Monday, 20 June 2016


My Fellow Canadians,

 I have been silent against the BC Securities Commission for some time in hopes that they would understand our media barrage against them was to ensure the truth be told and let them know we will not be bullied around however we are reasonable and all we want is to begin talks in regards to what was taken from us.  Over the last few months an incredible chain of events has occurred, dozens of people have come forward with stories similar to ours. Activist groups representing seniors advocacy groups, shareholder interest groups and many other organizations have become involved in unmasking the mass theft of our nation that transcends the Financial Securities Regime and impacts every aspect of our lives in Canada. A global 'Cartel' or 'Cabal' if you will has been actively attempting to complete the take-over of our nation through its many tentacles. The perversion of the Rule of Law and our justice system is one of many tools that allows them to destroy our nation. Plans for the TPP will make it worse.

 Today's release is not about all the further evidence or the numerous people and individuals who have been fighting this corruption, those details will be released over the next few weeks as we see fit. Would your government agencies and officials kill people to keep its dirty secrets? If the evidence we have is to be believed they already have.

 Todays message is a simple message to Brenda Leong the CEO of the BC Securities Commission:   

 The following is a copy of my email message to Ms. Brenda Leong.. Will the RCMP continue to obstruct justice and threaten to arrest me as they have done to my business partner Peter Harris last week? We will find out!

Dear Brenda Leong CEO of the BC Securities Commission,


 As you and I both know you have had me under near constant surveillance since 2014 including wiretaps and electronic eavesdropping and illegally hacking my email accounts, as I have told you before that's fine you can listen I have nothing to hide but you had better not interfere. This past few weeks however you, your masters and accomplices have decided to revert back to something I warned you not to do, following my girlfriend around in an intimidating manner when she is alone.
  If you do not immediately call them off and leave my friends and family alone I cannot promise what the future will hold for you.

 As you are now doubt aware our network is now beyond your knowledge as its size has mushroomed, our ability to glean information grows everyday exponentially every day. We have multiple insider sources, agents, underground contacts, spies, and allies throughout the nation. As I have previously told you I always hold more evidence then you know and it will stay that way however I will be releasing further photographic evidence of your harassment campaign as you decided to attempt to further intimidate my girlfriend. There are some things however that will be shared immediately however regardless.

 I will share with the world the information we obtained through our Office of Information Request pertaining to a Surveillance Bill from 2014 to extinguish any doubts as to whether the BCSC would have individuals it knows are innocent under surveillance. You and I know that this is just the beginning and that the massive black-ops and black chopper campaign that you have been running against me since 2015 cost much more then the receipt we were provided with for the cost of 2014 Surveillance against us.

 My girlfriend and I recently returned from a getaway on Vancouver Island as you are know doubt aware. During the trip we saw many of your friends and associates as they followed us around on vacation on the island.
 However then it was decided that when my girlfriend was on her own for even 20 or 30 minutes on the Ferry ride back that these thugs would follow her to the washroom then wait outside, stare at her when she comes out and keep following her.

 I did not have to tell my girlfriend about any of the surveillance units on the Ferry ride she picked up on them on her own because they have been trying to intimidate her. There were as many as twenty agents, she was able to get a picture of a few of these individuals. Again I will not release all the pictures I have of your agents, I always have more then you know.. these are just a tease. What are you going to do? Are you going to tell the RCMP to threaten me with jail and harassment charges for telling the truth?

 Again today when my girlfriend was out by herself your friends and associates (Accomplices) decided to follow her and intimidate her. Do you feel tough in your tower Brenda? Do you enjoy harassing an innocent grieving mother who lost her only child and is simply trying to get some peace? Is this how you protect the public from Fraud?  

 Are gonna send more thugs after me and my girlfriend? Will we have an accident? Are you going to disappear me? Brenda I made it very clear that all we have ever been asking for is justice, you have made it very clear that you are a criminal who has no interest in justice. I have been silent on my blog in order to show you that we can make peace and work out a deal however you have been doing nothing but hound me with your dogs of war!

 Brenda its clear that you have no interest in ensuring the integrity of the market, ethics, justice or any of your duties as the CEO of the BC Securities Commission. The following link is from the Banking Ombudsmans Office and provides links on a multitude of submission regarding the criminal actions you and your fellow regulators have actively undertaken. 

 Every report submitted to the Banking Ombudsman has concluded that 13 of Canada's Financial Regulatory Commissions are so thoroughly corrupt they cost Canadians an average of $500 Million dollars a week minimum. They perpetrate Regulatory Fraud in collusion with lawyers and so called financial advisors on a regular basis so they can extort both the shareholders and entrepreneurs whom they claim to protect. That includes your agency Ms. Leong.

 Over the next few days we will release information and evidence as to exactly how the BCSC colluded with the Kelowna RCMP in order to bury our the multiple charges that we filed against you and the BCSC last summer.

 In addition we are aware that another publicly traded company will be coming out with a damning paper in regards to the crimes of the BCSC tomorrow.

 Brenda the message is simple. STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Christopher Andrew Burke

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