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From the Desk of Larry Elford June 29 at 5:37am,

Does your provincial securities commission protect you from the marketing hype of the "suitability" standard advisor? 
Did you know that there are two standards of advice, one which must by law, be advice that is in your best interests (fiduciary standard), and a second substandard, which over 99% of investment sellers live under, which is a "suitability" standard. (suitability is determined by the seller, by the way:) 
Another term for "suitability" is "good enough", and it is the standard of the average Dollar Store item. "Just good enough". Ask your MLA how it is that government employees, at the Securities Commissions can be collecting nearly $3/4 million dollars in pay, from industry-only funding, and helping "advisors" to hide and conceal the basic tricks of the trade from investors view. Ask why our provincial securities regulators behave like million dollar "silence machines" when it comes to protecting millions of investors. 

Not all financial advisors registered or even qualified

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On 6/25/2016 11:46 PM, Brent Johnson wrote:

Mr. P. Harris,

I agree with virtually everything you have said. There is no leadership at the BCSC, only some corrupt individuals along with some honest ones. Like in politics, the scum rises to the top!!!
Ms. Brenda Leong is about/or has already had her name submitted on a criminal complaint in Santiago. We are all playing for keeps here and dear Brenda is about to lose big time.

Mountainstar Gold Inc.
Brent Johnson
President/ CEO/ Director.

WE NEED A MEDIATOR not Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP

The RCMP have better things to do...

WE NEED A MEDIATOR not Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP

From: Peter D. Harris []
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 9:40 PM

To: Brenda M. Leong, BCSC, Chair and CEO

Cc: Christopher Burke, UGO Brands Nutritional Products Inc.; Commissioner, RCMP "D: Division Headquarters; Inspector Brent Mundle - Kelowna RCMP; Nick ROMANCHUK - Kelowna RCMP; President Marianne Ryan, Deputy Commissioner, K-Division R.C.M. Police; The Honorable Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance; The Honourable Suzanne Anton - BC Minister of Justice

Subject: Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP

Dear Ms. Leong,

With all due respect Ms. Leong, I have a problem with the phone call Christopher Burke received from the RCMP this morning warning him to stop contacting you otherwise he will be charged with criminal harassment. 
Ms. Leong, do you honestly believe that the RCMP call people over the phone when dealing with criminal complaints? The Police always makes physical contact with the suspect. If the RCMP call people, the individual always identifies his/her RCMP “position” and his/her “full name.” No RCMP officer will call and identify himself has Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP. Ms. Leong, I love the inside gag about “Pierre.” 

Ms. Leong, you and I both know that this phone call never originated from the RCMP.
Would you know why someone would call Christopher Burke impersonating an RCMP Officer, telling Christopher to stop contacting you?
I do not believe this is a coincidence Ms. Leong and this nonsense has to stop; you need to take charge as CEO you are legally accountable and morally obligated to perform your duties to the best of your abilities as mandated in your personal contract.
Ms. Leong, do you comprehend how many lives and good companies you and your Commission have destroyed over the years for no good reason? 
How can you justify the fact that you are not dealing with our concerns and allegations?
We are human beings Ms. Leong, and you and your Commission treated us like garbage and never showed us one once of respect and consideration. Shame on all of you!


Peter Harris 

Dear Brenda Leong CEO of the BC Securities Commission - The Police Called Me For You.. Why Cant You Make the Call Yourself?

Dear Brenda Leong CEO of the BC Securities Commission,

   Constable Pierre called to let me know you feel I have been harassing you. He stated you would be charging me with harassment if I continued to contact you. Ms. Leong, you work for a public agency! Its your job to answer my questions! Furthermore I have not made any veiled or unveiled threats I have simply stated the truth. We filed criminal charges against you last year and you have conspired to have them stifled and obstruct the course of justice. See here.
 Ms. Leong my recent outburst is well warranted, when you target my family as your thugs attempted to intimidate my girlfriend last week on the ferries specifically I get angry.
 So you back off, I back off. I will not however stop telling the truth. Before we go any further I suggest that the simplest way to solve this is for you to hire a mediator to work with us. If you want to end this we can do so by beginning talks immediately.
You are accountable to the public and must operate under the rule of law..
 As per both your BCSC Rule Book, The BC Securities Act 1996 RSBC and the Canadian Constitution Act of 1982.

Do not forget the purpose of the rule of law which you are supposed to uphold.

