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Letter sent from Christopher Burke to the Manitoba Securities Commission

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Dear Teresa Sigurdson and Kimberly Laycock,

I represent myself on the matter between BCSC and U-GO Brands. With all due respect I ask the Manitoba Securities Commission back off of this matter until the allegations against us from by the BCSC have been proven in a Federal Court of Law. The BC Security Commission has committed the following Federally Indictable offences in an effort to prosecute in a case full of lies. We have evidence for every claim we make and are prepared to give testimony in Canadian Supreme Court where we should get a fair trial. Nothing the BC Securities does, says or tenders as evidence has any legal credibility after we have been through the following fiasco.

I must also explain it is due to a lack of trust from being lied to and deceived by public officials including the magical disappearance of emails, transcripts and documents that prompts us to respond by sending emails to many parties so that everything we do is on record. 
  • Perjury
  • Tampering/withholding evidence
  • Collusion
  • Fraudulent Concealment
  • Break and entering
  • Breach of trust as a Public official
  • Accessory
  • Conspiracy
  • Illegal Wiretapping
  • Criminal Harassment
  • Slander
  • Libel

These are just a few of the Crimes the BCSC has committed in its attempt to make a case when there never should have been one. We went to them and reported Fraud, they deceived and lied to us for 9 months before telling us they couldn't help us, meantime they were busy entrapping us and attempting to prosecute us for crimes we did not commit. I have attached several papers that will outline the chain of events, the crimes committed, and some evidence to back our position. We have filed criminal charges with the RCMP.

In addition to the crimes committed the BCSC has committed several serious breaches of the Charter of Rights. We are not the only ones to undergo this type of abuse at the BCSC, in addition to criminal charges a class action law suite is a very real possibility.

We do not mean to be vindictive or threatening to the Manitoba Securities Commission as we have no quarrel with the MSC however we are absolutely fed up with our rights being trampled on and being prosecuted based on a series of lies.

Questions regarding the BC Securities Commission:
We have evidence that warrants and validates each question asked..

  • How can a Regulatory Agency mandated with ensuring fair and ethical actions in the marketplace maintain any legal credibility when it operates in the following manner
  • Holds hearings without records, according to the BCSC rules its the master of its own domain in legal proceedings. How can a legal ruling be made with unbiased integrity when as they themselves said they only sometimes record said hearing?
  • What do the Securities Act say about this? What about Supreme court law and our Constitutional rights?
  • How can an agency be trusted to make a fair and impartial decision in a case when it knowingly uses the testimony of an investigator who has perjured herself multiple times?
  • Why would a Regulatory and Enforcement agency in charge of maintaining the integrity of the financial markets mislead citizens who went to them for help for seven months in regards to the reporting of Fraud?
  • Why would the BCSC lie to U-GO Brands directors in regards to Klaus Glusings fraudulent activities?
  • Why would a BCSC investigator tell the lawyer for U-Brands that he is going to let us proceed with issuing shares in U-GO Brands although he knows we may be in contravention of the Act by doing so?
  • Why would the lawyer and the BCSC lead us on to think its all legally OK when they know they are entrapping us into committing an offense against the Act?
  • Why would an agency tasked with protecting shareholders in BC actively work to destroy a legitimate company and in doing so lose 400 shareholders money?
  • How can the BCSC justify posting private banking info online on its website TWICE contrary to the privacy act?
  • Why would the BCSC illegally Cease trade trust accounts then lie to cover it up?
  • How can the BCSC justify attempting to prosecute us for fraud well after they know we are innocent of fraud?
  • Would the BC Securities Commission break into someone’s hotel illegally and hack their laptop if they are desperate to pin a crime on someone and cant?
  • Would the BCSC hire surveillance teams and choppers to intimidate citizens into silence if it cant scare them into silence with the threat of a lawsuit?
  • Would the BCSC attempt to force citizens to settle for all the allegations facing them including fraud even if they know the fraud charges are not true?
  • Is entrapment and collusion standard protocol for the BCSC?
  • Do the rule of law and due process not apply to the financial markets?
  • What about the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?
  • the right to a fair and impartial trial (Hearing) in any legal proceeding?
  • Can the BCSC really just make declarations about someone that are not true and operate as though its the law? Can they prosecute someone based on these declarations without evidence presented?

Christopher Burke

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