Friday, 24 June 2016


 A few wise words on the restoration of the rule of law that must begin in our financial markets and then the rest of the nation from Alan Banes. Mr. Banes experiences on the corruption of the BCSC and the rest of the financial regulatory regime stem from his fathers investments being stolen with impunity by a large financial firm. RCMP and the Financial Regulatory bodies are fully aware of this theft yet choose to do nothing, this is completely contrary to their mandate and they have now become accomplices in the crime.

"I am very glad that there are people in BC who have seen the dereliction of duty, as exhibited by the deregulated SRO governance organizations - that instead of creating a trustworthy investment culture, that clearly is based on rule of law, we see instead a mockery that hides from good-faith standards.
As an eye witness to the investment regulatory system in BC refusing to uphold criminal code and common law standards - and then trying to hide behind "confidentiality", I have had enough of this. Over the past 6 months, I have seen enough evidence from the public consultation results from the OBSI, that instead of an "industry policing itself" regime, we have an impunity racket. I have been encouraged by finding that entrepreneurs are not willing to go along with policies that stifle start up capital, and to any longer tolerate a regulatory system that will not co-operate in identifying the acts of malfeasance from outside the country - that has undermined companies in BC - but where disingenuous outfits like the BCSC will blame the victim. This has clearly came to my attention lately - but is was foreshadowed by the phony "InvestRight" drivel that has been put out by BCSC for the past 5 years - implying that the only reason investors get burned is because they fall for things that are too good to be true.
If we had a return to Turtle Island customs and norms on investment law - we could see a vastly better foundation for what investment is all about. We would not see the lawlessness that is operational at present. I will be raising the question of banding together with Indigenous activist youth who are organizing against colonial relics, that continue to allow pillaging and victimization. The AGM of the Ki - Low - Na Friendship Society is going to be held next Wednesday June 29, at 5:30 PM. It will be held at 445 Leon Ave Kelowna. I am also planning to communicate with Natasha Mistry at the Canadian Association of Retired Persons who is tasked with the goal of dealing with the bad faith practices within the investment racket in Canada. I am hopeful that we can get CARP to side with economic democracy over corporatism."

 Alan Banes
250 300 8400

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