The Rule of Law is Like a Tree

  Let us consider the principles and purposes of the law and the rule of Law. Keep in mind, the Law, and the 'Rule of Law' in a Democratic, fair, and just society are like a Tree trunk that stands tall and strong so as to be able to best support the branches it proffers. The Roots of the tree reach into the Earth, the Earth is the people and the environment, the Roots are the Judiciary that is mandated with upholding the Law, they bridge the gap between the Law and the people.

  If the Roots rot and no longer serve their purpose they can no longer support the Tree which is the Law. The purpose of the Tree is to sustain life, the Tree supports an ecosystem within, under and all around its branches. Without a healthy tree with strong roots in the Earth, the Earth will become barren, desolate and dry. Consider the Branches of the Tree trunk that is the Law or the Rule of Law.
The Branches represent a few different things, the Branches are the regulatory systems whose purpose is to protect the public and the intent and spirit of the Law. On the other hand they also represent our case law which builds upon previous precedent as the Judiciary has some freedom in establishing the boundaries of the law on an individual basis. This is not so that the Judiciary or the Law may choose to arbitrarily favour one man over the other, this is so that a judge may better assure that the fundamentals of justice are adhered to when making a ruling on Civil and Criminal matters that could have a wide range of consequences including prison and punitive damages. If the Branches of a Tree become overgrown and forget their purpose they begin to harm the Tree and an ecosystem rather then shelter and sustain it.

  Often branches grow so far away from the trunk of the Tree that is the Law that they need to be pruned and clipped in order to ensure the Tree maintains balance and life. Sometimes a Tree does not get pruned or clipped, the Branches become unruly and forget their purpose. They stretch out far farther then is healthy for them and soon they snap in the wind or perhaps they begin to pull the whole tree down. This begins to make the ecosystem underneath it vulnerable and soon the wind carries away the dirt and begins to expose the Roots of the Tree. This leads the Roots of the Tree to begin to rot. More Branches forget their purpose and extend far beyond the original intent before they too snap because now the rotting Roots are beginning to affect the entire tree, the Tree is starting to no longer be able to serve its purpose and will soon die. In order to ensure the health of the ecosystem that the Tree used to protect the Tree must now be burned by a fire in order to allow for new growth and a new Tree or the Tree must simply be dug up and replaced with a new healthy Tree.

  Right now you the Provincial and National public officials and bureaucrats who guide the future of our nation represent the Roots and Branches of this Tree, unfortunately too many of you have forgotten your purposes and allowed these Branches to grow to a magnitude that is no longer healthy for the Tree and the ecosystem it harbours. The Roots of the Tree are rotten, signing an agreement such as the TPP or continuing the systematic fraud you call 'regulation' is evidence that the Branches have forgotten their purpose and no longer work in the best interest of the Tree or the Earth they are supposed to protect. Will you trim the Branches and ensure they continue to grow in a manner that is in the best interest of everyone? Or will you allow the Branches to serve themselves and thus begin the sequence of self-destruction and decay.
  Ms. Leong the truth is that I have simply been demanding answers for the myriad of crimes committed by your employees under your watch with your knowledge.
 You and your agency have constantly used your position of office to abuse your powers and obstruct the course of justice. This will no longer be tolerated.
 There is no justification under the rule of law, in an agency that is supposed to act in a fair and unbiased manner that should allow for you to withhold 600 pieces of evidence from someone in the course of prosecuting them.
 There is no justification under the Rule of Law for the kinds of crimes your employees commit on a regular basis against the public of BC.
Why do your employees feel the need to commit perjury to make a case?
 Why do you feel I am harassing you when I am simply asking you to do your job and answer us for actions taken by you and your employees under your watch?

Questions regarding the BC Securities Commission:
How can a Regulatory Agency mandated with ensuring fair and ethical actions in the marketplace maintain any legal credibility when it operates in the following manner?

  • Holds hearings without records, according to the BCSC rules its the master of its own domain in legal proceedings. How can a legal ruling be made with unbiased integrity when as they themselves said they only sometimes record said hearing? 
  • How can an agency be trusted to make a fair and impartial decision in a case when it knowingly uses the testimony of an investigator who has perjured herself multiple times?
  • Why would a Regulatory and Enforcement agency in charge of maintaining the integrity of the financial markets mislead citizens who went to them for help for seven months in regards to the reporting of Fraud?
  • Why would the BCSC lie to U-GO Brands directors in regards to Klaus Glusings fraudulent activities?
  • Why would a BCSC investigator tell the lawyer for U-Brands that he is going to let us proceed with issuing shares in U-GO Brands although he knows we may be in contravention of the Act by doing so?

