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From the desk of Alan Blanes,

Mr. Blanes is a member of the Council of Canadians as well as the lead contact for the Canadian Chapter of the Public Banking Institute, we have previously shared many of Mr. Blanes writings and reports including the following from CBC Go Public. CBC Go Public Reports on Forged Documents, also see In Regards to SRO's - Self Regulating Organizations, and Finance Ministry Obstructs Justice for more from Mr. Blanes.

  The email copied below covers brings up some excellent points regarding the many deficiencies in the financial system and its regulatory bodies, there are many serious questions that we have been asking on this blog for some time now in regards to the complete lack of adherence to the rule of law in this nation.


On Feb 12, 2018, at 2:16 AM, Alan Blanes <> wrote:

Good evening Bev and David ---
cc  Christopher Burke
cc Chris, office of Ron McKinnon, MP, and Jonathan, office of Elizabeth May, MP

Time to Decide on Surveying MPs on Expanding the Mandate of the FCAC to include analyzing and reporting breaches of law

I am extremely glad that there are people who are willing to take a critical look at the legal system, and who are not satisfied  with it being tainted, [a synonym for corrupt]. 
For the past couple of weeks I have been slowly getting a bit more functional, having had a luperon shot [anti-hormone] that knocks out all production of energy hormones, so that testosterone is not present in the system. This is a way to keep prostate cancer under some semblance of control. But it can cause a patient to be running at about 8% of normal energy. 

My dad, Harold Blanes will be 98 in two months. He does not feel that there is a great deal of time for him to see this fiasco of regulation brought to book, if it can be achieved within his lifetime. I suggest that we follow Judge Brandeis' maxim about the law being a pendulum. When there is a larger demand for one approach to how law is to be serving society, that approach will dominate. When another stream of thinking moves in another direction and that reaches a dominant critical mass, the law will move there. 

I think that most would agree that the law has been captured by the investment industry in recent years, and the hens have come home to roost, in the public seeing full-on just what that nightmare has been leading to. We can't let it go any further. There are societies like in Mexico, and Guatemala, were policing becomes an overt practical joke on the people. We have a choice: Do we abandon the British customary practices that meant that lawfulness has a denotative meaning, or do we continue down the willful blindness road - where we consciously allow the whole regulatory and governance system to be given some absurd "limitation of mandate" where they can't face breaches of the law in areas that they are supposed to be taking complaints? How could it ever have been allowed to degenerate to such a point, that we are paying for functionaries to disregard breaches of lawful practices, with a robotic chant of "not within our mandate". 

This has to stop - and stop now. No future generation should be subjected to such a dehumanizing and toxic role for supposed governance agencies. That is why I implore everyone to treat the current opportunity seriously. Last year, CBC GO PUBLIC had a number of segments on crimes being committed against banking and investment clients - by direction from management - using in many cases unwilling staff to carry out these atrocities. This is a momentous disclosure for those of us who have had our lives disrupted by years of SRO = a big dishonest practical joke. Such a documentary production as Erica Johnson and GO PUBLIC gave to us who want to end this horror, was a profound record of things hitherto only imagined, and/or experienced in isolation. I would like the help of Christopher Burke, publisher of the noted blog "THE BC SECURITIES COMMISSION IS A SHAM" to help format a survey of all MPs to ask their co-operation in getting the Federal Cabinet to act to empower the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to have within its powers, to assess, question, and report all incidents of violations of all laws. This reporting should consist of reports to the company to ensure that the company understands what is required for lawful opening and modifying of investment accounts. It is also necessary that the areas of law that are violated by reported to all appropriate law enforcement channels at all government levels.  I hereby authorize Mr. Burke to publish this message as a letter in the referenced blog. 

Canadians are not na├»ve, after they have had years of exposure to unending, soul-destroying exposure to a system that is a fraud, when our canon of centuries of law exists to protect the veracity of commercial contracts, and gullible and disloyal political systems arose to accept favour from corporate leaders in exchange for denying the protection of all citizens by all laws. This is a shameful legacy, and we have to become re-aligned to a position of fidelity with what protects the trustworthiness of our commercial customs. 

I feel that this survey of MPs has to be carried out this month, since FCAC has said that will release its opinion on the June Finance Committee Hearings on the GO PUBLIC evidence, this quarter. We can either tolerate a non-committal statement of "we don't have the mandate to look at crimes" or we can lobby the Federal Government to give the FCAC the required authorizations, so this agency can be a part of protection of rule of law. I don't think we have any time to play around on this. We have to make it CLEAR to the Cabinet that Canadians are entitled to protection of a regime of rule of law, and not having savings played with by predators who have contempt for the interests and decisions of clients. It is time to find out who is interested in helping with this poll, and who would be willing to allow this torment to continue into the future. It is time to decide. 




Alan, we at BC Securities Commission a Sham would certainly be happy to participate in engaging the MPs once again on such matters,
 I feel many questions on such a poll are similar to some of the questions we have asked in the past on this blog.
 Empowering the Financial Consumer Agency Of Canada (FCAC) to assess such issues would certainly help however this would simply be one of many steps required to rebuilding accountability and restoring the true rule of law in the financial system in Canada.
 Ideally such an agency would be funded by sovereign money created by the Bank of Canada rather then borrowed debt money or worse even still being an agency that is also self funded like the BC Securities Commission. With sovereign debt free money such as COMER has been pushing for, along with empowering legislation an agency such as the FCAC could be truly empowered to ensure the rule of law is adhered to in the financial world as it should be for all Canadians.

