Friday, 24 June 2016


JUNE 24, 2016.

Ms. Ann Gander,
Secretary to the Commission.
British Columbia Securities Commission,
701 West Georgia St.,
Vancouver, B.C.
 V7Y 1L2

Ms. Ann Gander,

We were given your contact information after requesting the email address of Brenda Leong. We are writing you at this time to bring to your attention some extremely serious wrongdoing on the part of certain staff at the Commission.

Our company is under a Cease Trade Order based on fraudulent activity of mainly two staff, Mr. Romolo Di Fonzo and Mr. Shawn McColm.  Right to the heart of the issue is, Mr. Di Fonzo allowed Silver Wheaton and Barrick Gold Corporation to transact a US$625M silver purchase agreement in 2009. Our partner, Jorge Lopehandia and his lawyer, Alan Hultman informed Di Fonzo, Mike Pesunti and Silver Wheaton’s legal counsel in 2009 that there was an injunction on the specific property in Chile. Based on Chilean law, no business transactions are allowed on an injuncted property until the injunction is removed. The injunction C1912-2001 remains in place today.

The decision by Di Fonzo and Pesunti is criminal in Chile. It is a criminal violation of a court order. There are other serious acts committed by Di Fonzo starting in 2006.
Next is Mr. Shawn McColm. Mr.McColm mainly got involved in July 2015 with our lawyer Alan Finlayson. He denied a lengthy news release (24 pages) to get us back trading and approved a four-pager that contained 2 pages of appalling disclaimers. As Finlayson said “if you don’t accept this release, you will not get back trading”. In November, Mr. McColm lied in a conference call with eight persons on the phone. Present were myself, Lee Tupper, Steve Holt, Jorge Lopehandia, Peter Brady, Andrew Richardson and Roy Leon. When I addressed this, Mr. Brady said “don’t talk to my staff like that”! Is it OK for McColm to lie, but if I do, I will be thrown out of the industry

On January 8, 2016 at 3:43PM an email showed up in my “sent items” that was not sent from my computer. I was the only one in my office and can prove this. It was sent to Percy Ackerman from me and copied to This email could only benefit McColm (the BCSC) and injure Mountainstar. I have asked McColm in writing to answer to this and of course he has not. Who planted this in my sent items?

Mr. McColm also has talked with a poster “YKR” from the chat boards. YKR got documents from the Chilean courts before they were posted on the respective websites. He is under criminal investigation now and we are sure that Mr. McColm will co-operate with the authorities to identify Yourkiddenright, YKR. This email will be forwarded right after this letter is sent.

The damage to Mountainstar is massive. Criminal complaints against Di Fonzo and McColm have been filed and accepted by the courts. One more is in process and there are at least 3 more to go which includes Brenda Leong. Staff keep digging their hole deeper and we are just about ready to fill it in! That is not a threat, it is what is happening.

The huge miscalculation by staff at the Commission is simple, Chile have had enough of large mining corporations, such as Barrick Gold trying to run their country through the judicial process. 
We have been advised from Chile today that “Barrick has replied in writing to the court today. The reply by Barrick proves 100% that the BCSC has erred in the matters of the injunction (case C1912-2001).
The smartest move from your end Ms. Gander would be to inform the Commissioners as to the behavior of their staff.
We the directors and shareholders of Mountainstar Gold Inc. demand that you put us back trading next week. We need a written response to this letter.


Mountainstar Gold Inc.
Brent Johnson.
President/ CEO/ Director.

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