  • Why would the lawyer and the BCSC lead us on to think its all legally ok when they know they are entrapping us into committing an offense against the Act?
  • Why would an agency tasked with protecting shareholders in BC actively work to destroy a legitamate company and in doing so lose 400 shareholders money?
  • How can the BCSC justify posting private banking info online on its website TWICE contrary to the privacy act?
  • -Why would the BCSC illegally Cease trade trust accounts then lie to cover it up?

  • How can the BCSC justify attempting to prosecute us for fraud well after they know we are innocent of fraud?
  • Would the BC Securities Commission break into someones hotel illegally and hack their laptop if they are desperate to pin a crime on someone and cant?
  • Would the BCSC hire surveillance teams and choppers to intimidate citizens into silence if it cant scare them into silence with the threat of a lawsuit?
  • Would the BCSC attempt to force citizens to settle for all the allegations facing them including fraud even if they know the fraud charges are not true?

  • Is entrapment and collusion standard protocol for the BCSC?
  • Do the rule of law and due process not apply to the financial markets?
  • What about the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?
  • What about the right to a fair and impartial trial (Hearing) in any legal proceeding
 Ms. Leong we are simply sick of the obstruction of justice and it is fully within our rights to ask these questions and demand accountability from the BC Securities Commission.

 So Ms. Leong will you do the right thing and hire a mediator to resolve our differences or will you further obstruct the course of justice by having Constable Pierre arrest me? Let me know because I can make myself available to go to the Kelowna detachment.

 Have a good weekend

Christopher Burke

Friday, 24 June 2016


JUNE 24, 2016.

Ms. Ann Gander,
Secretary to the Commission.
British Columbia Securities Commission,
701 West Georgia St.,
Vancouver, B.C.
 V7Y 1L2

Ms. Ann Gander,

We were given your contact information after requesting the email address of Brenda Leong. We are writing you at this time to bring to your attention some extremely serious wrongdoing on the part of certain staff at the Commission.

Our company is under a Cease Trade Order based on fraudulent activity of mainly two staff, Mr. Romolo Di Fonzo and Mr. Shawn McColm.  Right to the heart of the issue is, Mr. Di Fonzo allowed Silver Wheaton and Barrick Gold Corporation to transact a US$625M silver purchase agreement in 2009. Our partner, Jorge Lopehandia and his lawyer, Alan Hultman informed Di Fonzo, Mike Pesunti and Silver Wheaton’s legal counsel in 2009 that there was an injunction on the specific property in Chile. Based on Chilean law, no business transactions are allowed on an injuncted property until the injunction is removed. The injunction C1912-2001 remains in place today.

The decision by Di Fonzo and Pesunti is criminal in Chile. It is a criminal violation of a court order. There are other serious acts committed by Di Fonzo starting in 2006.
Next is Mr. Shawn McColm. Mr.McColm mainly got involved in July 2015 with our lawyer Alan Finlayson. He denied a lengthy news release (24 pages) to get us back trading and approved a four-pager that contained 2 pages of appalling disclaimers. As Finlayson said “if you don’t accept this release, you will not get back trading”. In November, Mr. McColm lied in a conference call with eight persons on the phone. Present were myself, Lee Tupper, Steve Holt, Jorge Lopehandia, Peter Brady, Andrew Richardson and Roy Leon. When I addressed this, Mr. Brady said “don’t talk to my staff like that”! Is it OK for McColm to lie, but if I do, I will be thrown out of the industry

On January 8, 2016 at 3:43PM an email showed up in my “sent items” that was not sent from my computer. I was the only one in my office and can prove this. It was sent to Percy Ackerman from me and copied to This email could only benefit McColm (the BCSC) and injure Mountainstar. I have asked McColm in writing to answer to this and of course he has not. Who planted this in my sent items?

Mr. McColm also has talked with a poster “YKR” from the chat boards. YKR got documents from the Chilean courts before they were posted on the respective websites. He is under criminal investigation now and we are sure that Mr. McColm will co-operate with the authorities to identify Yourkiddenright, YKR. This email will be forwarded right after this letter is sent.

The damage to Mountainstar is massive. Criminal complaints against Di Fonzo and McColm have been filed and accepted by the courts. One more is in process and there are at least 3 more to go which includes Brenda Leong. Staff keep digging their hole deeper and we are just about ready to fill it in! That is not a threat, it is what is happening.

The huge miscalculation by staff at the Commission is simple, Chile have had enough of large mining corporations, such as Barrick Gold trying to run their country through the judicial process. 
We have been advised from Chile today that “Barrick has replied in writing to the court today. The reply by Barrick proves 100% that the BCSC has erred in the matters of the injunction (case C1912-2001).
The smartest move from your end Ms. Gander would be to inform the Commissioners as to the behavior of their staff.
We the directors and shareholders of Mountainstar Gold Inc. demand that you put us back trading next week. We need a written response to this letter.


