bought judges we might just have an 'accident'. But guess what we don't care!
 We are special Brenda and we will battle you on every front you come at us on. So look around your 12th floor office and remember it because soon its all about to crumble on you and all your accomplices.
 We have been very reasonable with request after request for an audience so we could settle these matters. You and your associates and accomplices believe you are above the law as you pretend to police the Financial markets so crucial to our lively hoods, you have perpetrated a series of lies so you could prosecute us under false pretence. Did you think it was us who was on trial Brenda? It was not us on trial Brenda it was all of you at the BCSC, you in the RCMP who pretend to uphold the law yet use it to rob the weak and innocent it is you who are on trial now.
 Its time to end this sham you call regulation, we offered you a way out a long time ago, a chance to do the right thing. Its never to late to start until its all over.. and this will be all over soon..
As always Ms. Leong we have lots more to come
More on your lawyers (its not all old hat), more on the secret armies you and certain other Bureaucrats employ, more from the words out of your own mouth, more on the inner workings of your office parties and relationships with certain lawyers, more on the vast number of criminal charges hidden by the RCMP who you colluded with, more, more, more..
ps might wanna call pest control I heard you had a problem with some bugs near the fridge for sure.. sometimes bugs like termites can be a real problem Brenda because they eat away at the whole framework, even if you can find them and get rid of them the damage is already done..

The message today is simple, time to pay the piper..
 Have a nice day Ms. Leong.

Christopher Burke
Peter Harris

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