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Monday, March 07, 2016

British Columbia Securities Commission
Brenda M. Leong, Chair and CEO
701 West Georgia Street
P.O. Box 10142, Pacific Centre
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1L2

Dear Ms. Leong,

I am not sure if my earlier emails to you didn't reach you or you just haven't had time to answer yet, but I do need to hear from you, I can appreciate, you have inherited a nightmare that was created by some Commission employees and now you have no choice but to deal with this catastrophic event.

As a matter of fact, why is Ms. Teresa Mitchell-Banks no longer with the Commission? Ms. Banks certainly was the main contributing factor as to why we feel that we have been railroaded and we do not trust the Commission as a result.

Just for the record I have extracted “The Employee Core Attributes” from the BCSC Website:

BCSC Employee Core Attributes
Our performance management system rewards the following four behaviours we believe employees must demonstrate for the organization to be effective:

Drive for results - seek efficient and effective outcomes and accept responsibility
Effective communication - communicate professionally and clearly
Teamwork and cooperation - be cooperative but independent
Problem solving - think critically

Unfortunately, none of the above “Employee Core Attributes” where ever bestowed to U-GO Brands, the investigators had U-GO Brands and its Directors guilty from the moment I contacted William Ting in June 2013. This goes without mentioning that the Commission employees violated our Civil Rights.

Now that we know the RCMP and the local Kelowna Crown will not proceed against the Commission and its staff as the local Crown has determined that our differences with the Commission are civil and subsequently, no criminal charges will be laid.

This comes as to no surprise as we are very aware that the RCMP and the BC Courts can be and are heavily influenced by Independent Government Agencies such as the BC Securities Commission. However, it does not alter the fact that U-GO Brands has solid evidence that proves without a doubt, that the Commission employees are responsible for committing criminal and civil offenses against U-GO Brands and its Directors.

We are considering the route of “Private Prosecution” as per Canadian Law:

Canada is a federation and therefore has both federal and provincial offences which can be privately prosecuted. Federally, there are Criminal and statutory offences, and provincially there are provincial and municipal.

The seditious conspirators in the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 were tried by state-funded private prosecutors. The funds were disbursed from the War Appropriation Act and are evidenced in the Auditor-General's reports of 1921 and 1922.

A committee chaired by Mr. Justice Allen Linden of the Law Reform Commission of Canada produced a Working Paper on Private Prosecutions in 1986. UBC Law Professor (and later Dean) Peter T. Burns wrote a paper in 1975 for the McGill Law Journal entitled "Private Prosecutions in Canada: The Law and a Proposal for Change"; he was later the Principal Consultant for the Law Reform Commission. Swaigen, Koehl and Hatt in 2013 summarised efforts to prosecute privately torts in the environmental domain.

Criminal offence procedure for private charges
Very basically, a citizen or organisation approaches a justice of the peace to present evidence on each element of the alleged offence. The justice then sets up a hearing with a Judge to determine whether there is evidence on each element of the offence, and if approved, and if the Crown does not intervene and terminate the charge, called Staying the charge, then it is allowed to proceed to and go through court via the criminal procedure.

Provincial offence procedure for private prosecution
Each province in Canada deals with private prosecutions of provincial offences in their own way. Below is a list of the various provinces and how private prosecutions are dealt with in them.

Ms. Leong, we need to resolve this situation, your silence does not negate the fact that the Commission has a major problem on its hands and we will not make it go away.

We are aware of the corruption within the BC Government and we know that a lot of the Commission’s victims have just given up rather than standing up for their civil rights. I refer you to the below website that certainly makes one wonder about the people that are here to protect the citizens:

The WaterWarCrimes Have Been Called Canada's Greatest Scandal http://www.waterwarcrimes.com/

Ms. Leong, let me make it very clear, we are not interested in a long political battle with the Commission, however, if this becomes the only option, I assure you we will carry on with vigour.

We are willing to work hand-in-hand with you in the strictest confidence to indemnify that the surveillance evidence we have can be conditionally turned over to you personally. Remember, the surveillance activates victimized Christopher Burks father, mother, sister and several brothers, these individuals are victims of criminal harassment.

·      Mr. Leong, just think, if this was happening to your parents or your best friend, how would you feel about the way they are being treated by the Commission?
·      Whatever your opinion is about us Ms. Leong, do you not think we are owed some courtesy and respect?
·      Or, are your actions founded on instructions from legal counsel?
·      If this is the case, let us communicate with your legal representative.

Ms. Leong, I refer to a section of your November 6, 2014, speech to the FCAC Conference in Vancouver.

Open Quote
We see investment fraud close up. Through national research, we have also looked closely at how it impacts victims, their families, and whole communities. And I can tell you that those impacts are as devastating as for violent crime. People who have lost their money in an investment fraud may lose their health, their trust in themselves and their community, and very often their closest relationships. Investment fraud destroys marriages, can lead to depression and, in the very saddest cases, even suicide.
Close Quote

I’m not sure if you realise or are aware that all of the U-GO Brands Directors have experienced some of the above life difficulties you mentioned in your speech. It is mental cruelty the way we are being processed by the Commission, a murderer has more rights than we do.

It is immoral and just not right what is happening and in your heart you know it, but you have a job to do and that is protect the Commission. However, this does not mean you cannot take action, it all depends on how mush you are influenced by the hidden puppet masters, or are you your own person?

By the way, with all due respect to you, I am going to hold back from posting this letter on our Blog pending your timely reply no later than Monday March 7, 2015 your office close.


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