Mountainstar Gold Inc.
Brent Johnson.
President/ CEO/ Director.


Dear Brenda Leong - Head Chair and CEO of the BC Securities Commission:

 It is time you were removed from power and replaced with one who is capable of administering justice in the financial markets. You have remained unwilling to answer for the multitude of crimes you and your accomplices have committed against the people, in fact you all plot to have the permanent ability to whitewash the crimes while you continue to extort our nation in the manner of the mob.
 For those not aware of the crimes of the BCSC the following are but a few links to the whole story.
 You Conspired with the Kelowna RCMP to hide these crimes when we laid charges against you and close to a over half a dozen of your employees who conspired to extort us and obstruct the course of justice when we came to you telling the truth asking for help. See here for details

We came asking you to do what you get paid over half a Million dollars a year (that the taxman and public know about*;) winking) to do and instead you took the opportunity not only to rob us but kick us when we are down with a black-ops campaign AFTER you ruled against us and while you know damn well I am grieving the loss of my only 7 year old daughter. How despicable are you?

See a little info on how Ms. Leong Polices the Financial Markets in BC with 'Gestapo style' secret police who operate above the law.
The Surveillance Files - File 1#
The Surveillance Files - File #4
 Ms Leong my daughter may no longer be with us however she would never want me to allow the children of our nation and the world to grow up in this nation full of thieves like you who are stealing the futures from our youth. You can do what ever you like with me, conspire to kill me with your secret armies and your dirty lawyers. I don't care I will gladly lay down my life so the rest of our children have a future if it comes to it. It wont matter because the truth does not bend or break it is sharper then a double edged sword and it always pierces to the heart of the matter. The truth will prevail and justice will be restored for the future of this nation.

 Your time is up Brenda.
 Why did you withhold over 600 pieces of evidence from Mr. Thal Poonian?
Why are your employees conspiring against MountainStar Gold to commit federally indictable offences?
 You have fined me Three Million Dollars for an offence you say I committed but you refuse to take me to court to collect the money .. why??
 Why Ms. Leong would you employ a legal firm known to commit Federally Indictable Offences against the population? McCarthy Tetrault is a criminal operation who uses its position to beat down the weak and innocent and cover for slime balls like you.
 You can see a sneak peak at how dirty McCarthy Tetrault is here at
In addition lets have a look at this little section from our friends at
How McCarthy Tetrault Manipulates Supreme Court
 So you see Ms. Brenda Leong, we understand exactly how you operate, if you cant make us go away in a crooked court with bought judges we might just have an 'accident'. But guess what we don't care!
 We are special Brenda and we will battle you on every front you come at us on. So look around your 12th floor office and remember it because soon its all about to crumble on you and all your accomplices.
 We have been very reasonable with request after request for an audience so we could settle these matters. You and your associates and accomplices believe you are above the law as you pretend to police the Financial markets so crucial to our lively hoods, you have perpetrated a series of lies so you could prosecute us under false pretence. Did you think it was us who was on trial Brenda? It was not us on trial Brenda it was all of you at the BCSC, you in the RCMP who pretend to uphold the law yet use it to rob the weak and innocent it is you who are on trial now.
 Its time to end this sham you call regulation, we offered you a way out a long time ago, a chance to do the right thing. Its never to late to start until its all over.. and this will be all over soon..
As always Ms. Leong we have lots more to come
More on your lawyers (its not all old hat), more on the secret armies you and certain other Bureaucrats employ, more from the words out of your own mouth, more on the inner workings of your office parties and relationships with certain lawyers, more on the vast number of criminal charges hidden by the RCMP who you colluded with, more, more, more..
ps might wanna call pest control I heard you had a problem with some bugs near the fridge for sure.. sometimes bugs like termites can be a real problem Brenda because they eat away at the whole framework, even if you can find them and get rid of them the damage is already done..

The message today is simple, time to pay the piper..
 Have a nice day Ms. Leong.

Christopher Burke
Peter Harris


The following is a snapshot into the Water War Crimes saga for those who are not aware of the level of corruption inside our Governments. While seemingly unrelated to our fight against the BCSC there are several main factors at play that tie everything together. The first is that our Judicial system is completely compromised and has no interest in upholding the law, this effects every aspect of our lives including our battles against corrupted regulatory agencies.
 The second is that the BCSC is one of the Regulatory bodies responsible for helping cover up the Water War Crimes, it is a tool used by criminals to hide their crimes. You can see how the BCSC was involved in covering up the Water War Crimes here
 Although the BCSC was supposedly 'cleaned up' nothing has changed, in fact it may now be worse as the BCSC runs a mob racket with impunity and the resources of a small army.