 I am not aware of funding structures of some of these other institutions you have come across in your fight for justice such as the IIROC however if they are self funded like the BC Securities Commission is then they are based in a conflict of interest and cannot operate according to the fundamentals of justice. Furthermore these agencies are certainly self regulating, this continues the conflict of interest and ensures actions taken by such an agency as the BCSC become nothing more then predatory and self serving agencies that have lost their function as regulators. You and I know and understand this but the scary thing the public is barely aware of is that this has been status quo for a long time and the plans for a new national regulatory agency are certainly even worse for the future of financial justice in Canada. The new Capital Markets Stability Act and the new accompanying national regulator are simply just the next sham.

 Back to your call to give the FCAC more power to protect the rights of Canadians I fully agree that there must be an agency that protects the rights of the public across all financial spectrums.
 It is unfortunate that the British System of Law has deteriorated to such a point that laws are simply decrees that protect the guilty, however given the merits of case law I suppose it may be inevitable and eventual that this is the outcome. This is where a complete overhaul of our legal system is needed, are we still a colony of the Crown or a Sovereign nation? Its time for us as Canadians to decide, this decision of course means restoring our monetary system with Sovereign money and restoring our courts to operate under the true rule of law. This would also require a change in the way we appoint judges and how our law societies operate. Big topics for sure and ones we do not have time now in the meantime there is still much that can be done even within the framework of current law.
 Finances and the regulation of them must be conducted and held to the same standard of the law as any other crime, in tandem with this however the system must shed its arbitrary regulations that have no merit as far as being able to play a role in reducing criminal behavior or eliminating it. There are a myriad of these designed to create the illusion of protecting the public while they do nothing but collect fees and fines. In addition to this many regulators create 'awareness campaigns' that front as helpful guides for the public yet there true purpose is to create an environment where questions regarding the crime are shifted to blaming the victim for being dumb and uneducated rather then the criminal for committing the crime. See the BC Securities Commission InvestRight program as a prime example. While I certainly believe the public should educate themselves on financial matters much of what the BC Securities Commission has set up as protective measures are simply window dressing and do nothing to stop fraud. Why does the BCSC not mention in its InvestRight program that it has no interest in your best interests? See CBC report here. Why does the BCSC have no interest in your best interest?  We touched a little on this in Conflict of Interest and the Sham that is Compliance.
 Again this comes back to SRO's especially self funded SRO's who also regulate their own investments, these kinds of organizations are stuck in such a quagmire of conflict of interest it is impossible for adherence to the rule of law and the fundamentals of justice to exist. They cant put the publics best interest first when their best interest is their foremost concern due to the organizational structure of such an agency!

 Why do I bring this all up? In relation to the FCAC its important that this is not simply what it becomes. We need to look at everything that is currently wrong with agencies like the IIROC and the BCSC and ensure that the agencies tasked with moveing us foreward are not hindered by the same issues.

 As far as empowering the FCAC, again I believe that if set up properly this could be a powerful tool to help begin to restore justice in the financial world in Canada. Avoid the pitfalls we have seen agencies such as the BCSC and the IIROC fall into and furthermore task and enable the FCAC or an agency like it with reviewing and rewriting the rules and laws in our financial system so that they actually make sense and protect the public. The BCSC, the IIROC and their many counterparts who are unwilling to evolve restore justice and accept that we the people are going to restore the rule of law will be subject to the inquiry and prosecution of an agency that will be designed to truly uphold the law for the people. Will any of our MPs agree that such an agency would be good for the Canadian public?

 Our regulators are currently designed as corporations, their purpose is to make money. They cannot properly regulate when they are conflicted by the primary purpose of being a corporation. This is where the restoration of the Bank of Canada is so vital, once restored it must create sovereign money to inject into such organizations as financial regulators instead of forcing them to fund themselves. This will help take massive steps towards restoring the financial system in Canada and around the world. The Swiss are voting on this issue soon according to this report Swiss Votes on State Money from Daily Coin.. Its time to end debt money and begin restoring the rule of law.
 More to come

 Christopher Burke
250 863 9787


  1. Jim Laxer - a member of the NDP Waffle, past away recently. He was one of the few Canadians who was interested in seeing some public control over investment; a feature of economic democracy. I posted the following comment on the commemorations to Prof. Laxer:

    I enjoyed meeting him at a number of the Parkland conferences in Edmonton. I feel that the Waffle goals have been utterly sidestepped, and we have an enormous amount of work ahead if we are to create the nucleus of a real social democracy, and the practice of economic democracy.

    The fact that Nathan Cullen and Jagmeet Singh will not even acknowledge questions about restoring the public credit creation of the Bank of Canada, is an utter betrayal of the Regina Manifesto. Unless the left in Canada has an ontogenic link with its founding purpose, it will flounder. The fact that the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada will not even look at violations of laws, when given complaints of elder abuse and manipulation of the savings of account holders by banks and investment brokerages, illustrates a consummated regulatory capture. If anyone in the NDP has a scintilla of willingness to face this, the chance of the NDP's soul being revived remains a faint hope.

    If anyone is interested in joining with a survey of all the parliamentarians in Ottawa, to get Parliament to authorize the FCAC to be empowered to observe, assess, report, and act upon all violations of all laws that are reported to it, we will have a chance of returning rule of law to our investment/banking/trade culture. If we choose not to act on this, we will be left in the dust by places like China - where there is a conscious understanding of the need to operationalize rule of law. This is commented on by Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn on a short Youtube video on the priority that was decided at the 4th Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. If anyone is interested in joining the survey of MPs and Senators on giving real mandate authority to the FCAC to deal with unlawful practices in the banking field, please let the blog "The BC Securities Commission is a Sham", know of your solidarity. That would be a fitting way to commemorate Jim.

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