The Water War Crimes are the the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on British Columbia lawyer John Carten by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because, as a lawyer, he was embarked on a path that would expose their crimes that included a dispicable criminal attack upon Ms. Karen Gibbs and her children because she was assisting Mr. Carten at the time.

From March 1, 2015, this blog will attempt to publish the ongoing posts on the
New Developments page at the Water War Crimes web site. We attempted to do that in the past but missed a big chunk of time and hope to be able to keep it regular now that we have some extra time.

The Water War Crimes web site tells the story in great detail and we add updates because the case is unfolding.

The Canadian media will not report the story so we have used the internet to publicize the crimes by the insiders and the corruption in Canada's judicial, legal and political systems.

In the process, we have systematically destroyed many of our enemies but the governments of British Columbia and Canada continue to refuse a fair and equitable settlement and we continue our quest for redress in Canada's crooked court system and so more insiders are compromised and then murdered or mysteriously drop dead.

Twelve crooked judges involved were exposed as crooks and suddenly died. We think some of those judges were murdered. Six Chief Justices who manipulated the system against us were exposed and resigned, one was murdered and the other committed suicide.

Politicians, lawyers and civil servants who abused their positions of power were exposed, resigned or, suddenly, dropped dead. The death toll now stands at over forty and is likely to rise. The list of the sudden deaths linked to the Water War Crimes is published on the web site page entitled the
Graveyard of the Guilty.

A remnant of the crooked political, judicial and legal insiders within the Governnments of Canada and British Columbia and some of Canada's most powerful law firms have effectively used their influence to manipulate Canada's judiciary to get the case thrown out without any hearing on its merits.

The insiders are desparate because their careers, their professional reputations and, possibly, their lives are at risk if the truth is told.

This is a huge story that has been suppressed and mis-represented by the Canadian media and it continues to influence Canadian politics to this day.



A big thank you to Mr. John Carten and his circle of allies who risk their lives to reveal the truth.
As always stay tuned for more..


 A few wise words on the restoration of the rule of law that must begin in our financial markets and then the rest of the nation from Alan Banes. Mr. Banes experiences on the corruption of the BCSC and the rest of the financial regulatory regime stem from his fathers investments being stolen with impunity by a large financial firm. RCMP and the Financial Regulatory bodies are fully aware of this theft yet choose to do nothing, this is completely contrary to their mandate and they have now become accomplices in the crime.

"I am very glad that there are people in BC who have seen the dereliction of duty, as exhibited by the deregulated SRO governance organizations - that instead of creating a trustworthy investment culture, that clearly is based on rule of law, we see instead a mockery that hides from good-faith standards.
As an eye witness to the investment regulatory system in BC refusing to uphold criminal code and common law standards - and then trying to hide behind "confidentiality", I have had enough of this. Over the past 6 months, I have seen enough evidence from the public consultation results from the OBSI, that instead of an "industry policing itself" regime, we have an impunity racket. I have been encouraged by finding that entrepreneurs are not willing to go along with policies that stifle start up capital, and to any longer tolerate a regulatory system that will not co-operate in identifying the acts of malfeasance from outside the country - that has undermined companies in BC - but where disingenuous outfits like the BCSC will blame the victim. This has clearly came to my attention lately - but is was foreshadowed by the phony "InvestRight" drivel that has been put out by BCSC for the past 5 years - implying that the only reason investors get burned is because they fall for things that are too good to be true.
If we had a return to Turtle Island customs and norms on investment law - we could see a vastly better foundation for what investment is all about. We would not see the lawlessness that is operational at present. I will be raising the question of banding together with Indigenous activist youth who are organizing against colonial relics, that continue to allow pillaging and victimization. The AGM of the Ki - Low - Na Friendship Society is going to be held next Wednesday June 29, at 5:30 PM. It will be held at 445 Leon Ave Kelowna. I am also planning to communicate with Natasha Mistry at the Canadian Association of Retired Persons who is tasked with the goal of dealing with the bad faith practices within the investment racket in Canada. I am hopeful that we can get CARP to side with economic democracy over corporatism."

 Alan Banes
250 300 8400

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Divide and Conquor - How the BCSC pits investors against entrepreneurs while robbing them both blind!

Divide and Conquor – How the BCSC pits investors against entrepreneurs while robbing them both blind:


One of the common themes among Canadian regulators is a mass campaign to supposedly educate investors on the dangers of Fraud and how to be aware of those selling fraudulent stocks. In BC the BC Securities Commission 'educates' the public with its InvestRight (TM) and Be Fraud Aware programs designed in the words of the Commission to 'Fraud Proof' the BC public. The entire media campaign is simply lipstick on a pig, its designed to make the BCSC look tough on crime and put a mistrust in the public of entrepreneurs and the risk takers looking for capital.
Before we go any further I would like you to consider this analogy to understand how the Government plays the public while it robs them blind. The regulatory regime in Canada does not act in the public interest as it maintains. The gambling and casino industry is considered to be much akin to the investment industry by many and there are many comparisons to be made, both are highly regulated due to the money involved in addition both can offer potential for lucrative rewards.

The investment industry however has, or should have assets of some type behind it which should mean that although risky it would make more sense as far as a model of sound economic governance to let people take a 'chance' if you will on something with tangible value behind it then throw their money away on a game with no intrinsic value. Instead our current Regulatory Regime in Financial Securities, Real Estate, Mining/Energy stifles local small investors and makes it hard for them to invest in local small industries that could grow up to be national or global players while colluding with many large Multi-National firms to commit the very crimes they pretend they are preventing.
The Financial Regulatory Regime claims that these Regulations and its measure for 'Compliance' are there to protect the population from fraud and bad corporate actors. So in essence on one hand our Government allows anyone 19 and over to go to a Casino and blow $50,000 no questions asked yet if that person wants to invest $500 dollars in a friends company they cannot unless that company has spent an average of $50K on a prospectus which does nothing to actually prevent fraud. A 19 year old can get offered a $50,000 credit card with its high interest debt payments attached without anyone in the Financial Regulatory Regime blinking an eye however if that same person were to choose to invest $1000 in, lets say their Fathers best friends viable and credible business they would not be allowed unless that company had paid the 'cost of compliance' of course. To do so could allow the BCSC to Cease Trade and destroy that business regardless of whether it was a legitimate business with a clear viable plan.
The BCSC as with the rest of the Financial Regulators has the power to look at bank accounts and peoples financial lives without a warrant due to the nature of the industry, it also has the power to look at the corporate side and follow the money. Why does the BCSC spend all its time squeezing the citizens and entrepreneurs who are risking capital on ventures that actually have value to our population when it could simply follow the money and ensure bad actors pay the consequences?

I would also like to state that although I attack the Prospectus and the Offering Memorandum in this section as being useless ploys used by the Regulators to mislead the public into believing their investments are secure both the Offering Memorandum and the Prospectus have important uses and I do not completely discredit them. The purpose of this section is to show how they are misused by the regulators and how the completion of a Prospectus or Offering Memorandum does not do much to deter fraud, it simply gives the BCSC a reason to charge a company with an offence and go after their assets.

In the meantime the BCSC likes to paint individuals who are not 'compliant' as bad people who are simply after your money. Many who are not compliant on simple paper work (Not complicated cases of real fraud) problems are often mislead into regulatory offences by their lawyers, many of whom in BC are from what we experienced in collusion with the BCSC to wring their client for as much fees as possible and bury them in the end. Now maybe if the BCSC acted with integrity this system would work (although not optimal) however the BCSC like most of the nations regulators is self-funded and must create regulations that need to be broken in order for it to get paid. Compliance costs money.

This is a clear conflict of interest that is dangerous for the integrity and well-being of the Financial Marketplace.
This is a large reason why there are many individuals who have come to us in the past few weeks with the same problems, one individual who will at this time remain anonymous paid all the costs of 'compliance' including the costs of an Offering Memorandum that was properly completed.

The BCSC and its staff in lieu of having any real offence to charge this individual with since the OM was properly completed decided the best course of action in order to ensure market 'integrity' and weed out the bad guys would be to copy and paste new evidence over the original OM that would allow them to charge this individual with an offence against the Securities Act.
Simply put what most of the investing public does not know is that the BCSC is almost never telling the truth, when such orders and judgments are rendered by the Commissions Tribunals the public automaticly thinks ill of the reciepients of said judgments. Even close friends and family often doubt the individuals targeted by the Commission. Those who speak the truth to the press and the public in regards to the criminal actions of the Commission, whether shareholders or the entrepreneurs in question are threatened with law-suites or even physical violence in my case in order to intimidate them into silence.

Now consider this according the BCSC, if a member of the BC public would like to buy $500 dollars worth of shares in a private company in BC they would not be able to unless the private company selling its shares had completed a Prospectus which is supposed to answer key questions that would enable the purchaser to make the right decision in regards to the purchase of these private equities.

Certainly I am not against measures to ensure that the proper information is communicated with integrity to potential buyers regarding the private securities in question however the market regulators are simply operating a shell game that makes them look good and tough on crime as they go after companies who are not 'compliant' while real fraudsters pay the cost of compliance.

Over ten years ago over %90 of the province was eligible to invest in your average private equity investment, today that number is down to less then %5 due to new regulations which stipulate that only accredited investors may now invest in private equity unless the investors are exempt under the friends and families act. See the following exert from the (now defunct?) Venture Capital Markets Association VCMA on the state of regulation in BC,

"Our sector has created tens of thousands of well paying Canadian jobs and hundreds of millions in economic benefits in resource communities across Canada over the years," said Joe Martin, Chairman of Cambridge House International Inc., and founding Chairman of the Association. Martin added, "Governments and regulators need to understand that the avalanche of new and costly regulations is having a very damaging impact to the venture capital sector at the very time that Canada desperately needs to recover from the current recession."

"The venture market used to be called a public market but it has now become elitist with only 2.1% of the Canadian public deemed to be 'qualified investors', by the many regulatory bodies," said Don Mosher, President of B&D Capital Inc., and founding President of the VCMA.

These regulations are supposed to protect the public from fraud but they simply limit opportunity and strangle the flow of venture capital to British Columbians that need it to build a prosperous economy that is not dependant on foreign corporations for jobs.

To go back to Gambling industry I will outline why the mantra from the Government regarding protecting the public from fraud is a joke, if the BC Govt was so worried about stopping its citizens from losing money then certainly we would see similar measures in place in our casinos to ensure citizens were not losing large amounts of money. Does the BCLC care if an elderly man walks into a pub and drops $50K as I have seen happen many times? The answer is it only cares on commercials to protect its public image, but it makes a fortune in profits so why would they ever prevent this man from gambling his fortune. Think about it, the Govt is okay with a 19 year old kid getting a credit card and maxing it out on worthless things, seniors are allowed to gamble their fortunes away with little concern from Regulatory authorities.

However your investment of $500 in a legitimately run profitable private company that did not do its prospectus is now considered an offence so flagerant if you are not a “qualified investor” (read rich), that it is worthy of shutting down entire small companies which can employ up to 100 people for 'non-compliance' and Cease Trading the company out of existence. This also usually incurs the loss money for many British Columbians and Canadians who may have owned shares in said company.

Meanwhile foreign corporate giants can act with near impunity for real fraudulent practices and get a slap in the wrist fine at the most from our regulators while they continue their unethical practices.
I am not advocating that a business plan that cannot be independantly verified by qualified individuals should not presented to potential investors in the private equity market but the current set-up does nothing for either the investor or the entrepreneur it is supposedly serving.

Before I explain how all of this equates to a 'divide and conquer strategy let me propose something bold in our Western Financial world today.

Currently our regulators put the onus on the public to be “Fraud Aware” while they stiffle worthy investment capital and build mounds of costly and useless paper work for the businesses fill out that do nothing to prevent fraud and other real misconduct. They call it 'Compliance'. While I do believe an educated public is a good thing maybe its time we actually put the onus on the corporate actors to act with integrity as was the original intent of a market regulator.

Maybe we should look at actually holding the Corporations accountable for where the money goes after all the paperwork is done. Certainly you cannot legislate corporate success however since the regulators have the ability to follow the money after its invested does it not make sense that they could simply verify whether a business is being run legitimately by doing so. I understand it is not nessacarily quite that simple however the answer is certianly not the current regime or anything resembling it.
All the above regulatory red-tape does is create an atmosphere where shareholders no longer trust the corporations they invested in. In my case one we have been fined for Distributing Securities Without a Prospectus, the fine is a total of $3 Million dollars. We know they are very unlikely to go after us for the money due to the phony nature of our case however some of the public simply read the paper and see that we have been fined $3 Million with significant market bans and assume we are guilty of Fraud and therefore bad people. The regulators will publicly announce that individuals have been found guilty by a Commission Tribunal of Offences against the Securities Act thus certain fines have been levied and market bans enacted for the public good, problem is half the time they are flat out lying in regards to whomever they have prosecuted simply in the hopes of intimidating these individuals into giving up assets to pay the fines.

They divide the investor against the entrepreneur, they make the investor ashamed to speak out for fear of looking foolish like they fell to a scam artist. The reality is in our case and at least several others I know of that many of these entrepreneurs have fought hard for their money. Money that belonged to their friends and family and was lost not due to the standard risks of operating in the world of start-ups such as competition or real Fraud, but due to the criminal nature of the very regulatory regime which is supposed to maintain market integrity.
While I certainly understand that there are real fraudsters operating out there and that the history of the Vancouver Financial markets is riddled fraud one has to fully understand the scope of the issue before in order to properly address it. What the BCSC does is simply turn off the flow of capital to most entrepreneurs who are attempting to raise private capital for a start-up project by imposing a regulatory structure whereby 'Regulatory Compliance' costs money. Often the cost to produce an Offering Memorandum and/or Prospectus is the same as it would be for a fledgling company to produce a whole run of a product, legal fees can be up to half the cost of a start-up. This might be acceptable of these legal fees were paid for products that properly did the job of ensuring market integrity and regulation as was the original purpose of such financial instruments, however they have simply become nothing more then highway robbers who no longer operate according to their fiduciary duties.
As always more to come..



 In honour of my daughter Sevanah who passed away at the age of 7 last fall from a fast moving incurable brain tumour I ask that people sign and share this petition from Monkey Crew against DIPG for a National DIPG awareness day so we can begin the battle to take back the future our children. My fight for Financial Regulatory Reform in Canada is only the beginning.. our entire system is corrupt to the core, our healthcare system is not about cures its simply about making money of our dying children. Our healthcare regulations are a sham no different then the BCSC. Please see for more about DIPG.

 To sign the petition see the Facebook page here.

We will return to the destruction of the BCSC and the rampant corruption momentarily.
As always stay tuned..


      We have received numerous letters from McCarthy Tetrault LLP who threaten legal action against us for telling the truth. Why is McCarthy Tetrault LLP attempting to obstruct justice, and why is this criminal law firm Ms. Leongs Legal Firm of choice when she decided to lawyer up and stop communicating with us. See a letter from Mr. Doust I received early in the year threating legal action if I go public, see if we give a $%$@! Are you gonna disappear us? Will it be an accident? We know all about how you work. This ends now..


 Then again recently the Legal Firm McCarthy Tetrault and one of its employees attempted to Obstruct Justice to protect their client BC Securities Commission CEO Brenda Leong from Criminal charges implicating her as the boss of a mob style extortion racket.

 See my partners response..


Thursday, June 09, 2016        


Leonard T. Doust, Q.C.
Suite 2400, 745 Thurlow Street
Vancouver BC V6E 0C5

Dear Mr. Doust,

Since December 2015 we have submitted numerous requests to meet with your client Ms. Leong and unfortunately Ms. Leong has elected to be silent and not reply or respond to any request we have filed with her office. This morning, I was contacted by the Kelowna RCMP telling me to stop communication with your client Ms. Leong otherwise Ms. Leong will prefer criminal harassment charges against me.

·      Why is Ms. Leong using the RCMP to silence me?
·      Why can Ms. Leong not meet with us to settle a wrongdoing on the part of her staff?

We are very much aware that we are not the only Company that have been intimidated, bullied, abused and railroaded by the Commission’s investigators and litigators.
·      Why was Ms. Mitchell-Banks fired and why is Ms. Pivnenko on leave of absents?
·      Why has the Commission lawyered-up?

We are also aware that the Commission’s abuses over the years is now catching up to the Commission as more and more people every day are coming out and telling the same story, proving that the Commission is not honoring its code of ethics and Canadian Laws.
Example: The BCSC investigators always email out notifications to the Respondents of Fridays after 3:30pm. The motivation behind this is to disrupt and stress out the Respondents weekend and the Respondents has to wait untill Monday morning to contact his/her attorney. How can you tell me this kind of action is moral and ethical?
Mr. Doust, we are making one more attempt to request an audience with any official of the Commission to work with us so that we can reach an amicable and copasetic settlement for our mutual benefit. Not that it matters, however, I will no longer communicate with Ms. Leong in this matter.

Please note that as of today I will resume uploading information in my blog and as stated before the content of the blog is truthful and factual and can be proven in a court of law, this is why your client is not taking us to court to collect the $3,000,000 fine, they know very well that the fine is unfounded and simply retaliatory because we called out the Commission’s staff on their unethical practices.

Ms. Leong’s typical intimidation today will not work with me, I will not stop fighting for my rights when our shareholders and my fellow Directors have been wronged by a government agency for no good reason.


Peter D. Harris
U-GO Brands Nutritional Product Inc.
The Honorable Christy Clark
The Honorable Michael de Jong, BC Minister of Finance 
The Honourable Suzanne Anton - BC Minister of Justice
Christopher Burke – U-GO Brands

 As always stay tuned for more..